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BFP Nightly Quote

"The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money." -- Alexis de Tocqueville

International Newsworthy

Iran Thwarts Assassination Plot to Kill Scientist

Iran Reinforces Nuclear Rights-OKs Atomic Merchant Ships

Pipeline Bypassing Strait of Hormuz Open

Iran to Export Gas to Europe via Turkey


Afghanistan: Taliban Mounts New Wave of Violent Attacks

12 NATO Tanks Torched in Afghanistan

Afghan Endgame-The Dilemma

Pakistan Offers New Drone-Use Mechanism in Negotiation with US

Key Pakistan Area Gets New Al Qaeda Chief

Balochistan: 3 Shot Dead by Unidentified Armed Men


Syria: West is Using 'Blackmail' in New Draft of UN Resolution

Syrian Switch Triggers Toxic Omen

Severe Clashes Rage in Damascus

Iraq Warns Turkey Over Separate Kurdish Oil Deal

Israel to Grant Settlement Subsidy Despite Pledge

Mossad "Helped Arrest" Alleged Hizbullah Operative in Cyprus


Egypt: Generals Issue Warning to Muslim Brotherhood

Egypt: The Brotherhood Wins-Military Prevails

Libya: 5000 Still in Militia-Controlled Detention Centers

Mali: Tuaregs Drop Bid for Independent State

Somalia: MP Slams Kenyan Air Attacks in Somalia

Kenyan Fighter Jets Target Al Shabaab in S. Somalia


Russia: MPs Mull Over 'Foreign Agent' Status for Media

Kyrgyzstan Looks to China

Uzbekistan-Saudi Arabia to Hold Political Consultation (on what?!)


Paraguay: US-Sponsored "Soft Coup"

National Newsworthy

US Drone Manufacturers Contribute Millions to Congressional Campaigns

Blackwater Illegally Paid Millions in Taxpayers Money

Verizon Claims Right to "Edit" what you See on the Internet

Airport Scanning Technology is a Transparent Victory for Terrorism

Obama's "Global Jail" in Afghanistan

Cryptome: FBI Security to Privatize Criminal Justice

Noteworthy Editorials

Pepe Escobar: Blood on the (Bain) Tracks

Paul Craig Roberts: The Real Libor Scandal

Eric Draitser: Mali, Al Qaeda, and the US Neo-Colonial Agenda

Paul Pillar: The Free-Market Deficit

Stephen Lendman: Propaganda War on Syria

What Happens when Assassination Replaces Torture

US Empire of Bases Grows

BFP Nightly Video-Audio

Video 1: James Corbett- Putin & the Future of Russia with Eric Draitser

Video 2: Ryan Dawson-Interview with Pepe Escobar on Syria, Pipelines, Paraguay & More!

Podcast 1: Stop Imperialism Podcast – Covering Syria, Russia, Balochistan, Mali & Beyond @ Boiling Frogs Post:

Podcast 2: Corbett Report: 7/7- 7 Years Later


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