Empire, Power, and People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 32

Social Engineering & Global Governance

EPPThe process of global governance is a result of an embedded institutional system of social engineering. This podcast looks at some of the recent history of social engineering, focusing on the role of educational institutions, philanthropy, and the social sciences.

When power systems are in crisis - primarily of an economic and social nature - facing the potential of rebellion or revolution, the institutions of social engineering are employed to implement reforms and policy programs aimed at securing consent to the system, and thus, establishing social control. Changes in the educational system are implemented so that intellectuals and policy-makers can subsequently effect similar changes on a wider, social basis. Thus, educational reform prefaces social reform. As we see educational institutions now organizing around the concept of 'global governance,' a new era of students will be educated so as to help the process of global governance manifest on a wider social, political and economic scale. If we seek to challenge this system, we will have to re-imagine and re-engineer our own educational systems to effect the social changes we also desire.

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