Soothing the Beast: Saturday Night BFP-Jamiol Music, Episode 22

John Lee Hooker


This week's BFP/Jamiol pick is all about me. Tonight we're featuring my all-time favorite singer John Lee Hooker. I've got a good size collection of his CD's and never ever tire of his music. When it comes to the Blues, John Lee is/was the man! Tonight we have him teaming up with another great singer Van Morrison doing their version of The Door's famous song Gloria. John Lee's guitar is astounding...Enjoy...DJPJ

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  1. AVIONBLANC says:

    Actually, Van Morrison wrote the tune when he was with Them. Many folks have done the thing. This version is very nice. The Hombres did a good version of Gloria.

  2. pj98rider says:

    AVIONBLANC, Was not aware that VM wrote it. Thanks for the info.

  3. John Lee lived in Vallejo, Ca. the last years of his life. His musical director for the last 20 years was Roy Rodgers, who used to play my high school dances in his first band, 4-Way-Stop. Here’s John Lee with Roy from 92 in Berkeley playing Boogie Chillun.

  4. In posting the last vid, I found this opne too. The video quality is sucky in a neo-psychedelic kind of way, but the aufio’s good. Here Roy hold his own jamming with John Lee, Robert Cray and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

  5. pj98rider says:

    Ishmael, 2 great vids. Second is really excellent (Vid is sucky.) Stevie Ray is another of my all-time favorites. Thanks big time for sharing!

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