BFP Heads Up: The Hidden Front in the Coming War with Iran- The Headline US Media Won’t Showcase

Israel Prepares Azerbaijan Front with Drones

hidden1Last February, here at Boiling Frogs Post, we began covering joint Israeli-Azerbaijani operations as part of the propaganda build up and preparation for the coming war against Iran. Boiling Frogs Post was the only news site closely monitoring and reporting these developments in the US-Israel war on Iran operations’ Caucasus front. You can read our previous reports here, here, here and here.

While showcasing inconsequential and fluff developments in the build up towards the coming war against Iran, neither mainstream nor the quasi alternatives has provided real coverage on consequential and significant developments taking place behind the scenes, including those in Iran’s backyard and crucial Caspian neighbor Azerbaijan.

Today, buried in the international news, was the following significant development [All emphasis mine]:

Azerbaijani Defense Industry Minister Yavar Jamalov has received today Israeli Ambassador Rafael Harpaz.

The Ministry of Defence Industry reports that in the meeting Jamalov appraised high the state of Azerbaijani-Israeli relationships and gave information about the activities of the Ministry and its businesses. The sides also exchanged views on issues of mutual interest.

Earlier, Azerbaijan, in particular, concluded with Israel an agreement on supply of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) for about $1 bn.

I cannot emphasize strongly enough the importance of Israel’s operations in Azerbaijan since early 2012. This region, Iran’s northern Caspian neighbor, a crucial energy artery for the West, is being set up as a key strategic front in the coming war against Iran. Obviously, the strategy also involves the media conspirators to ensure a total blackout of related news and facts.

We will be following and covering the related developments here at Boiling Frogs Post. Please stay tuned.

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  1. Since it would appear that they are unable to get us to fight their war for them this time around, they are going for a “coalition of the willing” approach…

  2. This promises to escalate if China and more likely Russia get into the act. The US-NATO is counting on that not happening. Is it petro dollars or the petro itself which is driving this?

    How will they get the boots on the ground to go running over there? I don’t see enough patriotism or anger at the Iranians to have the recruiting stations under siege. I don’t where they will get the forces to battle Iran and invade and occupy it. This will be far worse than Vietnam.

    Of course they could nuke Iran back to a pre Persia / stone age. But how would they justify that unless they spin something as an Iranian first strike with a nuke… a nuke they don’t even have?

    Will we kick them down for meddling in our coup in Syria? There’s no doubt that the oil companies want Iran’s oil and the sabre rattling is getting deafening. Israel will not take on Iran without the US as front man and I don’t see that happening as much as JINSA and AIPAC would love it.

    Meanwhile we’re doing nicely regressing back to the stone age right here in the USA.

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