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"There is one modern political writer who saw very clearly that military centralization is helpful in undermining a federal republic. His name was Adolf Hitler. Chapter 10 of Volume II of Mein Kampf, which is devoted to an indictment of German Federalism as an obstacle to the triumph of national socialism, is well worthy of current attention by those who do not realize that a concentration of power can be used for evil as well as for good — and is perhaps much more likely to be used for evil than for good." --Felix Morley

International Newsworthy

Nobel Peace Prize Jury under Investigation

Israel Sets Up Assassination Unit in Iran

War on Iran Propaganda: Israel Alleges that Iran Has Material for 4 A- Bombs

Slain Iranian Scientist's Wife Urges UN for Action over Murders

India Delegation to Go to Iran to Boost Oil Exports

Afghanistan: 'US to End Combat Role in 2013' Says Panetta

Afghan Withdrawal Plan Outlined by 'Downing Street'

Pakistan Wins WTO Go-Ahead for EU Deal

Pakistan Supreme Court to Indict PM Gilani for Contempt on February 13

Informant's Treatment is Test of Pakistan's 'Loyalty'

Syria: Text of Leaked Arab League Mission Report Reveals Media Lies

UN Shenanigans on Syria

Russia will Veto "Unacceptable" Syria Resolution

Iraq: The Maliki Dilemma

Tear Gas Kills Two Bahraini Protesters

Israel's New Allies

Libya: Rival Militias Fight Gunbattle in Capital-Tripoli  

Maltese Government Secretly Helped British Spy Operations in Libya

Libyans Sue MI6 Officer

Egypt Caught in Spiral of Disaster

Nigeria: Boko Haram Spokesman Arrested


Russia: Zhirinovsky Outlines Plan for Russia Ruled by Czars

Echoes of War across the South Caucasus

Atlantic Council Hosts Conference Dedicated to U-Kazakhstan Relations

Will U.S. Bomb Iran from Georgia?

Uzbekistan to Get US Night Vision, GPS & Body Armor

Germany: Merkel Seeking Euro-Savior & Iran-Buster in China

Bulgaria: Clinton to "Donate" US Warplanes

Swiss Mull Energy Deal with EU

Colombian Paramilitaries Protected by Spy Agency

Australia: Defense Chief Says 'Australian Special Forces Can Stay in Afghanistan Indefinitely'

National Newsworthy

Bribery & Corruption at US Justice Department

Police State: FBI's "Communities against Terrorism" Suspicious Activity Reporting Flyers

ACLU Sues Obama Administration over Assassination Secrecy

Former US Policymakers Promote and Lobby for War on Iran

Obama Making it Harder for Military Families to Sue for Medical Malpractice

Washington State Lawmakers Introduce Bill Condemning NDAA

Columnist Calls for Internet 'Quality Control' to Quash Dissent

Facebook Fires Up Its Political Action Committee  

Porno Company Sues Unauthorized Downloaders

Cryptome: DHS Joint Cybersecurity Services Pilot

TSA Agent Suspected of Stealing iPads

The Saudis, a Twitter Investment & Arab Spring

Google Starting to Censor Blogs

Full Body Scanners at Super Bowl?

Noteworthy Editorials

Pepe Escobar: Fear & Loathing in the American Gulf

Ray McGovern: Divining the Truth about Iran

John Pilger: The Assange Case Means That We are All Suspects Now

Iran & the U.S.: From Words to War

The Real Reason Guantanamo Should be Closed

Paul Craig Roberts: The Real Economic Picture

BFP Nightly Video-Audio

Video 1: Corbett Report- New World Next Week (Feb 2)

Video 2: Syria Resolution Part of Proxy War Against Iran

Video 3: Unspent Tax Dollars Earmarked for Congressional Offices  Go into 'Blackhole'

Video 4: JP Morgan Silver Manipulation Explained

Podcast 1: Andrew Gavin Marshall- What is the Nature of Power?

Podcast 2: Corbett Report- Around the World with Michael Vail

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  1. Ray McGovern: Divining the Truth about Iran – great piece!!!!

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