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"When there is change, it must not alter the content of what propaganda is driving at, but in the end must always say the same thing. For instance, a slogan must be presented from different angles, but the end of all remarks must always and immutably be the slogan itself. Only in this way can the propaganda have a unified and complete effect." -- Adolf Hitler

International Newsworthy

"MEK Conducts Assassinations for Mossad for Funding"

Pakistan Dismisses US Sanctions & Courts Iran

Turkey Angers West over Iran

Afghanistan: Villagers Outraged by "Intentional US Massacre" of Civilians

Afghan MPs Demand Public Trails for US Troops

US Massacre in Kandahar May be Turning Point

US Accuses Karzai of 'Endangering Troops' by Blocking Night Raids!

Pakistan: US Drone Strikes Kill at Least 13 in South Waziristan

Pentagon Seeks Military Base in Breakaway Balochistan

Syria: Terrorists Behind Homs Massacre

Syria: Armed Group Blast Diesel Pipeline

Chinese Stance on the Syrian 'Situation'

Al Jazeera Exodus: Channel Losing Staff over Syria 'Bias'

Iraq: Ex-Chalabi Aid Launches Arabic News Channel

Iraq Militia Stone 14 Youths for Wearing Western-Style 'EMO' Cloths

Turkey: Opposition Deputies Protest against NATO Radar System

Israel's Bogus Case for Bombing Gaza Obscures Political Motives

Libya: The Partition Begins

Egypt Lawmakers Don't Want US Aid

Egypt Sentences Two Israelis to Life

Yemen: US Drone Strikes Kill at Least 25

Uganda: US State Department: "We Have no Intention of Leaving Uganda"

Somalia Clashes Kill 18

South Sudan: More than 100 Dead in South Sudan Clashes

British Special Forces Fighting a Covert War in Somalia

China: NPC-The House of Non-Representatives

Is NATO Luring Russia into Summit Trap?

NATO Considers Kazakhstan as "Key" Partner in Central Asia

UK: FM Faces Lawsuit over Pakistan Drone Attack

National Newsworthy

FBI Wouldn't Exclude Extrajudicial Killings in the US

DOJ Asks Court to Keep Secret Any Partnership Between Google & NSA

Pentagon's "Heat-Ray" Crowd Dispersal Cannon Unveiled

Spies Seen Behind Fake Facebook Profile of Senior NATO Commander

Utah State Legislature Unanimously Passes Anti-NDAA Resolution

UN Special Report: Bradley Manning Treatment Cruel & Inhuman

Poll: Tide Turns Strongly against Afghan War

Donors to Conservative Super PAC Masked by Nonprofit

Ohio's Jean Schmidt's Election Day: Turkey Meeting

Noteworthy Editorials

Chris Floyd: The Crime of Truth & Obama's Persecution of the Peacemaker

Tom Engelhardt: Obama's 0% Doctrine on Iran

Paul Craig Roberts: No Jobs for Americans

James Petras: The Bloody Road to Damascus

Uncle Sam's Greatest Hits: Coming Soon to a Neighborhood Near you

The Power Elite vs. the Internet

Deja Vu: Obama's Military Actions in Syria May be Impeachable

BFP Nightly Video-Audio

Video 1: Declaration of Thingamajig

Video 2: Al Jazeera Journalists Quit Channel Citing "Bias" on Syria Coverage

Video 3: Corbett Report- Monsanto, Lorax, Bird Flu

Video 4: Hundreds of Thousands March in Bahrain

Video 5: Ron Paul Openly Calls GOP Election Fraud

Podcast 1: Corbett Report- Bill Conroy on Fast & Furious

Podcast 2: Lew Rockwell Podcast Show- Peter Schiff on the 'Real Crash'

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