Classified Woman: The Sibel Edmonds Story

CWIn this startling new memoir, Sibel Edmonds—the most classified woman in U.S. history—takes us on a surreal journey that begins with the secretive FBI and down the dark halls of a feckless Congress to a stonewalling judiciary and finally, to the national security whistleblowers movement she spearheaded. Having lived under Middle East dictatorships, Edmonds knows firsthand what can happen when government is allowed to operate in secret. Hers is a sobering perspective that combines painful experience with a rallying cry for the public’s right to know and to hold the lawbreakers accountable. With U.S. citizens increasingly stripped of their rights in a calibrated media blackout, Edmonds’ story is a wake-up call for all Americans who, willingly or unwillingly, traded liberty for illusive security in the wake of 9/11.

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  1. pj98rider says:

    I had the honor of reading an advanced copy. It is absolutely riveting. Sibel fills in the blanks and thoroughly guts both media and government spin on her case. It’s a roller coaster ride into the depths of a government agency and Administration that tried to vilify and silence Sibel for doing the right thing…a serious must read…PJ

  2. jschoneboom says:

    Congratulations on releasing the book, Sibel, this is very exciting! I trust you’ll let us know when there’s a way for those of us outside the US to get a copy. (I still feel a bit bad about you sending me the DVD package to the UK at a loss. I’m happy to pay more or make an additional donation to make up the difference…)

  3. Yes. Many congratulations.
    thank you.

    With regard other matters. The massacre cover-up in Afghanistan .

    Here are two versions of what happened the night of March 11, when 17 Afghan villagers were shot to death.

    First, the Army version: Staff Sgt. Robert Bales, troubled by marriage woes, drunkenly left Camp Belambai, 12 miles from Kandahar, with a pistol and an automatic rifle and killed six people as they slept. Bales then returned to the base and left again for another village, this time killing 11. He acted alone and he admitted to the killings, according to the Army.

    Then there is the account that child witnesses provided Yalda Hakim, a journalist for SBS Dateline in Australia. Hakim, who was born in Afghanistan and immigrated to Australia as a child, is the first international journalist to interview the surviving witnesses. She said American investigators tried to prevent her from interviewing the children, saying her questions could traumatize them. She said she appealed to village leaders, who arranged for her to interview the witnesses.

    In the video, the children told Hakim that other Americans were present during the rampage, holding flashlights in the yard.
    FURTHER at:

  4. @jschoneboom: Greatly appreciated. You’ve been supporting us in more than one way, and I truly appreciate your regular comments here.

    For outside US we’ll have the e-book first via Amazon.UK, and then we’ll add distribution for hard copies. For these limited number signed copis @ BFP: in the next two days we’ll add a separate purchase button for internaional sales. I have less than 20 copies left, but I have put aside a signed copy for you.

  5. People sorry I missed our nightly news this evening. It’s been so hectic (the last few months). I will be publishing all sorts of info on the ‘hell-ish’ battles we’ve been through for this book (legal,gov) … Anyhow, today, around 2 o’clock I literally crashed; more coma-like than sleeping …

  6. Bill Bergman says:


  7. Thanks Sibel,(chuck tesh a kur)for including a button for international
    sales, as I’m in Ireland and would like a copy too.
    And congratulations for really getting the site together. Though not involved in any security work, I still find the interviews very good.
    making me more aware of the way the world is going. So keep up the good

  8. kmwakak8 says:

    I am very much looking forward to reading your book Sibel. I clicked on the DVD link above which took me to a black page. *shrug*

    Any luck for us nook users (Barnes & Noble)to get an e-book? ^^
    If not no worries, I still plan to buy the book- asap.

  9. After three days, I just finished reading it. I’m blown away by your writing, Sibel! If I didn’t have other responsibilities, I would have finished it in one sitting, however long it took.

    It’s an important American story, told with excitement, joy, thrills, chills, pain, and real inspiration. Moral clarity and serious backbone contrast an expertly detailed view of the crime families called the FBI, Department of Justice, Congress, Supreme Court, and the Press.

    I want to carry this book around with me for moral guidance. I would go so far, as to say that it will be historically relevant for generations to come.

    I’ll be contacting you for more copies. There are so many people that I’m going to give this book to…

  10. Bill Bergman says:

    Well said, Xicha

  11. Hal 9000 says:

    When Sibel first announced this book, my first thought was what publisher had the courage to step up and publish it. Now that I have seen a copy, I see that Sibel published it herself. It says so much about the state of affairs in the United States of America that no major publisher has the courage to publish such an important story. That simple fact is one that we view as a symptom in other nations of darkness; authoritarian rule, government control of the press, and loss of freedom. The self-proclaimed “greatest nation in history” doesn’t have a press free enough, brave enough, or responsible enough to print the truth. That’s right, in the greatest country on Earth, the press is unwilling to print the truth.

    And so Orwell’s prophecy continues to crystallize around the American flock as they graze on a regular diet of government and corporate grown propaganda. The flock will be led wherever the ministry of information wants to take them. Only when the doors of their cages are slammed shut will the flock wake up to the fact that they have been misled in order that they can be fleeced and then eaten.

  12. Dear Hal:

    You nailed it. I will be talking and writing about this: the entire experience with the mega publishing industry, how they willingly complied with the DOJ-FBI ‘informal’ pressure, and much more. It came down to this: I spent 10 years fighting gov imposed gags/censorship, and no way in he.. I was going to put up with the publishing industry request(s) of censorship. And there was ‘partisanship’ side as well. One potential agent said: ‘Why don’t you leave Obama out of this? No need to get into Obama…’

    Please stay tuned: I will be exposing all these elements as well;-)

  13. jschoneboom says:

    Can’t wait to read it. So, if I understand all this correctly, you’re releasing the book in spite of current FBI threats that specifically warn you not only against publishing it, but against even showing it to an editor or literary agent or ANYONE at all. Furthermore, you’ve put out your own press release that I interpret as going on the offensive against the FBI for 1) stalling their review process and 2) compelling people to sign illegal agreements.

    In short, you’re taunting them. You’re daring them to try to back up their threats, because they don’t have a legal leg to stand on, and if they want to take you to court, they’re only playing into your hands. You’ll win, they’ll look stupid, and your story gets out even bigger.

    Stuff this great happens so rarely! Thank you for doing what you do!

  14. Sheeple, and frogs, sheep graze when they are treatened, (the famous experiment with electrified floor, where the sheep could not hope to get away from the horrible shocks… they went to some normal behaviour…. just pretend to gras, and that is what is happening with this poor f’n American population.

    One other thing is: that we the Americans, have at least seen some of the wonderful stuff, that many of those who live in way back places, maybe they don’t quite get it, how fucked they will be… the weopons… too gruesome, stuff that is too horrid to talk about…

    So Frogs… think about it before you jump… about the fire in the hole! (Fryin’ pan or Fire, what a great choice.)

  15. Sibel,
    I was a bit concerned about the price of the book. But once I read that you had to publish it yourself because no one else would touch it, well, I just had to have it!

    That said, it says much about the state of our “democracy”. We have become a closed nation with a government that is terrified of it’s citizens and the rest of the world. It explains why the NSA is building a 2 billion dollar facility in Utah that will have the capability to listen in on ALL communications both here and abroad with the capability to decrypt every bit of it. I doubt even George Orwell envisioned the extent to which government (with the aid of corporations) would invade our lives. The only thing that separates the United States from other fascist regimes is the general public’s inability to grasp/accept what has happened.

    I have a friend who likes to say that the truth will always be revealed. I hope he’s right. Good luck and keep up the good fight.

  16. ah, I think my comment above was sort of a little… dire. I want to get the book, so here is my deal: I already have a year subscription, and I think it is a great deal for the money, and I want the book, so can I get the book for … 50$…?

    I hope you find my comment ammusing or humorous, because I do… and I mean it, please email me, and give me a price, a special personal price, I will buy the book if it is not too spensive!…

    You rock big time, I am a supporter of what you are all about, (truethiness”) gads zookes.

    And that deal today explaining the whole history of the education thing going back 5 hundred years… well, I really appreciated that, cause I was not too welcomed by the school system, I was steam rolled by it.

    That isn’t the first time though about the school system…. but for Christ’s sakes so what, we got to know it is all bs. The teachers are working for the …. I dunno.. the school system… run by some mrfr called a superintendent or wtf, and by the way, where do the monies go, well you better know… the superintendents get pay like no tomorree.

    These guys, (mostly) go around the country on these speaking tours, ( a nice way to get a travelling all paid vacation, and oh so wonderful, that you get to speek to idiots all over the country,,, people who are even stupider than you are, that must be a good endorfan moment!

  17. Revise, (endoran moment) should be: Endorphin. means… products in brain, make effects,

  18. cdithaca says:

    As soon as I saw the post about the book,I sent in my order and I’m very glad I did. The book is riveting from cover to cover and I can have nothing but the utmost admiration for your courage and perseverance, Sibel, in continuing your fight and for naming at least some of those who have betrayed our nation and violated their oath of office multiple times.

    I’ve been raving about this book to friends and most cannot begin to fathom the depth of the morass into which our nation has descended. They still believe there is a rule of law, that there are honest and brave politicians somewhere who can and will do something. You bring home the message that if we want our country back, our Constitution restored, and our freedom again, it is up to us. There are no knights on white horses who will lead the charge, we the rabble will have to band together against the odds. I only hope I can have a small percentage of the courage you have shown. Thank you so very much Sibel.

  19. I would encourage everyone who has already read Sibel’s book to go to Amazon and create a review.

    This will help with the visibility on Amazon and make it more attractive to potential buyers.

  20. Hi Sibel,

    I thought you might find this article by Erik Larson published today at Oped News interesting.
    Title reads: DOJ Confirms Previously-Denied File Sid To ImplicateSenior US Officials In Nuclear Espionage.

  21. Hal 9000 says:

    Ishmael, thanks for the link.

    Xicha, done.

    Sibel, you have more courage than all of Washington, D.C. and New York City combined. There are thousands of people in those two cities alone who know what’s really going on in this country, but don’t have the courage and integrity to speak out. So now the American people have two debts they can never repay, the federal debt and the Sibel Edmonds debt. This book is easily worth $100.

  22. @joetoad:

    FYI, it looks like you now can get an advanced, signed copy for $50 at

  23. Can’t wait to read the book, Sibel. And, the new website looks great. Congratulations!

  24. jcarbonneau says:

    I didn’t care what the price was, I was going to get it. Sibel, I read about half of it. I would have finished it, but I was under the weather, and now that I’m feeling better now, will finish it.
    I think about what I’ve read so far, and to think that this goes on all the time, I can’t put words to that type of mentality. I’m grateful to have aided in the case, and still think to this day that a statue of you should be in every state capital in this country. Maybe some day this will happen.
    On a different note, don’t know if you remember me, but way back when this blog first started, I was the person who wrote about how people only take action when something happens to them that affects them, or affects people they are close to. I, and I’m sure others here, wouldn’t want anyone to go thru what you went thru, but with patience and determination, you and others will win out. Good luck always Sibel!!

  25. jschoneboom says:

    Just finished reading it, so I want to join the chorus — it’s spectacularly well done. It’s such an important story and such a gripping one and so well told. Can’t remember the last time I blasted through a book so quickly — definitely a page turner.

    I guess I was already aware of a lot of the story, but somehow reading it all through chronologically as it unfolded just really gives it a stronger impact and the pieces fall into place a lot better. Seeing it through your eyes brings it powerfully alive.

    It’s just amazing, isn’t it? No matter how cynical I get, much of this story remains so hard to believe. It’s like, wow, Orwell and Kafka have nothing on real life, eh? Amazing to think that the cancer of corruption is so widespread and pervasive that with a solid, documented, verified, shocking, important story like yours, the entire system of government and the media can act as one to squash it so thoroughly.

    How many people would have fought like you fought? One of the satisfactions of reading the book is thinking about how guys like Frields and Feghali must have had their jaws dropped repeatedly by your courage and audacity and persistence. Somewhere in the private hell of their own minds, they had to have known that you were everything they were not, and that you were better. Boy did they ever pick a fight with the wrong woman!

    Thank you. There’s hope, because as bad as it gets, every once in a while we get a Sibel Edmonds. You’ve done your father proud.

  26. So simple really. You walk into the job, eyes wide open, pure of INTENT, you see clear and present tampering of EVIDENCE. Theft. Espionage. Manipulation. Nepotism. CORRUPTION at HIGHEST levels – named names.
    You pick up on it, the driveling Svengahli-Feghali, his coven,
    doing ‘the right thing’

    take it to the next level. Up the chain.

    What every decent human being prays they would have the courage to do.

    Smack into the WAR AIM of 911. A top-down conspiracy so BIG conversations didn’t EXIST., NEVER HAPPENED. a curse on Frields. equidistant with Susan Lindauer. A curse on Fuisz. You, heretic on the rack of epistemic Criminal-secrecy-state psychosis, thrown Into the ISOLATION wards of bent LAW bent JUDGES ex parte in camera. So many others have DIED there, isolated and maddened, alone and destroyed by this awful fcking creature now controlling the great DEMOCRATIC United States of Amercia. Ostensibly ‘free’ to pursue ‘justice’. Evolutionary fascist dictum. Chameleon fascism! Its dreadful reversals, the truth/lie dichotomy now a Firewall so strong, so extensive and multi layered and far reaching it ghettoizes TRUTH.

    Your book is wonderful. Your life story open and it steps clear and understood, for that our heartfelt THANKS reach back out to you and your family, to all the 911 atrocity whistleblowers, for whatever its worth.,
    toward your exemplary partner stood right there with you. What a MAN. Daniel Ellsberg.
    What a MAN.
    But so impossible the whole damned thing.
    If everyone around you at operational level and up the chain had stood with you, imagine the changes could have been made.

    John Pilger:

  27. jschoneboom & remo: Very well said!

  28. Also, please see this excellent interview of Sibel by James Corbett:

    “This is our boat and if it needs to be rocked, we better rock it!”
    – Classified

  29. dratman says:

    I am thrilled and astounded by Gagged Woman. I’m rooting for it to become a big succes, so that many people will read it and understand. To that end, I suggest people here go write reviews at Amazon! That can have a big impact.

  30. Bill Bergman says:

    Sibel had a brief interview on WLS AM Chicago radio yesterday. WLS has included it at their website, at

  31. jcarbonneau says:

    Sibel, I went to the Maine GOP State Convention this past weekend. By now, you know what the results are. I was very pleased. But, that’s not why I’m writing.
    Saw old friends, and met lots of new people. I mentioned you’re name many times, and about the book. When I would give a brief explaination of your story, people’s jaw would dropped, and the look of disbelief would show on their faces. (Why, don’t really know)
    So hopefully, you will see more books fly off the shelf. I’m re-reading your book again, just because your wrote so much, and my retention skills are lacking. (not your fault) Best wishes always

  32. dratman says:

    jcabonneau, it seems this book should be of interest to people in both major political parties. I have seen no partisanship in the book, and It is hard to imagine any ordinary citizen who wants to see the U.S. wallowing in corruption at every level of government. The FBI as Sibel describes it looks too compromised to succeed in its everyday mission.

  33. jcarbonneau says:

    @dratman, Please! There were nearly 3,000 people there, and I ran across hundreds of them who had never heard of Sibel Edmonds, or her long strange trip with the FBI, Congress, and the Supreme Court. When I get a chance to speak about Sibel, whether at a Partisan Convention, or the local coffee shop, I speak about her.
    BTW, I’m someone who thinks they are both the same wings of a bird of prey.

  34. Hi Sibel-

    I have not commented much here but have been subscribing for awhile. I just downloaded the book and am very much looking forward to reading it! Keep fighting the fight! I will continue to support you in any way I can.

  35. The silver lining to the dark cloud of publishing in the Anglo-American empire is that self-publishing is not only possible but indistinguishable from the Big Boys. This a great-looking book! Good on ya, as the Aussies say.

  36. thymesup says:

    @jcarbonneau; hey, i was there, too, talking about same, and repeating gore vidal’s quote:”america has one political party-the property party, with two right wings-dems and repubs.” even though i voted twice for nader and worry about paul’s ‘abomination of lack of a social safety net,’ in the words of a socialist acquaintance. wish i’d met you. i’m from easternmost

    sibel’s book brought me to tears a couple of times. she is certainly one to emulate. i like the writer who suggested a statue in each little town, reminding us what a true patriot is. my socialist friend worries about paul’s rx of limited govt, because he believes we need a big entity/institution ie, take over the govt. to combat the corporatist state (aka fascism, a la mussolini). but my question: “HOW can ‘we’ do this when elections in this country cannot be trusted/are so prone to hacking??”

    I had not planned to vote any more until a friend convinced me to ‘try’ with ron paul. he seems to have integrity, while another socialist friend says ‘he’s one of them.’ funny the liasons entertained/conversations had during all the ‘downtime'(‘filibustering’ to prevent democracy from taking place) at convention . interesting/mind boggling to try to understand things from a republican/even libertarian point of view after so many ‘progressive years.’ one real repub fellow said to me “the only thing i don’t like about ron paul is his foreign policy>” i responded: ‘that’s the only thing i like..’ (well, his views i heard during ’08 repub convention were what first attracted attention.) he certainly does not lack courage or insight, witness views in eighties even on us complicity in drug trade.

    carrying sibel’s book around is good way to spark conversation. i’m giving it to my library and keep telling folks to check it out

  37. thymesup says:

    after politely and open-mindedly listening to other’s conservative views, i’d say, ‘fine, now you take this (ae 911 investigator newspaper) and be open minded. there’s an awful lot we’re not being told in main news.

  38. thymesup says:


  39. congrats on the book release! I hope it helps to build the sort of transformative energy necessary for positive system change. And on another note, the NDAA provisions on indefinite military detention were struck down as unconstitutional.

  40. Hey, Look!

    Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #135 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)
    #32 in Books > Biographies & Memoirs > Memoirs

    You’re almost to the top 100!

  41. 4 more spots in two hours…

    Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #131 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)
    #33 in Books > Biographies & Memoirs > Memoirs

  42. It’s at #121 right now. I just ordered another one through Amazon today. If there’s any way we can get another copy for a friend, now would be a good time to do it. Let’s see if we can get this book in the top 100!

  43. Well, well, well. Interesting development at CW is now showing as #354 in book sales and #58 in Bios and Memoirs. Methinkest the mighty octopus is flexing it’s tentacles and playing games with the sales rankings. How petty!

  44. #425/#61 In just 45 minutes, folks.

    I smell a big, stinky cheese-eating rat. Seems that I’m late to party regarding’s nasty habit of “de-ranking” certain books of an “adult” nature (read: gay) and now books that might offend the “owners of this country” (as George Carlin so rightly labeled them).

    I’m kicking myself. I should have ordered CW direct from this blog. No more Amazingly Amoral Amazonian Adventures for me!

  45. Enjoy Every Sandwich says:

    Dear Sibel,
    I finished Classified Woman just a few moments ago. This is easily the most important book that I have read in a long time.

    I’m still processing all of my impressions. There is rage and cynicism (as Lily Tomlin once said, no matter how cynical you become it’s never enough to keep up). But there is also thrill and wonder at an amazing story of courage and tenacity.

    Never doubt that your book matters. At the risk of sounding like a tinfoil hatter, I’ve come to believe that our civilization is in a steep decline and is perhaps close to a fall. This doesn’t mean that what we do doesn’t matter; it means that it matters more.

    It may be that victory will mean being that small remnant that keeps a tiny flame of civilization alive.

  46. @EES: This means so much to me. On one side there is the majority-including my mother/sister, and the constant ‘It is futile… stupid …you won’t even make a dent but shatter yourself and your life…’

    Then, there is the other side, with a very few but stronger people-those who have encouraged me to press on/continue/keep fighting… those sincere ones who have helped with not only their words but their actions.

    I am thankful to you and everyone who has been on this minority side with me. Thank you.

  47. jcarbonneau says:

    Just visited Lew Rockwell’s blog, and the book is at number 2 for sales in the LRC Bookstore. I sure hope he interviews you for his podcast. I’ve suggested it to him. Finished re-reading the book again. I don’t think I can I can look at it for the time being, since it makes my blood boil. Hope I don’t offend you with these words. Bless you and your family!!

  48. gogetem says:

    Hi, Sibel. I just finished reading your book and the first word that comes to mind is Kafka. Kafka 2.0 or Kafka on steroids. Thankfully, for all of us, you perservered and were able to tell your story in print. Thank you!

  49. Hello, Sibel. I just finished your book, and I thank you for writing it. I thank you for all that you’ve done. I agree with EES and with many others here. Your fight is our fight, and it is vital that we continue, especially now. Please keep up the wonderful work. All the best to you and yours.

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