The Decision-Makers-of-Wars & ‘You’

It is More Like ‘Them’ vs. ‘You’

PanettaObamaThe Decision-Makers-of-Wars have decided to end one in 2013. That is, after twelve years, after they made the decision to make that war in the first place. No talk of terrorists, wins, or liberation - no more. At least on that one. Same as the other one. The one that they ended with no WMD, no terrorists, and no democracy; only with added massive civilian casualties, fallen and injured soldiers, and loss of billions of dollars- leaving behind a civil-war-torn nation in rubbles. And it looks like the Decision-Makers-of- Wars will be announcing another war to make. Just like the other ones, and the ones before that. And then there is you, my friends- my loyal patriotic American veterans and all those-that-are-yours.

I want you to take a few minutes and take a look at those involved in making decisions to make wars and continue those wars. Please do it. You don’t have to place them under a microscope or analyze them for hours. Just engage in a cursory evaluation. They are alive and well. They still have their legs. Yes. They all possess two legs. They still have their arms; and, their eyes, ears, and all ten fingers. They still get to see and be with their sons and daughters- that is, fully alive offspring. And their children too have their arms, legs, eyes, ears, and all ten fingers. Their wallets are thick, very thick, and have been getting thicker; nonstop. They are all much richer than they were before each one of these wars.

GoneForeverNow please look at the pictures of the loved ones you once had. The ones gone forever for the wars that made those who made them happier, healthier and much richer. Please take a different look at your loved ones missing arms, legs, or eyes. Then, think about the Decision-Makers-of-Wars ‘loved ones’ arms, legs, and eyes; still intact. Now take out your wallet and measure its size. Once you do that, compare it to the size of those who sent your loved ones to the wars they decided upon. Think about how it is that you get to pay the suckers’ price; twice. Once with the lives and body-parts of your loved ones, and then one more time with your wallet.

You see, there is ‘you’, and then there are the Decision-Makers-of-Wars. There are those that are ‘yours,’ injured or gone- forever, and then there is the safe and prospering that are ‘theirs.’ There is your shrinking wallet and diminishing future, and there is ‘their’ thickening wallet and ever-brightening future - thanks to you, your loyalties, and patriotism. It boils down to you and them. And it is not one and the same. It is more like ‘them’ versus ‘you.’

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  1. A toast to the decision-makers-of-war who don’t care about us:

    …I used to love the rainbow
    I used to love the view
    I loved the early morning
    I’d pretend that it was new
    But I caught the darkness baby
    And I got it worse than you

    I caught the darkness
    Drinking from your cup
    I caught the darkness
    Drinking from your cup
    I said: Is this contagious?
    You said:Just drink it up.

    I caught the darkness…

    From: Darkness by Leonard Cohen

  2. Itaque withdrawl – transfer troops close to Syria for possible war.

    Afganistan withdrawl – freeing troops for possible war with Iran?

  3. Sibel,

    Absolutely one of the finest statements on the insanity of war I have ever read.

    Thank you.

  4. Last night I watched the shouting in the dark doco about Bahrain.

    I cried.

    When I was in university I thought about the future friends were training to be lawyers, accountants, ecnomists etc I thought it was horse shit languages disciplines to aid powers that be. In Asian studies we read Huntingtons thesis – clash of civilizations – my teacher taught us that this was an embassy-type-common-sense-think and asked our opinions….Some students agreed some disagreed etc
    I thought to even give it thought was stupid-thought because it was trash.

    Then later that year 911 happened.

    Immediately, I thought this stinks!

    I left uni Masters incomplete. Started teaching young shildren to be happy and enjoy asking questions. Making difficult things easy to understand. Stripping off the bullshit!
    Now the stink is suffocating.
    The war against us -people- by (*)&.

    What can I teach my children about this world?

  5. @hermaph: In my humble opinion, it seems that you are already showing the children how to look inside for answers for their own truth. We are much more than we have been conditioned to believe. We each have the ability to create ourselves anew each day, to become the best example of who we want to be. They can learn to create their own light from the darkness. Thank you for providing that impetus – it will grow.

  6. @Dennis
    we are much more than we have been conditioned to believe

    I just fear any of these young souls being clad in a uniform and taught to kill. I just can’t stand for this situation. And if they grow into little Sibels with strong minds full of convictions, empathy and inner strength, they too face this increasingly institutionalised reality.

    I think one problem that we are aware about is that those that seek out power are attracted to empowering them selves through institutions and those honest compassionate ones are tricked out of positions of power where they should be.

    We must make sure there is a world for our children, but I am struggling to realise a strategy. Other than love.

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