Podcast Show #100: The Black Hole Called Guantanamo

The Boiling Frogs Show Presents Andy Worthington

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Journalist Andy Worthington updates us on Guantanamo, where 85 men cleared for release are still held. We talk about the September death of Adnan Latif, the Yemeni who had languished for 8 years since being cleared by Bush-era officials, the almost 100% denial rate for habeas corpus suits from Gitmo prisoners by the DC Court of Appeals in recent years, and the last British detainee still held, Shaker Amer.

About 49 minutes in, Sam Banning joins us to talk about his new documentary Cruel & Unusual about the "3 Strikes" law in California. The film was produced before voters approved Prop 36, which reformed the definition of a third strike to limit it to serious, violent crimes. Banning profiles 3 people convicted for a third strike for petty crimes, like forging a check for $140. The film also covers the Stanford Law project which has won challenges to 25-life sentences for minor crimes, and which helped get the measure on the ballot.

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Here is our guest Andy Worthington unplugged!

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  1. Good show, Peter. You truly are the Cadillac of interviewers.

    Congratulations on show #100! You’ve really produced some fine work in the last couple years and I suggest listeners take a look back and replay a few of them. One of my favorites was the second interview with Russ Tice:

    Podcast Show #58

    I wonder if he’s due for another update?

    Thank you and keep up the good work!

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