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“It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” -- Henry Ford

International Newsworthy

Iran Not to Close Hormuz Strait As Long As it Uses Waterway

Iranians on Trial in Kenya Deny Bomb Plot Charges

South Africa to Keep Importing Iran Oil

Instability in Syria Targets Iran

Top Afghans Tied to '90s Carnage'

Top US Commander Accused of Stalling Afghan Hospital Abuse Probe

Pakistan: Taliban Chief Warns Islamabad

Bangladesh: Central Bank to Probe Terror Links


Syria: According to German Intelligence Al-Qaeda All Over Syria

West Spreads Syrian WMD Lies for Foreign Intervention

Syria Arrests Person Responsible for Damascus Bombing

Kurds Declare Autonomy in Syrian Kurdistan

Iraq Rejects Arab Calls for Assad to Go

Iraq Opens "All Borders" to Syrian Refugees

Israel Stirs on the Eve of Middle East War

Yemen Busts "Alleged" Iranian Spy Ring


US Training Anti-Narcotic Police in Ghana & May Do Same in Other African Countries

Yuan Role Expands Its Africa Presence

Egypt's President Names US-Educated Official New Prime Minister

South Sudan Denies Hosting Darfur Rebels

EU to Suspend Zimbabwe Sanctions after so-called 'Referendum'


Russia: Iskander Gets $1.2 Billion Update to Counter US Missile Defense

Russia's EDC Drilling Company Extends into Middle East

Tajikistan: Dozens Dead as Government Forces Clash with Guerillas

Tajikistan Troops Killed in Gorno-Badakhshan Clash

Uzbekistan Silences Mobile Operator MTS

Turkmenistan: Europe Risks Losing Turkmen Gas Opportunity

Azerbaijan: Ilham Aliyev-Former, Present & Future President of Azerbaijan?


Libor Probe Engulfs Bank Traders

Tony Blair: Don't Hang Bankers!

Social Media Panic in Italy

Complaints Filed against MEK in Germany-Spain-Turkey

National Newsworthy

Police State: US Military on Call to Use Force at Political Convention

Police State: TSA to Search your iPhone

Bill Would Clip Wings of Private Drone Use

Florida Law Enforcement Comes Under Scrutiny for Repeatedly Using Anti-Islam Trainer

4.8 Million US Employees Have Access to Nation's Secrets

Pentagon Caps Congressional Trips to Afghanistan

Is Microsoft Eavesdropping Through Skype for the Feds?

Super Rich Hide at Least $21 Trillion in Tax Havens

Solyndra Scandal's Key Players Pay Big Bucks to Attend Obama Fundraiser

Noteworthy Editorials

Pepe Escobar: Syrian Blood Etches a New Line in the Sand

Ron Paul: Security & Self-Governance

Glenn Greenwald: The Obama Gitmo Myth

Stephen Lendman: Eroding Social Justice in Spain

In Search of a Casus Belli: Will Burgas Do?

Imperialism-Old & New

BFP Nightly Video-Audio

Video 1: US Drone Industry: Nothing to Hide-Nothing to Fear!

Video 2: The Next Scam

Podcast 1: Corbett Report- David Smith on Eurozone Crisis

Podcast 2: Stop Imperialism Podcast- Abayomi Azikiwe on “African discourse in the Western world”

Podcast 3: Peter B. Collins Show- Peter Lance on 9/11, Assassination of Awlaki, Blind Sheikh & More!


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  1. Netanyahu is the lightening rod and gangster mouthpiece for Israel’s militarism, but Peres, with all of his unctuousness is also a criminal of the first order. Why has he not been called to account for the fact that it was he, when he was Israel’s Defense Minister, who was responsible for developing that county’s nuclear weapons program, and then later for imprisoning and silencing Mordechai Vanunu- an courageous whistleblower who suffered mightily but never cracked- and one who deserves the thanks, appreciation and support of the whole world community. If the presence of nuclear weapons in the Middle East is the bugaboo of the West, let it first contain Israel who has many hundreds of such weapons, and has indeed already used depleted uranium weapons, rather than sanctioning and threatening with destruction Iran, about whom the West can no more than speculate that at some indeterminate point in the future it will have nuclear weapons “capability”.

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