Paul Jamiol’s World – A Collection of Political Cartoons from the Pen of Paul Jamiol (2008-2010)

Jamiols WorldPaul Jamiol's World - A Collection of Political Cartoons from the Pen of Paul Jamiol (2008-2010) is a wonderful collection of political cartoons from Paul Jamiol who, among other things, is the editorial cartoonist here at Boiling Frogs Post.

His new book showcases a collection of over 150 political cartoons from January 2008 to December 2010. These were chosen from over 450 cartoons he inked on issues during that period. It is an unflinching view of a tumultuous time and Paul spares no one with his commentary. The Bush administration, the Obama administration, our wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, our fallen, terrorism, torture, fear, hatred and human rights are all covered. These are probing snapshots of a time of "change", and Jamiol is the person taking those snapshots, using his pen and drawing board as the camera. Is it a slanted view? Some might think so. Is it an honest view? Jamiol would say, "most definitely"…What matters most is, it's a record, if you will, of a time that many have revised, distorted or were less than truthful about. Jamiol's book tries to keep that record as straight and as accurate as possible.

Paul's political cartoons spare neither the Right nor the Left. The Right hates him for his depiction of Bush/Cheney and the GOP. The Left hates that President Obama is not "off limits" as well as Paul's refusal to give the Dems a free pass. Both sides look deep at his stands on torture, war, hate and human rights.

This book is how Jamiol looks at the world around us. You will be enthralled by his creativity, poignancy, toughness and honesty. You will not finish this book unscathed, but the walk through Paul Jamiol's World will leave you glad you did.

This full-color collection is available from , Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

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