Podcast Show #97: Obamney No-Debate Debate, Iran & Beyond!

The Boiling Frogs Show Presents Pepe Escobar

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Our favorite globetrotting investigative reporter, Pepe Escobar, joins us in-studio for the first time, and shares his encyclopedic knowledge on many issues. We largely focus on Iran, which was mentioned 45 times by the candidates, and Romney’s “me-too” message as Obama dominated the exchange and reeled off many zingers.
We also touch on the new film, Argo, and Escobar peppers his comments with literary and pop culture references. Pepe Escobar provides powerful insight and his unique voice based on his world travels, and delivers important perspectives on America by an outsider.

Here is our guest Pepe Escobar unplugged!

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escobarPepe Escobar, born in Brazil is the roving correspondent for Asia Times and an analyst for The Real News Network. He is an investigative journalist with three decades of experience in covering politics and conflicts around the globe. He’s been a foreign correspondent since 1985, based in London, Milan, Los Angeles, Paris, Singapore, and Bangkok. Since the late 1990s, he has specialized in covering stories and cases from the Middle East to Central Asia, including the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. He was in Afghanistan and interviewed the military leader of the anti-Taliban Northern Alliance, Ahmad Shah Masoud, a couple of weeks before his assassination. Mr. Escobar has made frequent visits to Iran and is the author of three must-read books: Globalistan: How the Globalized World is Dissolving into Liquid War, Red Zone Blues: A Snapshot of Baghdad During the Surge, and Obama Does Globalistan.

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  1. Thanks for this, Peter and Pepe. Two guys I could listen to all night. I just wish you would post the real interview – the one you recorded the night before with the wine and the DVR and the “debate”. Now that had to be good.

  2. Thank you guys for talking 911 . Alongside everything else, a relief listening to two honest wide open thinking men talk about it.
    Globally that it is default known as inside job in the countries Pepe spoke of is so important to say.

  3. I’m part way through the interview. Excellent. The bit about 9-11 is spot on… we were told a non credible narrative. It’s also true that a small group of jihadis could pull off 4 plane hijackings and get to 3 of their targets. There was clearly foreknowledge that this sort of attack was coming and it appears that there was help by insiders to facilitate the attack and then use it as the pretext for a game change in domestic and international policies. Once the event was underway the media was taking their cues from the official spokespersons… as they always do and the cover up began with the initial reports of the event.

    Those who wanted the outcome… they one they got… understood that this event would align public opinion to completely support their desired objectives. It was the mother of all PR campaigns and operations… manufactured “news”. And this has been what news and the media have become… propaganda for those in control.

    The truth movement has correctly recognized the PR nature (lies) of the official story and assumed that the entire event to the most minute detail was a massive conspiracy plan by the insiders.. those who benefited from the event. The truth movement appears to have over reached in their conclusions and conspiracy claims. There is evidence of help, a LIHOP, stand down and media chaff… but the more intricate conspiracy involving thousands of actors and complex CDs is simply not there … yet. Mostly wishful thinking and connecting some dots, ignoring others… and misreading the visual record in many cases. The LIHOP position is a viscous treason and should be investigated and prosecuted. But for some reason, the truth movement feels it needs to be an inside job MIHOP with every detailed choreographed and anything “less” is a limited hangout and lets the real perps off the hook. Rational scientific investigation is not happening. The movement appears to be assuring that there will not be an investigation of 9-11 because of their hyperbole which alienates too many people and hoodwinks too many others.

    Pepe’s work excellent. Thank you for this interview, Peter.

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