Podcast Show #80: The Massive Propaganda on Syria

The Boiling Frogs Presents William Bowles

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William Bowles joins us to discuss the latest on Syria, the massive propaganda campaign that has been unleashed on the Western public, and the real motives behind a rapacious imperial power in supporting, encouraging and arming groups like the FSA and the Syrian National Council to wage war on the government. Mr. Bowles makes the important distinction between armed insurrection and a popular revolution, and talks about the West’s ‘Human Rights’ being a malleable notion utilized as a political and ideological weapon to be applied most selectively and discriminately- according to which ‘side’ the government of any particular country happens to be on, and the phenomenon of the ‘Red Tops’, all written and run by well paid, university trained media professionals who have learned how to communicate their master’s message to its target audience- the working class.

WilliamBowlesWilliam Bowles is an independent author and analyst at williambowles.info, and a contributing author at Boiling Frogs Post. Over thirty five years of experience in the field of the media, communications, teaching, the arts and journalism, has equipped William Bowles with wide-ranging experience and skills that includes online product development; designing and developing business and marketing plans for digital media products and services; writing and editing for a variety of online environments from radio stations to online publications; lecturing and course development in digital media and online journalism and product creation. He is currently working as a freelance writer and consultant on media and communications-related projects, especially relating to the cultural production industries.


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Here is our guest William Bowles unplugged!

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  1. I think Mr. Bowles contradicts himself at the end of the interview. He’s attempting to normalize behavior by certain media figures which he earlier talked about as being connected to and part of the war effort by the media. Not just a distorted mirror, I think he said earlier. But at the end, it was just part of capitalism.

  2. It’s a shame a lot of these archives are locked out even to subscribers 😐

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