The EyeOpener- Ungagged: Telling the Sibel Edmonds Story

BFP VideoIn this episode of our EyeOpener Report James Corbett presents the unprecedented lengths that the government has gone to suppress the Sibel Edmonds Story, and the publishing industry’s active collusion with the FBI, the CIA, and other government agencies to either "allow" or "disallow" the publication of books by certain whistleblowers. Corbett discusses new technologies and self-publishing enabling whistleblowers and truth-tellers to circumvent the entire government/media/NGO conglomerate that has dominated the entire institutional infrastructure of "approved whistleblowing,” and the opportunity now available to the public to familiarize themselves with the information that the government has been fighting for years to suppress in any and every way possible.

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This site depends….

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  1. ‘…a wall built by the public’s own apathy’. James Corbett.

    Prouty on JFK said it for 911 too : “The whole story of the POWER of the Cover-up comes down to a few points. There has never been a Grand Jury and trial [in texas]. Without a trial there can be nothing. Without a trial it does no good for researchers to dig up data. It has no place to go and what the researchers reveal just helps make the cover-up tighter, or they eliminate that evidence and the researcher.”

    How appropriate is that. Keep everything away from cross-examination in a court of LAW. Finding a legal place for the data to MEAN something.

    Thank you all for this work. Can’t tell you how much it means.the book is GREAT.

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