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BFP Nightly Quote

"There are two histories : official history, lying, and then secret history, where you find the real causes of events." -- Honore' de Balzac

International Newsworthy

Former Mossad Chief: "If I were Iranian, I'd be Fearful of the Next 12 Weeks'

Iranian Dissidents Don't Want War

Afghanistan: Intel Captured in Kabul Raid Points top Haqqanis

Afghan Militants' Mafia-Like Operation

Afghans-Tajiks Make Drug Arrests

Pakistan Receives $1.1 Billion from US Under Coalition Support Fund

US Continues Flow of Arms to Pakistan While Poverty & Anger Grows

Malik: 'Balochistan Victim of World Power Game'


US Okays NGO for Arming Syrian Rebels

Saudi Fundraising Campaign for Syria Raises $117 Million

Turkey Ups War Game along Syria Border

Bahrain Regime "Weaponizing Tear Gas"

Iraq: UN Demands MEK Exit

Iraq Slams Turkish FM's Visit to Kirkuk

Yemen: Militants Attack Police-Kill 4


Libya: Unidentified Drone Flies Over Brigade's Camp in Benghazi

Libya: Worrying Signs of Lawlessness

Libya Militia Interrogates Iran Red Crescent Team

Hamas Leader Downplays Expectations for Egypt

Somalia: US Drone Strike Kills 25


Russia: Putin Urges NATO to Stay in Afghanistan

Putin Supports NATO Base Deployment in Russia

China Taking a Lead in the New Great Game

Central Asia Opium Wars Escalate

Uzbekistan Bans Foreign Military Bases on Its Land

Uzbekistan: Farewell to CSTO


UK: Government Criticized for Keeping Iraq War Talks Secret

Australia: US Bid for Expanded Perth Base

Spain: Judge Garzon Rips US-Sweden Over Investigation Secrecy

National Newsworthy

Contractors with Criminal History Fall Through Government Database Cracks

White House Pressuring Defense Industry Not to Warn Off Layoffs

It's Not Just Homeland Security: US Army Orders Riot Gears Too!

Democrat Drafts Drone Privacy Bill

Judge: 'Al Qaeda-Taliban-Iran Should Pay $6 Billion for 9/11

Doctor Challenges Fracking "Trade Secrets" Medical Gag Rule

FBI: NYPD's Muslim Spy Program Harmful & a Waste of Money

Monsanto Demands $1 Billion in Court

Record Increases in US Crude Oil & Natural Gas Reserves in 2010

Cryptome: IR Internet Filter/Monitor for Developing Countries

Noteworthy Editorials

Glenn Greenwald: Extremism Normalized

Paul Pillar: Pressure Madness Continues

Stephen Lendman: Remembering Gore Vidal

False-Flag Terror Ops

Mitt Romney's Anti-Nuclear Imperialism

The Militarization of Education in America

BFP Nightly Video-Audio

Video 1: Auschwitz-Like Conditions at US-Funded Afghan Hospital

Video 2: Corbett Report-New World Next Week

Video 3: Pepe Escobar- Lebanonize & Conquer (CIA-Mossad on Syria Front Line)

Podcast 1: Stop Imperialism with Eric Draitser: US Terrorism in Syria, Iran Sanctions, Wikileaks’ NY Times Trolling & More!

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  1. Bill Bergman says:

    Great quote, again.

    Two good books for background by Sissela Bok are titled, respectively, 1) Lying and 2) Secrets. The former is subtitled “Moral Choice in Public and Private Life,” and the latter is subtitled “On the Ethics of Concealment and Regulation.”

    Her “Secrets” book is from 1982, and has a chapter titled “Whistleblowing and Leaking” that still resonates.

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