War on Whistleblowers: Manning & Assange Just Test Cases

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  1. Sibel,

    I know I have mentioned this in the past and don’t mean to harp on it or make this a personal matter. I just turned 65 and have sensed that the powers that be are lying to us and abusing the so called democracy and its principles we live under since the time of the JFK assassination when I was 16yrs old. I witnessed the Vietnam War lies, the nuclear arms race lies, and it’s really never gotten the slightest bit better. I witnessed the media consolidation and the trashing of the fairness doctrine and the rise of the national security state where the CIA was given the go ahead to conduct covert operations – *illegal foreign affairs*… with no oversight or accountability.

    And since 9/11 it’s only gotten worse. Since we have no enemies… no state that wants to engage the US in a war, take our land or subjugate our people we seem to be engaged in struggles to dominate the world’s resources and extract the wealth attached to controlling same to the owners of the trans national corporations – the newly named 1%… which is really the .1%… or the .01%

    Our vote means nothing and if it did we don’t get decent choices to vote for. Elections are bought, congress critters are bought and own. Our constitution is nothing but a piece of paper under glass inside a limestone building within the Beltway.

    Labor has been decimated, we have no decent health care and it’s only affordable by the wealthy. We are feudal serfs. Whistle blower laws like the constitution mean nothing at all… words on a page. Our justice department is a joke, the courts are stacked with the surrogates for the .01%ers. We have no choices and no chances to change this situation.

    We get a fake like Obama who lied his way into office and was voted in with the hope that he would change this as a black man he SHOULD understand that power corrupts and absolute power (USA) corrupts absolutely.

    The economy is crumbling and it appears that this may be simply a strategy of the .01%er to buy the world at bargain basement prices… to hell with competition and ingenuity.

    The only question in my mind is if the people really are like boiling frogs or will there come a point when they will realize that they have lost everything and they will have to fight for their lives and their children’s lives. This is not going to get better.

    Do you think that people are getting this message and preparing to engage? or is this too radical to discuss and would result in people being disappeared a la Argentina during the dirty war? I really think we are just about there and people who say the wrong things will be gone and have no rights just as Manning and Assange. Yea.. they are being made examples. Will that clamp down the OWS movement or embolden it?

    Will they shut the internet down? What does your crystal ball say?

  2. Haven’t seen you here in awhile Sander. I personally have learned that creating a barter economy that pays its taxes, creating secure servers with encrypted email and cloud technology, learning to grow your own food, will be necessary steps. Here is a study I did recently on loss of our currency:

    Yes, Greece was “fiscally irresponsible,” and hid that through Goldman-enabled “creative accounting.” But the real problem is that the European elites pushed countries like Greece, Spain, and Portugal into adopting the euro before they were ready.

    Nobody made Goldman “bankrupt [that] country” with its “global elaborate Ponzi scheme.” Wall Street’s “golden boys” will need their “fat bonuses” when the international prosecutions start.

    The dollar fell against all of its most-traded counterparts excluding the yen today as investors bet Bernanke would signal a third round of stimulus. The excess liquidity from asset purchases may debase the U.S. currency while boosting higher- yielding assets. 6/6/12 Bloomberg


    I’ve watched with first amusement, then disgust, and ultimately outrage as various pundits proclaimed Bernanke’s efforts “saved the financial system” or helped the US “weather the storm.” Bernanke did NO such thing. You could train a chimpanzee to hit the “print money” button at the Fed every-time the Fed phone rings with a Wall Street number and get the same results. To date, Bernanke has spent or put the taxpayer on the hook for some $24 TRILLION in bailouts, lending windows, and off balance sheet arrangements.

    However, to focus on Bernanke’s incompetence is to overlook his culpability in destroying Americans’ wealth. In the last 12 months alone, the man has committed perjury (he lied under oath about no longer monetizing debt), embezzlement ($24 trillion gone to banks at least $9 trillion of which no one, not even the head of oversight at the Fed, kept track of), fraud (any proclamation of green shoots or recovery is fraud), corruption (forcing Bank of America to buy Merrill Lynch), and more.
    It would, in fact, be no exaggeration to say that Ben Bernanke is a financial criminal on a scale that makes Bernie Madoff look like Mr. Rogers. Madoff ripped off $50 billion. Bernanke is currently destroying the middle class in the US, trashing our currency, worsening EVERY Americans’ quality of life, and erasing any hopes of retirement for millions of Boomers.

    In simple terms, Bailout Ben, in a mere year and a half, has overseen the destruction of 30% of US household wealth (from a housing and stock bubble he FAILED to see coming while working under Greenspan). He has yet to do a single thing to protect the average American or the dollar, but instead has opted to funnel trillions of taxpayer dollars over to Wall Street so that Goldman Sachs and friends could claim they’re not insolvent and pay themselves RECORD bonuses.

    Folks, the US stock market is an enormous house of cards propped up by the biggest bubble-blower in history. Fundamentals have NOT improved, the economy continues to collapse (regardless of the GDP accounting gimmicks they use to claim we’re out of the recession), and stocks are at least 20-30% overvalued.


    The Federal Reserve System, “the Fed,” has a lot of moving, interconnected parts. The two basic components are the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, and the collection of 12 Federal Reserve Banks. In turn, the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) melds those two parts to make the Fed’s main monetary policymaking body.

    In another melding of authority, Federal Reserve supervisory authority for private financial institutions is rooted in the Board of Governors, but much of that authority is delegated by the Board of Governors to the Reserve banks, with the Board retaining oversight authority after that delegation.

    From 2003 to 2009 (leading up to and including the crisis), Timothy Geithner was the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Geithner’s departure was not the result of a weak performance review, but his appointment by President Barack Obama to the post of Secretary of the Treasury of the United States of America.

    Goldman was a heavy borrower from the Fed in 2008 and 2009, after it proved nearly-disastrously exposed to the crisis. Friedman resigned his post as Chair of the board of the New York Fed in 2009, following a bit of a firestorm.

    Bill Bergman

    So the collateral requirement was changed to any collateral satisfactory to the Federal Reserve Bank, and that meant that investment banks could borrow at the Fed for a change. Now, I opposed that change, and I identified it in an article that was published by the Cleveland Federal Reserve Bank in its Economic Review in the third quarter of 1993. The publication of the article created an internal firestorm. The Board of Governors really came down on me hard for having published it. Years later, we find out why. They wanted to use that power if they had a big enough emergency–as they thought they did once Bear Stearns went down–to make a bailout loan to an investment bank.

    This stands the entire Federal Reserve Act on its head. The exceptional rule–the emergency power–has now become the regular way of doing things and the quantitatively dominant method of extending credit for the Fed. It’s very bad from a number of perspectives, not the least of which is institutional structure, because it means that the narrow and insular views of the Board of Governors together with the New York Federal Reserve Bank, the entity that’s making these loans, are the only views listened to in deciding when and how an emergency loan is being made. Basically, the credit gets booked and then the other Reserve Banks are required to eat a pro-rata share of these loans through loss-sharing agreements and the like.


  3. Thanks Simon… I got busy and depressed and then hopeful with Occupy and when I saw Sibel publish her book I felt I needed to show my *face* again.

  4. Terryr151 says:

    “What they are doing to Julian Assange should terrify us all” said Mary Kostakaidis at getup.org.au when asking for signatures to petition the Australian Prime Minister and Foreign Minister to seek assurance from the US Government that Mr Assange would not be extradited or rendered from Sweden if he presented himself to face charges against him.

  5. Terryr151 says:

    CORRECTION: In a recent email about this campaign GetUp wrongly stated that Mr Assange had been charged with sexual assault in Sweden. This was a mistake. Mr Assange has not been charged with any crime in Sweden. He is simply wanted for questioning by prosecutors. GetUp also notes that Mr Assange has offered to meet with Swedish prosecutors in London to address the allegations, an action which is permitted under Swedish law. To date the Swedish prosecutors have refused this offer. GetUp apologises for any confusion our error may have caused.

    We just returned from London where we shot an exclusive interview with Julian Assange – his first face-to-face Australian interview since he sought asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy. Many GetUp members have been emailing with questions they wanted Mr. Assange to answer, so we put your questions to him directly.

    Now Julian Assange is wanted for questioning over alleged sexual assault in Sweden, which he says he wants to address, but can’t. Instead, he’s holed up inside the Ecuadorian embassy in the UK. If he steps out the door he fears he’ll simply be arrested, sent to Sweden and ultimately handed over to the US, where he faces life in prison and even the death penalty.

    Sentenced to life in prison or even death for publishing information a government didn’t want seen. Is this really our idea of democracy and freedom? Sign the petition to Bob Carr calling on the Australian Government to stand up for the rights of all Australian citizens, and not allow Julian Assange to be extradited to the United States.

    Want to know more? Check out the frequently asked questions below. If you’ve still got questions, email us at info@getup.org.au

    Is GetUp helping Julian Assange sue Prime Minister Gillard for defamation?

    Is extradition to the US from Sweden even possible?

    Will it even make a difference if Bob Carr seeks assurances from the US?

    Does GetUp oppose extradition of Mr Assange to Sweden?

    Is GetUp saying Julian Assange shouldn’t face up to the accusations of sexual assault in Sweden?

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