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BFPWe at Boiling Frogs Post, disgusted with the mainstream and pseudo-alternative media, have made a statement. We have taken action. We have become the needed alternative media.

Those of you who have had enough of mainstream propaganda and agenda-driven quasi alternatives can make a statement and take action as well. You can turn your back on them and make the real alternative your media.

Every week we bring to you enlightening, bold and hard-hitting podcast interviews and talk-shows not found elsewhere. Every week we present to you original investigative video reports on major topics blacked out by ‘others.’ Every week we showcase daring editorials, commentaries and political cartoons by truly independent experts and reporters. And every evening we provide you with an extensive collection of national and international news and views carefully selected from a wide array of sources.

The existence of Boiling Frogs Post is solely dependent on you. Our truly independent, nonpartisan, corporate-advertisement-free and corporation-foundation-free website can only be sustained through your support. And here is how you can support us:

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We have been doing our share. This is our statement. We are taking action. Please do your share. Make a statement. Take action. Make Boiling Frogs Post, the real alternative, your media.

Thank you for all you do,

Sibel Edmonds

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