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SEWe can’t have it both ways: On one hand moan and complain about the ‘dependent’ mainstream and pseudo alternative propaganda machine, but on the other hand not back and support the very few independent alternative mediums. We can’t; pure and simple.

The establishment has many ways to implement its well-designed and calculated project: The ‘Dumb-ification of the Masses’ and manufacturing consent. The mainstream and pseudo-alternative channels have always been the establishment’s major implementation outlet for the project. How? Via funding, whether directly or indirectly; whether through mega-bucks advertisement, or mega-grants through their sub-outlets aka foundations. They finance and dictate. They sponsor and rule. They own and manage. As simple as that. Period.

The true alternative means the truly independent: independent of foundation mega-bucks, independent of corporate-sponsors, and independent of mega-advertisement dollars. There is only ONE way for a truly independent alternative to exist, survive, continue and expand: People- direct contributions and donations by the people for the people.

Fundraising ThermometerWithout the people’s support there will never be a true alternative. The truly independent alternatives will not survive without the support and backing of the people. Thus, it is up to the people to decide and take steps to support the real independent and counter the mega establishment and the ‘Dumb-ification of the Masses.’

Three years ago this website, Boiling Frogs Post, began with a promise: a site where the irate minority (that’s me and you), those aware and tired of the creators of lies-fables-smoke and mirrors, could call home. It was created on a pledge: complete independence from the establishment- those who come in many forms-whether foundations, sponsors or deep-pocket advertisers.

For three years our team of producers and analysts has been presenting you with untainted, bold, independent and nonpartisan facts and discussions through original video reports, podcast interviews and commentaries, editorial cartoons, news, articles and analyses. We believe we have been effective: we have been shining the light on the truth, and have been irritating the powers and their puppetries. We have expanded our team and coverage. And, we have accomplished this through one source (and one source only): You and your support.

Boiling Frogs Post can only exist with the support of its irate minority members. Without your subscriptions we won’t be able to create and produce original and independent multimedia shows. Without your donations we won’t be able to research, verify, select and present to you crucial news and developments night after night…Without your support this truth source cannot exist. Without your support the obscurers of the truth will win.

Please help us continue and expand- for the independent truth, and for all of us. You can help counter the project ‘Dumb-ification of the Masses.’ Yes, you certainly can, and here is how:

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This site depends….

This site depends exclusively on readers’ support. Please help us continue by SUBSCRIBING and/or DONATING.


  1. I feel less dumb with every dollar I donate to BFP. I’m sure those who can hide their large donations to the pseudo-alternatives, won’t give a pittance to the REAL news coming out of BFP. It’s up to us. I’m going to bypass my local coffee shop for the next few weeks (which is too bad, cause they have a really good dark roast), so that I can add just a little more than my subscription amount. I have gotten to know the owner of said coffee shop and recently gave her a copy of Classified Woman. And they have a little library at the shop where you can trade out books, so I put one in there too.

    The more cents you give, the more sense you have!

  2. There are few (if any) media outlets like this one. Please keep up the good work; I am happy to donate what I can, when I can.

    Cheers to all at Boiling Frogs!

  3. It would seem my $50 auto donation actually put my bank account in the hole and I’m so poor I can’t make it up. Oh, well. It’s just Wells Fargo. They can always just launder more drug money to make up the difference. At least you got the bucks.

  4. I’m sending you a check this weekend. Thank you for all your good work.

  5. SanderO: You don’t have to. You’ve been supporting this site (and me) here and elsewhere (social media)consistently, and I am grateful; we are grateful.

    Hal: I know, and greatly appreciated.

  6. Ishmael: You have, and will have, life time membership here. Let me know if your access ever is interrupted, and I will manually renew. By the way: we want more of writings here … at least I do. I fact, I need your input for one of my next ‘survivorship’ posts re: setting up alternaive means of communications. I asked a couple of former NSA friends, and one said: don’t be an idiot- you go and post tips like that to tip off the gov??!! Now I have this dilemma: How could I share means and tips on this without being an idiot and giving out our stuff to the bad guys??

    Oh, also, your comments on me & Zen changed my next survivorship topic: I am going to take a detour; you’ll see;-)

  7. Thank you sibel, for your kind thoughts and considerations. I’ll do some research on your survivorship project and see what I can put together in the coming weeks as I negotiate trying to find a job. We’ll see if I can cobble something together in the next few weeks. Months ago, I read a report on the search terms the NSA uses in it’s Semantic Traffic analyzers to red flag for surveillance and usually try to work a few of those terms into my e-communications in ever more absurd and bizarre ways. That way, I’m quickly labeled a crackpot and ignored, thus providing an abject lesson in what Abbe’ Feria told Edmund Dantes in the Chateau d’If,

    “Thus neglect becmoes our ALLY.”

    As for your life changes, I know how depressing it can be to have to go through that. So I include a video by one of my parsonal heroes, Johnny Clegg. Whenever I get to feeling down, he always cheers me up and gives me hope to go on. Remember, WE ARE RIGHT.

  8. Sibel,

    Please, When I can afford to send some money and you need it, I will… always. No better way to spend it. I am pleased to see the thermometer on the rise… that also warms my heart. I consider it both an honor and a duty to support worthy progressive people with integrity and a moral compass.


  9. It’s a good sign to see that thermometer temp rising as it is. Thanks to all that contributed. This site is a gift the supporters give to themselves and anyone else who reads the reports posted here. And they DO need to be read by as many people as possible.

  10. I just listened to James Corbet speaking on his return from Luala Limpur conference. I agree with much of what James advocates. I also find that the official 9/11 narrative is laced with falsehood and it was peddled by the MIC/national security state via the MSM. Nothing new with the MO… MIC/NSS and MSM do this all the time and when they don’t it would be a first and a miracle.

    The issue with the same of same old on 9/11 is that the mainstream narrative always spins in the same direction. But are they doing more than that? Are they or did they engage in a massive conspiracy or simply let it unfold… helped it along… and pivoted off this to be able to spin the narrative to their benefit (as they always do anyway)?

    I gravitated to the truth movement because of the usual lies of the MIC/NSS and MSM. I gave the benefit of the doubt to those in the truth movement who said they figured it out. But I started to see they operated with the same blindness and ego and so forth that the other side does. And then I looked deeper and saw that they were cherry picking and spinning exactly the same as the other side. If you questioned one of their statements you were treated as a pariah and worse. The 9/11 truth movement has devolved into a cult and many there can’t see it including the so called leaders who think of themselves as the new Paul Reveres and can do no wrong. Ever hear one of them admit to a mistake? Or retract one of their statements? How can Judy Wood, Richard Gage, Jim Fetzer and others ALL be correct? They can’t and none of them are probably. It’s turned into a self serving career for them all… running around preaching the choir saying the same old same old for years now.

    It’s not a good development for many reasons… and especially because many people don’t take these people seriously at all.. and are throwing the baby out with the bathwater…

  11. @ SanderO

    “But I started to see they operated with the same blindness and ego and so forth that the other side does. And then I looked deeper and saw that they were cherry picking and spinning exactly the same as the other side. If you questioned one of their statements you were treated as a pariah and worse.”

    Welcome to planet Earth, Sander. Not only is this true of every “movement” that has ever materialized, it is also true of my profession – science. To single out the “9/11 truth movement” as somehow different than every other cooperative human effort to seek truth or produce change is bullshit. I could make the same claim about BFP – how could all the guest posters at BFP be correct? They can’t – someone has it wrong. You have your opinion and others have theirs. It’s up to you to make the case for yours.

    Science is supposed to be a process to answer questions – discover truth. But it is done by people and it requires money. Therefore, egos, careers, politics, mistakes, spin, cherry-picking, and contradictions will all come into play. In science, like other fields, it takes time, debate and results to arrive at consensus. And you never really prove anything in science, you simply fail to disprove it. The 9/11 truth movement has disproven the gov’t hypothesis on how WTC 1,2 & 7 came down. So the next step is for alternative hypotheses to be offered and tested. That is what is happening now – this is science. The egos, spin, cherry-picking, politics, etc., are all part of the process. Just ask Copernicus or Galileo. It’s no different than the debate over global warming, what caused the extinction of the dinosaurs, or whether the sun revolves around the Earth. If you can’t handle the debate and the clash between conflicting hypotheses, Sander, then go to sleep for a few years and see where things are when you wake up.

    As for the “self-serving career” you think Gage, Fetzer, and Wood are making out of all this, I have heard the same said about Sibel Edmonds. Ask Gage or Sibel what they think of their “self-serving careers” – fame, fortune, and all the perks. Such claims are generally made by people who have an opposing agenda and simply want to discredit the messenger. I’ve heard research scientists and tenured professors accuse each other of the same thing. Truth has always been a hostage. The effort to find it and free it has always been a fight. You either decide the truth is worth fighting for or you don’t. If you do, then you take the blows that come with the fight. People on all sides will employ tools and tactics to win this fight.

    Go ahead and throw your stones at Richard Gage, Sander, he has taken worse blows than yours.

    The notion that the 9/11 truth movement would or should be free of the same issues that plague every other human pursuit is fantasy.

  12. Hal,

    I can’t take issue with what you wrote. I think you may be projecting positions to me that are not there.

    My agenda is in alignment with the general position of the truth movement and I agree that not only was the official narrative false, but it’s been quite well proven to be such with engineering and science.

    The truth movement from my viewpoint has gone way way past demanding the truth and discrediting the official version. They have by and large offered a range of explanations which basically are summed up as a MIHOP or inside job. They’ve concluded the buildings came down by CD and they are demanding that the what amounts to criminal trials be comments or grand jury referrals for the usual suspects who planned the inside job.

    I don’t think the case has been made for CD and at present for the last year or so I see no research or analysis of the evidence that’s out there talking place.

    Even if there was a conspiracy trial I would like to know what the actual evidence tying people like Cheney, Meyers, Rumsfeld and assorted neocons that they were behind 9/11. I would like to know who were the operational people who took orders, fabricated and placed the devices and so forth. This all sounds well and good but it’s pure speculation.

    As I have written there is a case for a coverup and a bait and switch and perhaps letting the event proceed so they COULD capitalize on it and spin it to advance the MIC agenda and secure the region for exploitation. There is no slam dunk evidence of a CD for any of the buildings. It’s possible but the evidence has not been shown. What is claimed as evidence is often misread or could be evidence of something other than what it is claimed. I could cite many things… but this is not the forum to do that.

    My point is that the response was a crime regardless of who did it and how it happened. And the response was a much greater crime that the event itself in terms of loss of human life. The coalition of the willing has killed perhaps almost 1 million people and destroyed the lives of many more… and left the land polluted for centuries with DU and who knows what else.

    I can handle the debate. I would be willing to debate anyone from either side of the false dichotomy any time. I am not the most qualified, but I have done my homework and been studying the event for have a decade.

  13. Sibel,

    I just finished your book Classified Woman last night. I first heard about it when I stumbled upon James Corbett’s show where he read a few pages of the book. Absolutely amazing! And very upsetting also knowing what is taking place in our government and agencies. I always knew there was more to the story as I would watch the news a decade ago when I was in high school. After reading several books, like yours, and listening to whistleblowers in interviews and radio shows, I now know that there absolutely was more to the story and there is still even more to the story that you and others can’t divulge… yet.

    I’m sorry to hear that your budget is tight these days. $20 to BFP and I think I will pick up a hard copy of your book too. (Bought the e-book version already.) I will check in at BFP from time to time now. Really glad to hear that you got the hell out of DC and moved to Oregon. Great country! Hope you and your family love it there. I used to live in western Washington, born and raised there. I love it there, but I just moved to Texas recently.

    Lastly, thank you for your bold courage and steadfast commitment to the truth and freedom. Keep fighting!

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