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"Is a young man bound to serve his country in war? In addition to his legal duty there is perhaps also a moral duty, but it is very obscure. What is called his country is only its government and that government consists merely of professional politicians, a parasitical and anti-social class of men. They never sacrifice themselves for their country. They make all wars, but very few of them ever die in one. If it is the duty of a young man to serve his country under all circumstances then it is equally the duty of an enemy young man to serve his. Thus we come to a moral contradiction and absurdity so obvious that even clergymen and editorial writers sometimes notice it." -- H.L. Mencken  

International Newsworthy

War on Iran Propaganda: U.S. Officials See Increasing Threat of Domestic Attack from Iran

Iran: White House Recruits Southern Caucasus Allies for Attack on Iran

Persian Guile Drives Israel "Crazy"

Iran Sanctions Bring Political Unity but Economic Doom for EU

Iran Enters Nuclear Power Asia Confab

Afghanistan to Press Pakistan for Access to Taliban Leaders

Pakistan: 7 Soldiers, 25 Militants Killed in Kurram Clashes

Pakistan: Supreme Court Extends "Coup Memo" Probe by Two Months

Pakistan Closes in on EU Trade Concessions


Syria: Opposition to Assad 'Game Over, You Shall Die Like Gaddafi'

Expatriate Syrian Kurds Call for New Government

Drones Over Iraq: When Pullout is Not a Pullout?

Saudi Arabia Says it Can Cover Any Oil Shortages

Israel: Netanyahu Poised to Win Likud Primaries


Libya Rejects MSF Torture Allegations

UN Report: NATO's Libya War Armed Al Qaeda

Egypt: US 'Advisors' aka NGO workers Hiding in US Embassy in Cairo

Somalia Islamist Rebels Ban International Red Cross

Russia Opposes 'Libya Scenario' in Syria

Russia Oil Slick for Croatia

Turkmenistan: Ashgabat Goes Through Caspian Seas Motion

Azerbaijan: Possible Iran Sanctions Offer Baku No Golden Energy Opportunity

NATO-US Experts to Visit Azerbaijan

Georgia: Saakashvili & Ivanishvili- Bonkers for Obama

EU Crisis Summit: 23 Million Unemployed Across Continent

National Newsworthy

Obama's Police State: Former FDA Scientists & Doctors Sue Over Secret Surveillance

Obama Seeking to Base More US Troops in Iraq

Dennis Ross Redux: Haaretz Reveals White House-WINEP Hotline

Pentagon Unable to Account for Missing Iraqi Millions

Pentagon Paying Boeing $330 Million for Bigger Bomb

Obama Admits Drone Strikes in Pakistan as Drone Strikes Yemen

Freddie Mac Profits if Homeowners Unable to Refinance

More Solyndra-Like Failure: Obama-Tied Amonix Inc Lays Off Most of Company

"Unusual Event" at US Nuclear Plant in Illinois Not Threat to Public: Official

Occupy Oakland Arrests Reach 400

NY Times Gives Israelis its Magazine to Make an Attack on Iran 'Normal'

Noteworthy Editorials

What Happened to the War Powers Act?

Reject the Ruling Psychopathology

Aggression Born of American "Exceptional ism"

With its Deadly Drones the US is Fighting a Coward's War

China & the Blame Game

BFP Nightly Video-Audio

Video 1: BFP EyeOpener- FBI National Security Letters

Video 2: The Real Truth of Wars

Video 3: "If the Government Calls you a Terrorist They Can Kill you- The Rest of us Take their Word for it"

Video 4: Iran & the Globalization of War

Podcast: Corbett Report- 9/11 & A Violation of Trust with Howard Cohen

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  1. Re: latest Iran news. Certainly looks like propaganda typical of the last few wars. Drum up the fear. “Get them there before they get us here”. Truly tragic.

  2. Bill Bergman says:

    Great Mencken quote

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