Double Standards on ‘Terrorism’: Don’t Terrorists Ever ‘Go Berserk’?

Mental State Appears to be Only Relevant to Great White Men of the West

MassacreI was sipping my first morning coffee while staring at the headlines on the latest massacre committed by our military in Afghanistan. The phrase of the day to describe this latest massacre which resulted in more than a dozen innocent people - sleeping children and women - being viciously murdered and set on fire is ‘Man Gone Berserk.’ That’s right. Unfortunately Oprah is not around any longer, otherwise she’d have a session on this: bring in the Berserk Man’s parents and grandparents to talk about his less than perfect childhood; showcase dozens of PhD psychologists to talk about his ‘tough’ experiences in Iraq;  introduce his buddies from the ‘fields’ to talk about his ‘rough’ encounters … But no worries. The Pentagon, their tentacles in the networks, their pet puppets and madams like Huffington are doing their best to compensate for Oprah’s absence. The crafty stories are coming out: PTSD, depression, isolation, brain damage, head injuries, concussions, not enough candy or lollipops in childhood, too early start in potty training, chronic  constipation, severe allergies, recent hernia operation … or for the common men and women of America, ‘A Man Gone Berserk,’ and that, justifiably so:

The U.S. soldier who allegedly attacked and killed 16 Afghan civilians Sunday may have experienced a relatively rare state of mental derangement characterized by a blind killing rage, a disregard of pain and danger, and a total disconnection from his fellow troops, military mental health specialists said.

It's not clear what might have ignited his rage, said Dr. Jonathan Shay, a clinical psychiatrist who for decades has treated combat veterans with mental trauma. But he said what is known of the incident fits a pattern in which someone literally goes berserk.

"It's a painful and destructive thing and usually fatal for the soldier. And it's fairly rare -- in 20 years I had only two patients who unmistakably had episodes of berserkness,'' Shay said. The term "berserk" is an Old Norse word describing the frenzied trance in which some warriors fought.

Look, I am going to remain humble. These are the great Pentagon experts, multi-certified specialists, and savvy PR agents. Who the hell am I to challenge their recently discovered fashionable disease called ‘berserkness’?! I ain’t gonna challenge them on that. But I am humbly confused. Here is why:

shoebomberWhy don’t we ever have genius psychologists and experts like this to diagnose the men from the other side who engage in ‘berserk’ acts? What was the mental state of the terrorists who supposedly killed thousands on 9/11? Did they have issues- I mean serious issues, related to their potty training? Had they suffered serious concussions in their teenage years playing sports? Were they suffering from various severe depression and withdrawal symptoms caused by their immigrant status here and there? Were they sort of stressed out? How about that ‘berserk-looking’ shoe-bomber guy? Did he have a hernia? Did he have any IQ? I mean come on man, just take a look at this berserk dude! Instead of jail shouldn’t he be in some facility for berserks?!

You see, I don’t get it. We never talk about the ‘berserk’ terrorists who went berserk because of our berserk terror acts in their home country. You see, when the surviving  family members of these murdered and torched victims go ‘berserk’ and engage in ‘berserk terror acts,’ we somehow forget to address the ‘berserk side’ of their story. Even though the ‘berserkness’ of their act could be easily justifiable. Please, you tell me. Wouldn’t you go completely ‘berserk’ if it were your babies shot and burned to stumps by foreigners who invaded your home? I admit; I would. Then, why are we out there, every single day, for over a decade, creating hundreds of thousands of justified ‘berserks’?

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  1. It’s not terrorism when WE do it. It’s berserkerness or a bad apple. Like the torture dungeons in Iraq where prisoner abuse is a form of recreation.

  2. Eleutheran Agitator says:

    Thank You Sibel. You nail it again with your eyes for American military incompetence .. As a veteran , when I read the story , my first thoughts were “that`s no PTSD reaction” he`s probably white ,mid-level or senior NCO and attached to a special Ops Unit and lastly , he will get away with it.Nobody will use the term ” manchurian candidate” because it will implicate the good ole government..Those poor people of Afghanistan ,may peace be upon them.

  3. Demosthenes says:

    Said Washingtonian just did more to get the US out of Afghanistan than any of you ever will.

  4. Bradley Manning caused us to leave Iraq too – but he only sacrificed himself in the process.

  5. Sabretache says:

    Western double standards pretty much define the entire GWOT and your piece nails it nicely, yet again. Here’s an example of the syndrome from the UK – Sky News:

    A teenager will appear in court after being arrested for allegedly making comments on Facebook about the deaths of six British soldiers in Afghanistan last week.

    Azhar Ahmed, 19, is said to have posted the comments on his profile page and has been charged with a racially aggravated public order offence.

    A West Yorkshire Police spokesman said Ahmed, of Fir Avenue, Ravensthorpe, was criticising the level of attention the British soldiers who died in a bomb blast received compared to Afghan civilians who have died in the war.

    The spokesman said: “He didn’t make his point very well and that is why he has landed himself in bother.”

    Ahmed will appear at Dewsbury Magistrates Court on March 20.

    He was arrested on Friday and charged over the weekend.

    He has been bailed to an address outside the county.

    Note the police comment. The point he was trying to make was clear enough but, since he “didn’t make his point very well”, he appears to have provided an opening for the authorities to screw him. The sad fact is that the police acted on a complaint from a member of the public – a public so wound up MSM incited hatred of Muslims, that they are unable to think straight

  6. Here is a guy, three tours?? Four? the father of two daughters-shoots four girl children younger that 6yrs, five with a single shot.
    A father of two daughters is said to have done this.

    Democracynow stated Mar.12 :

    “Some villagers reported that MORE than one U.S. soldier was involved. Neighbors and relatives of the dead say they saw a group of U.S. soldiers arrive at their village at about 2:00 in the morning, enter homes and open fire. But Afghan officials and NATO officials say the killer worked alone.”

    Now we have the lone nut berserker. The lone shooter.
    How many times do on the ground eyewitness reports counter official NARRATIVES?
    Why TF would I believe NATO and Afghan ‘officials’ after the past 10 years of perception management by the most manipulative LIARS ever seen?

    Afghan villagers report MORE THAN ONE soldier. A GROUP arrived at 2am.
    That is primary source and absolutely to be investigated FIRST, but, like the empire of LIARS represented by 911,
    we will be given rats to smell.
    and told to call them flowers.

    I smell a rat..

  7. Demosthenes says:

    Stating that Bradley Manning caused the United States to leave Iraq is on par with stating that those on their pilgrimage to Mecca are correct in their belief that books squeal like lobsters as the temperature rises.

    I mean, we did all watch the Egyptian ‘revolution’, didn’t we?

    Ghandi running back and forth with rocks?

    Get real or get your face bashed in.

    The choice is up to you.

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