Empire, Power, and People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 48

Private Power & Public Pressure: Corporations, Think Tanks & Social Engineering

EPPTaking up questions from listeners related to the influence of think tanks and consumer culture, this episode examines the institutional function - ideology, actions, and evolution - of think tanks, corporations, and foundations in social engineering. Think tanks bring together elites from academic, corporate, financial, media, and policy circles to establish consensus and enact policy which benefit all of the involved parties. Foundations fund think tanks as they are interested in social engineering projects aimed at social control: establishing consensus among elites (by constructing ideologies), and engineering consent among the population.

Consumer society developed largely as a means to engineer the consent of the masses to a corporate-dominated society, allowing private institutions of power to expand their influence. With the rise of corporations, democratic revolution was an unfinished project: democracy in the political sphere was not replicated in the economic sphere, and thus, as the totalitarian institutions of corporations grew in influence, society itself becomes more totalitarian, and the democratic revolution remains stalled.

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