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We Need Your Help to Raise Awareness, Recruit, and Continue Operating This Home of the Irate Minority

S16Dear BFP Members & Supporters:

I want to thank every single one of you for your continuing support- subscriptions and contributions. Your support and contributions have made this independent website, the home of irate minority, possible. With your support we have thrived and grown. Through your contributions we have expanded our base and our partnerships with distinguished reporters and producers who share our vision and goals: to present independent and nonpartisan truth, cut through the propaganda and spins, and help see the macro realities long-obscured by smoke and mirrors created by the establishment and its tentacles- mainstream and pseudo-alternative media and puppet NGOs.

Thanks to you we have gone from a simple one-woman to a site offering several weekly podcast shows, an unmatched weekly video report, weeknight noteworthy news and editorials, original political cartoons, and daily editorials by distinguished, independent-minded and critical-thinking authors and analysts:

The EyeOpener Video Report with James Corbett

The Reality Principle with Eric Draitser

Empire, Power & People Podcast with Andrew Gavin Marshall

Geopolitics with Ryan Dawson

The Boiling Frogs Show with Peter B Collins & Sibel Edmonds

Jamiol Presents Editorial Cartoons by Paul Jamiol

BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials by Sibel Edmonds

Today, among others, Boiling Frogs Post contributing columnists and advisors include: Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Dr. James Petras, William Engdahl, Rick Rozoff, Stephen Lendman, William Blum, and Bill Bergman.

We have ‘you’ to thank for this growth and success. We have made it, and done so without a single penny from corporates or corporate-foundations, without a single dime from corporate advertisers and sponsors, and without any backing from partisan agenda machines. We have survived and expanded despite all the direct and indirect attacks and sabotage by the establishment and its extended tentacles: Because of ‘you.’

You have generously and kindly contributed to this website, whether by your subscriptions or donations, and you have done so in these economic hard times. We are grateful. And I wouldn’t even think of asking you for more. However, there is one major way you can help us continue this website. Without expanding our base and operation-income sources we won’t be able to maintain this truly independent website. Here is how you can help, not only to help sustain us, but also to help grow our base-the home of the irate minority:

Tell at least one person-whether a friend, a co-worker or a family-member, about Boiling Frogs Post, invite them to become a subscriber-contributor and join our slowly but surely expanding irate minority members.

Think about it, if each one of you were to bring at least one additional member to our base and add one supporter, and if each new member does the same, and if we keep at this, not only we will be able to survive and continue, but we will be expanding our core base. Isn’t this one of our main objectives? Isn’t this our major goal to inform and unite?

This is what I am humbly asking you to do. Please make this effort. Do it this week. Do it today. Start now. Help us each add at least one new member to Boiling Frogs Post. Let’s grow, expand, and make this force mightier. I know we can. I know you can. We know it is possible. Then, let’s do it. Let’s start doing it. Let’s begin the countdown to doubling our force; starting today.

Thank you for all you do,

Sibel Edmonds


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Thank you for all your support,

Sibel Edmonds

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