Classified Woman on Peter B. Collins Show- Part I

CWPeter B. Collins interviewed me for his show, and we went on for two hours of an uninterrupted ‘unplugged session.’ I must tell you (many of you already know this): Peter knows how to unplug his guests. And I was no exception!

Here is how it goes with me: I always have a ‘fairly stiff’ start when interviewed. Usually it takes about 15 to 20 minutes before I relax and let it pour. This is why I don’t like doing those 10-15 minute sound-bite interviews broken up by several commercial sessions. I am putting it mildly when I say ‘don’t like’- it is more like ‘I passionately hate.’

Now back to Peter B. Collins interview. During the last 30 minutes of our two-hour session (Second half of End of Part II) I went ‘totally unplugged.’ What do I mean by that? I am talking about passion and bottled up emotions pouring out (by the way: no- I was not sobbing). I am not going back to listen to it (I never listen to my own interviews-NEVER). However, I highly recommend listening to this two-part interview series if you are interested in this story-my case and my book.

And finally, as always, I am thankful to Peter for providing me with this opportunity. During my WB journey, between 2005 and 2008, he interviewed me at least 5 times. He was and is my favorite radio host, and no one comes close when it comes to ‘unplugging’ guests, uncovering topics-issues, and presenting highly informative interviews.

Here is Part 1 of Classified Woman interview with Peter B. Collins: Click Here


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  1. Great interview! When can we expect part II?

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