Barack Obama Tackles US Torture Head On … He Hunts & Cages Those Who Expose it

CIA Whistleblower Kiriakou Indicted for Exposing Waterboarding Practices

prosecute1No one can accuse Barack Obama of not tackling our government’s still-continuing torture practices. No sir. The man has made it clear - he is going to hunt, prosecute and cage those involved … in exposing them. In fact he has just tucked one under his belt. Former CIA officer John Kiriakou was indicted Thursday for allegedly disclosing classified information to journalists. The following is what triggered the administration’s resolve in pursuing, hunting and finally indicting him yesterday:

In 2007, Kiriakou gave an on-camera interview to ABC News in which he disclosed that accused al-Qaeda operative Abu Zubaydah was "waterboarded" and that waterboarding was torture. Kiriakou was one of the first CIA officers to label waterboarding as torture.

He is also accused of leaking classified information to reporters. This is part of his 2007 interview with ABC’s Brian Ross.

John Kiriakou: "At the time, I felt that waterboarding was something that we needed to do. And as time has passed, and as September 11th has moved farther and farther back into history, I think I’ve changed my mind. And I think that waterboarding is probably something that we shouldn’t be in the business of doing."

Brian Ross: "Why do you say that now?"

John Kiriakou: "Because we’re Americans, and we’re better than that."

prosecute2You see, those involved in planning, sanctioning, executing, and later covering up our government’s illegal (nationally and internationally) yet rampant torture practices have all been given medals, immunity, and a guaranteed lavish good life to live. However, our President wants to make sure that what happened to his predecessor - being caught and exposed in the middle of torture mayhem – will never happen to him. After all, he is not one for stopping wars-murders-torture. So how does he go about ensuring a black-out of his illegal practices today and tomorrow? Easy - he will send a strong message to deter any soul from even thinking about exposing murder, torture and other illegalities committed by this government. And how does he do that? He will hunt, persecute, prosecute, jail and torture anyone who dares to be an American and brings to light government criminal acts.

Thus, my dear friends, here you have it. The indictment of the sixth whistleblower under the Espionage Act by President Barack Obama - the man who has indicted (hunted) more whistleblowers than all previous US presidents (by that I mean ‘ALL’) combined.


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  1. Haley11 says:

    Can you please list the other whistleblowers he has indicted? I’m sure Bradley Manning is on there. Is Julian Assange part of the list? I have recollection of one more, although his name escapes me.

  2. @Haley 11: Kiriakou is the sixth person to be indicted under the Espionage Act by the Obama Administration. The previous five, all targeted in the span of a year, were: former NSA employee Thomas Drake, who shared details on the agency’s warrantless wiretapping program; former CIA officer Jeffrey Sterling, who was charged with providing information with New York Times reporter James Risen on an operation that might have led to Iran getting information on how to build a nuclear bomb; former FBI linguist Shamai Leibowitz, who received twenty months in prison for who knows what exactly; former State Department arms expert Stephen Kim, who under assignment shared information with Fox News reporter James Rosen on North Korea’s possible response to criticism of the country’s nuclear program; and Pfc. Bradley Manning, who allegedly leaked classified information to WikiLeaks that included the “Collateral Murder” video, Afghan and Iraq War Logs, the US State Embassy cables, etc.

  3. Haley11 says:

    Ah yes, Thomas Drake is the other one I had heard about. Thanks for the info!

  4. Leibowitz leak info on Israel and the US

    “The focus was on Iran, with Israeli officials intent on preparing the American public for war against the mullahs. They were spreading disinformation on Iran’s nuclear program, promoting international sanctions, and trying to obtain Washington’s support for an ultimatum on the nuclear program as a final diplomatic gesture that would be turned down by Iran, leading to war with the U.S. playing the lead role. The Israeli Embassy’s activities consisted of drafting articles and editorials that were placed with an accommodating media, paying journalists to write pieces making the same points, and working closely with groups like WINEP and AIPAC to present policymakers with a coordinated list of arguments for war”

    proof they are selling a war and that Israel knows what it is saying about Iran is lies.

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