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Classified Woman on Lew Rockwell Show-Transcript

oregonI’ve been meaning to write a long post to update you on my major life-change; however, I’ve been racing against time; nonstop-since July. Here is a brief update instead of waiting for a needed break to write a comprehensive update:

First, I want to thank all your well-wishes and warm welcomes from our Oregonian supporters. For some reason many have automatically assumed Portland as my new home city. Could it be my life-long big-city-girl status (Istanbul, Tehran, Baku, Washington DC …)? Most likely ‘Yes,’ but I am happily going to prove you wrong on that one.

I chose a tiny little city in Central Oregon as my new home. Hello Central Oregon! I am surrounded by beautiful mountains, dozens of lakes-rivers-creeks. I am lucky to not face anything that even slightly resembles the horrendous traffic (round the clock rush-hour) in the DC area. I love the laid- back and friendly attitude of people (no more nasty stressed-out big city people). And I am relieved by reasonable living expenses such as affordable housing. We have a nice library and many outdoor activities for children here. For a tiny little city this place has dozens of awesome coffeehouses (some of you know my absurd addiction to good espresso/coffee).To make the long story short: I am loving it up here. Do we have anyone from Central Oregon among our irate minority friends? If yes, please let me know. I haven’t explored the political landscape here. Not yet.

Now, the move. What a ride! We sold our house, all our furniture and ‘things’ except for pictures-books and a few sentimental items (mainly my daughter’s toys). We sold our car.  We were on the road for a few weeks. We got here, and had a hard time securing a short-term rental due to the high season for tourism. We lived in 3 different vacation rentals, two of which didn’t have land-line or reliable internet connections.  We found our long-term housing, got it, and for the past couple of weeks I’ve been frantically working on furnishing it (from furniture to linens, plates, cutleries … you name it! Again, to make this brief, by October 25 we should be in our new house, and almost settled with my PC back (my lap top is 7 years old and semi-functional), my land-line and reliable internet connection in place .. basically, I will be in a place that I can call ‘home.’

If you already listened to our latest podcast episode with Peter B. Collins you already know about our upcoming weekly podcast series by Eric Draitser. I truly admire Eric, and I know you will be hookedJ Also, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts has joined our list of contributing authors. We will have additional announcements on our growing website.

Wasn’t this note supposed to be short and sweet?! What is this with me and words (and wordiness)? Okay, I’m wrapping it up:

Our next fundraising quarter (we missed one due to way too many things) will begin in a week. We’ll need your support to get the word out and sustain this website.

CW-PR2And finally, I had a nice interview session with Lew Rockwell in August. Someone over there was kind and transcribed the entire interview. I consider this interview one of my most favorite interviews ever- that says a lot; doesn’t it? For so many reasons: a host I truly respect and like, the pace and style of the interview, the depth of the topics covered …

Here is the transcript at LewRockwell.Com: Click Here

Here is where you can purchase my book Classified Woman: Click Here

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This site depends….

This site depends exclusively on readers’ support. Please help us continue by SUBSCRIBING and/or DONATING.


  1. As I said in an earlier post I lived in Oregon for 8 years from 2000 to 2008. I know the state well. From your description, I could not tell if you were in Bend or on the west side of the Cascades. These are two very different parts of Oregon. ‘Listening for Coyote’ by Bill Sullivan who lives in Eugene is one of the best intro books. Sunbowfarm.org is the best connection to politics that interest Oregonians. Eugene has the best coffehouses, restaurants, and music.

  2. jschoneboom says:

    Good to see you back here writing, Sibel. Thanks and continued good luck settling in!

  3. Oregon Politics from the Left Coast

    Kokopelli For President
    A Novel and a Primal Polity for the 21st Century
    by Harry MacCormack

    Excerpts from Kokopelli For President . . .

    “The sensation of primordial delight is Nature itself. It is absolute. In contrasting the Presidential campaigns of the dominant culture with the Kokopelli campaign, the most obvious difference is that we are having fun, embracing sensual delight, focused on a future of total enjoyment of the relationships possible with All Our Relations. We are the drums of diverse cultures dancing together.”

    “. . . Life Work is never drudgery. It is never dreaded. It is life’s dance, filled with delight and enjoyment. It is your unfolding into the world. Most people never get to do more than dream their life work, because the dominant corporate-military must have a “work force,” colonized humans whose daily tasks keep the wealthy in power, making throw-away objects made possible by relatively cheap oil-gas-coal. Lack of job generation is about a society set up to manufacture itself into destruction.”

    “Education as a dominant cultural term means training to speak the languages of domination, continuing the stories of domination by humans over all other life, being indoctrinated into Corporate-Military consciousness as the basis of what is acceptable, what is civilized.

    “Everyone, every being exists, learns, and feels the collective dance daily by caring for everyone else. Sickness is a sign of skewed alignment. This statement is as true for humans as it is for plants.”

  4. Hi Sibel, sure sounds like a good move.

    If If I didn’t like California so much as a native… well, that is where you go if you need to go somewhere’s… Oregon…

    And like the signs used to say on the road that goes up there…And it was sort of a joke of course, but it was a funny thing, and we in California, used laugh cause we knew that it was: “Welcome to Oregon, Now go home.”

    That is a joke that some Californicators” haha, would get, but like I say: I am glad, and amazed that you have made such a good move. I couldn’t stand DC, and that is maybe story, on a small tablet.

    Ken Kessey was an Oregonian,

  5. Glad you’re finally settling in! Also, an appreciation for good coffee is NOT crazy.

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