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BFP Nightly Quote

“Despotism increases in severity with the number of despots; the responsibility is more divided, and the claims are more numerous.  -- William Wells Brown

International Newsworthy

Iran to Launch 2 New Military Systems

Persian Gulf: USS Ponce in Place

Afghanistan: From Taliban Arms to Alms

Afghan Police Chief & Cops Defect to Taliban

Two Afghan Vice Presidents Accused of Atrocities

China Stepping Up Military Ties with Kabul

Pakistan: Federal Cabinet Forms Committee over Balochistan Situation


Syria: Rebels Promise "Fireworks for Assad" Using Afghan Methods

Holy War in Syria & the Course of History

BBC Rides with Al Qaeda in Syria

Russia: 'US Position on Syria Directly Enforces Terrorism'

Turkey Closes All Borders with Syria

Iraq: Blast Kills 6 Kurdish Intelligence Officials

Iraq Blacklists Chevron Oil for Deal with Kurds

Bahrainis Stage Anti-Regime Protests


Egypt: Spy Agency Tries to Repair Image

Somalia Moves to Get New Constitution

DR Congo: UN Helicopters Fire on Rebels

Mali Ex-Junta Forcibly Disappeared 20 Soldiers


Russian NGOs Threaten to Boycott Foreign Agent Law

Central Asia: Cash-Strapped 'Stans' Open Up to Tourists

Tajikistan: At Least 42 Killed at Clash

Azerbaijan: Energy Minister Backs Nabucco West Gas Pipeline

Kyrgyzstan: US to Extend Lease of Manas Airport

Turkmenistan-China to Discuss Energy Projects in Beijing


EU: 'Libor Fixing Should Become Criminal Offense'

EU Refuses Israel's Request to Blacklist Hezbollah

UK: Cameron's Ex-Spin Doctor to be Charged

Bulgaria: Sophisticated Conspiracy in Suicide Bombing

Spanish Judge Garzon to Head Assange Legal Team

National Newsworthy

Police State: How NSA's Surveillance Algorithms See into Your Life

Police State: TSA Expands Invasion to California Stations & Bus Terminals

Serial Innumeracy on Homeland Security

The Pentagon's New Secret Lily-Pad Network

Mexico Official: CIA Manages Drug Trade

CIA "Suddenly" Discovers Entire Stack of Hollywood- Bin Laden Files

TSA Screener Charged with Domestic Assault-Terrorizing

Feinstein: White House Behind 'Some' Leaks

Romney Accuses Obama of Classified Bin Laden Leaks

Fear Monger in Chief Lieberman Worried that Cyberattack 'Could be Imminent'

Noteworthy Editorials

Paul Pillar: Franz Kafka Lives-at Guantanamo & Bagram

Tom Engelhardt: Your Security's a Joke

Tim Kelly: Reviving a Peculiar Institution

Andrew Gavin Marshall: Austerity, Adjustment, and Social Genocide

Stephen Lendman: Syria Threatens NO One

BFP Nightly Video-Audio

Video 1: BFP EyeOpener Video Report: “Health Freedom & Freedom of Speech”

Video 2: US Stance on Syria: Justifying Terrorism

Podcast 1: BFP Podcast- "Austerity, Adjustment, & Social Genocide" with Andrew Gavin Marshall

Podcast 2: Corbett Report- Peeling the Onion

Podcast 3: Lew Rockwell Podcast- Financial Counterculture


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