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"When the American citizen is living in debt... When American business is operating in debt...When the American government is in debt...Bankers rule the world." -- George Champion

International Newsworthy

Persian Gulf Primed to Explode

Iran: 'US Can't De-Mine Strait of Hormuz'

Getting China to Turn on Iran?

Israeli Terrorist Attack: A pretext for War with Iran?

Netanyahu Refuses Explicit Iran Threat


Afghanistan: Taliban Blows Up 22 NATO Supply Trucks

Bomb Attack Kills 8 Afghan Civilians

US-Pakistan Construct Cold War Matrix

Pakistan Spy Chief to Discuss Drones in US

Pakistan's Courts Take on the ISI


Syria: Rebels Attack Government HQ

EX-Mossad Chief Urges Israel to Prepare for Military Action in Syria

NATO Carrying Out Vast Syria Misinformation Campaign

Russia-China Veto Western-Backed Syria Resolution @ UN Security Council

Mossad Gave No Warning to Bulgaria Before Blast

Iraq: Chevron Confirms Kurdistan Purchase

Turkey: Civilians Attack US Soldiers in Southwestern Turkey

Pentagon Resumes Arms Shipments to Yemen


Beyond Libya's Election

Libya Elections: Burying the Amnesty Report

Sudan: Protests & the Politics

Mali: Next Victim of the Western "Peace Crusade"

Somalia President: "UN Monitors Against Peace in Somalia"


China Strengthens Ties with Africa with $20 Billion Loan

Russia: Muslim Leaders Targeted in Twin Attacks in Tataristan

Uzbekistan & Kyrgyzstan Trade Blame for Deadly Border Shootout

Azerbaijan Does "Great Business" with Israel

Turkish Company Develops Large Energy Project in Turkmenistan


UK: 5 in London Charged with Terrorism

Wikileaks Claims New Funding Channel in France

National Newsworthy

Police State: NSA Building Dossiers on Every American

Police State: EFF Obtains FAA Documents Detailing Domestic Drone Use

DEA Rejection of Freedom of Information Requests Doubles Under Obama

Obama Administration Sued Over Assassinating US Citizens

Alabama Judge Shuts Down Private Debtors Prison

Issa Wants to Know if Democrats are Raising Dollars for Super PACs

Ron Paul-Barney Frank Join Forces to Back Bipartisan Medical Marijuana Bill

JP Morgan Accused of Manipulating Power Market

States Grapple with Fiscal Budget Crisis

US Cities Going Bankrupt

Easier to Sell than Hot Dogs: The Human Tissue Industry Revealed

Here Comes Dick Cheney Again!

Almost Entire Congress Refuses to Release Tax Returns

Noteworthy Editorials

Pepe Escobar: Suicide Bombers of the World-Unite

Glenn Greenwald: The Damascus Suicide Bombing

Jacob Hornberger: The Domino Delusion

Andrew Napolitano: The Rule of Law

Phil Giraldi: Wag the Dog Arrives at Last

Coming Soon: A Drone for All Theaters

The Art of War: Obama's "Greater East"

BFP Nightly Video-Audio

Video 1: BFP EyeOpener Report: Forced Vaccinations and the Death of Health Freedom

Video 2: Corbett Report- New World Next Week

Podcast 1: Corbett Report- Monetary Policy with Kerry Lutz

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