The Reality Principle -Episode 7

Fake Crises, Real Disasters & Genuine Solutions with Margaret Kimberley

RPLogoThis week, Eric examines the nature of the manufactured issue of the "fiscal cliff" and how the propaganda surrounding this mythology is indicative of the moral, ethical, and political bankruptcy of both major political parties. Juxtaposed against this, Eric analyzes a real disaster - Hurricane Sandy - which demonstrated unequivocally the corruption and failure of large government and foundation institutions while also illustrating the need for local, community-based action. It is this premise which leads to an examination of "hackerspaces" and "makerspaces" as genuine solutions to the problem of corporate control and domination.

Eric is joined by Margaret Kimberley, columnist for Black Agenda Report. The two discuss Obama's reelection and the psychological effect his presidency has had on Black America. Additionally, they discuss Ms. Kimberley's recent articles on the "fiscal cliff" and the lessons learned from Hurricane Sandy as it relates to organization and activism. To read Margaret Kimberley's "Freedom Rider" column, please visit

Listen to the Podcast Here:

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  1. I like to see the next generation politically engaged through Eric’s commentary. Particularly interesting to me were the comments about makerspaces and hackerspaces. This is the solution. We are using it locally in the following manner. We have engaged Nobel laureate scientists, and entrepreneurs who seldom know how to meet and dialogue. The younger generation of backyard inventors lack capital but have a wealth of skills and energy that older folks lack. Some of them have explored Mayapedal, made bicycle powered p-nut butter grinders at our local people’s co-op. For them to have access to rapid prototyping and CNC software (3D printing) in a warehouse owned by the entrepreneurs could be a set up, but carefully monitored, the entrepreneurs realize that without a whole community behind them, they are sitting ducks when the economy collapses using our current monetary system. We are learning to work together as anarchists, Republicans, and Democrats, not by these labels, but as people awakening to how close we are to crisis. One of the common bonds that creates this interchange are our community gardens. Get off Facebook, or any media that datamines our ideas. Get local.

  2. I’ve never heard Eric before, this was fantastic!

  3. Thanks Jay and Simon. Also, please do check out my other work on StopImperialism. There I focus primarily on geopolitics and release 2 podcasts a week. Plus, you can see my media appearances on the “Media” page. Thanks for the support.

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