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BFP Nightly Quote

“It could probably be shown by facts and figures that there is no distinctly native American criminal class except Congress.” -- Mark Twain

International Newsworthy

Iran: 'Israel Behind Bulgaria Bombing'

US Congress Pushes for New Iran Sanctions Package

Barak: Nuclear Iran Worse Than Preemptive Israel Strike!

Afghanistan: Taliban Producing "New Generation" of Tech-Savvy Fighters

US Builds Afghan Air Base-But Where are the Panes?!

Pakistan Suspends NATO Supply Route over Security

Islamic Militants Take Aim at Myanmar

India Declares Curfew in Assam


Turkey Running Proxy Invasion of Syria

Turkey Warns of Prompt Military Retaliation against Syria

Russian Drill Fleets Won't Visit Syria

Saudi Arabia: Bandar's Return Affirms Hawkish Turn in Saudi Foreign Policy

Saudis Mull Buying Nukes from Pakistan

Israel Catches Turkey in Two Minds

UN Security Council Extends Mandate of Mission in Iraq


Nigeria: Shell to Invest $4 Billion in 2 Oil-Gas Projects

Mali: Terror Groups Fight Flagging Morale

Somalia: UK Troops in Somalia only 'Aiding Africa Union Force'

Sudan: Army 'Chasing Darfur Rebels'


Russia: Chief Investigator Accused of Being Foreign Agent

Russia Plans to Test more Bulava Missiles in File

Azerbaijan: Signs Point to Russia's Departure from Gabala Radar Base

Tajikistan: Karzai Orders Probe into Afghan Militants Link in Tajikistan Clashes

Tajikistan Blocks YouTube- Steps Up Info Restrictions after Clashes


Germany: Al Qaeda Suspects Go on Trial

Aussie Spy Chief Laments Digital Footprints

National Newsworthy

Police State: Government Surveillance- Little Peepers Everywhere

Lawless Domestic Spying: Homeland Security's National Application Office (NOA)

The Super-Silent Owl Drone will Spy on You Without you ever noticing

Is Skype Spying on your Conversations?

TSA Harasses Two Disabled Children in Philadelphia

House Passes Ron Paul's 'Audit the Fed' Bill

Drug Cartel Money Laundering in US is Devastating Unless You are a Bank

Pentagon Spends Billions on Cost-Overrun Just Trying to Track its Own Spending

Lobbyists Like Pro-Obama Super PAC

Mitt Romney Still Fighting Cold War

Noteworthy Editorials

Paul Craig Roberts: Syria-Washington's Latest War Crime

Chris Hedges: The People Who Ask No Questions

Glenn Greenwald: Rahm Emanuel's Dangerous Free Speech Attack

Philip Giraldi: Why I don't Like Mondays

The Rise of the Police State & the Absence of Mass Opposition

BFP Nightly Video-Audio

Video 1: Corbett Report- New World Next Week

Video 2: FISA Regime

Podcast 1: Corbett Report- Meet the Conspiracy Theorists

Podcast 2: Empire, Power & People w/ Andrew G. Marshall- A Greek Tragedy for Europe

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