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BFP VideoAs we have demonstrated over the past several weeks on the EyeOpener, health freedom is a subject of growing importance for citizens of the United States and freedom lovers around the world as would-be “authorities” like the American Food and Drug Administration attempt to assert ever more control over our daily lives. Presuming to tell us what medications we must or must not take, what we can or cannot say about our experiences with natural medicines, and even what type of milk we may or may not consume, the system is quickly devolving into outright tyranny.

As with so many other types of tyranny, as the people awaken to this abrogation of their natural rights, they are learning that the system depends almost entirely on their complicity, and that their ability to simply put their foot down and say “no” to the would-be tyrants is a significant step toward reclaiming ownership of themselves and their bodies.

In this episode of our EyeOpener Report James Corbett wraps up our series on Health Freedom, and discusses the awakening to governments’ abrogation of people’s natural rights, the tyrannical system’s dependency on the People’s complicity, the People’s right and ability to reject and say “no” to the would-be tyrants, and reclaiming ownership of themselves and their bodies.

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*The Transcript for this video is available at Corbett Report: Click Here

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  1. That’s the difference between freedom and fascism: in a free country you can vote with your wallet and feet; in a fascist “corpgov” country everything is made either illegal or mandatory by the government as it so benefits their corporate masters.

    As George Carlin said, “You have no choice — they OWN you.”

    Pretty soon we’ll have no opt-out freedoms at all. Kiss your kids good-bye.

  2. Why? Known as ‘Black Salve’ , I used a variation called Amazon Deep Tissue Salve. I volunteered to take personal responsibility for application of this treatment of early squamous cell skin cancer. The doctor from Harvard and University of Pennsylvania Medical School was an immunologist as well as a dermatologist. He documented my self treatment, and submitted biopsies to a licensed pathologist. After treatment the report came back benign. There was minimum scarring. Why am I the first or possibly second person to have followed this protocol with an attempt at documentation when it has been in common use for generations? Many are afraid that they too will be renditioned or eliminated as happened to Greg Caton. Many take this salve without knowledge of dosage, frequency, or physician oversight to be sure the cancer has been entirely removed. The cost to me for the salve was approximately $2 as opposed to a more conventional treatment that would have cost me $1400. It was scary, but many will benefit from this personal risk.
    Re: raw milk. There is an FDA approved treatment that avoids pasteurization using reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration. This allows flavor and digestive enzymes to safely be returned to the milk. The cost is relatively much less than pasteurization.

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