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BFP Nightly Quote

"Government ought to be all outside and no inside . . . Everybody knows that corruption thrives in secret places, and avoids public places, and we believe it a fair presumption that secrecy means impropriety." -- Woodrow Wilson

International Newsworthy

Iran Denies Cyber Attack on Nuclear Facility

Obama Places More Sanctions on Iran

China Slams New US-Iran Sanctions as 'Serious Violation of International Rules'

Azerbaijan to Exclude Iran from Gas Pipeline to Europe

Taliban Cheers Reopening of NATO Supply Routes

Interpol Rejects Pakistan's Request to Issue Red Warrant for Musharraf

Balochistan: 868 Killed-2390 Missing Since 2010


Syria & the End of Populism

Turkey Holds Military Drill Near Syria Border

Turkey Supplies Syrian Rebels with Air Defense Missiles

Iraq: MEK Terrorists Must Leave or Face "Iraqi Justice"

Turkey: Military Attacks Kill 22 Kurds

Amnesty Urges UAE to Release or Try Activists


Egypt: Confusion over "Fake Letter" to Israel

Libya: Blast & Jailbreak Rock Benghazi

Libya: 7 Iranian Aid Workers Adducted in Benghazi

Nigeria: Impeachment Threat Just a Threat

Panetta Offers Tunisia "Help" in "Terrorism" Fight


Russia: Anti-Putin Activist Charged & Banned from Leaving Russia

US State Department-Azerbaijan to Set 7 Radar Stations along Caspian Coast

CSTO Will Not 'Interfere' in Tajikistan 'Situation'

Uzbekistan Refrains from Joining Military Blocs


Deutsche Bank Admits Libor Involvement

France Asks Google to Return Stolen Data

National Newsworthy

Police State: Specialized Military Police Deployed in America During Civil Unrest

Senate Cybersecurity Bill Mirrors Russian Internet Agenda

DARPA to Develop Technology to Analyze Social Media

TSA: When the Abnormal Becomes Normal

80% of Americans Think Iran's Nuclear Program Threatens the US (Thanks to US MSM!)

Report: Gun Walking Idea Came from Top Holder Deputies in 2009

5 ATF Officials Blamed for Botched "Fast & Furious" Operation

Pentagon to Recruit Bomb-Sniffing Rats!

Noteworthy Editorials

Pepe Escobar: Where is Prince Bandar?

Paul Craig Roberts: The Neoconservative War Criminals in our Midst

Rick Rozoff: Hillary Clinton Embarks on Neo-Colonial Tour of Africa

Obama's Adventures in Africa

America Goes Jousting

Wikileaks & the War on Drugs

BFP Nightly Video-Audio

Video 1: RIP-Gore Vidal

Video 2: UK MSM-Syria Spin Machine

Podcast 1: BFP Podcast- Empire, Power & People- Riots, Rebellion, and the Spanish Miners

Podcast 2: Peter B. Collins Show- Seed Freaks Unite to Save Seed Stocks & Label GMO’s

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