My Latest In-Depth Interview: Smells Like Human Spirit Podcast Show

Truly Unplugged with Two Great Interviewers!

Two weeks ago I had a nice long interview session with two great interviewers, Guy Evans & James Wilson, with a solid independent website called ‘Smells Like Human Spirit.’ By now you all know what I mean by ‘great interviewers,’ right? Those who research their guest’s background and topic thoroughly, ask intelligent questions, let the guest talk-really talk and get truly unplugged, and don’t engage in annoying interruptions with shallow goofy comments. Oh, add to that a nonpartisan point of view, independent, passionate, commercial free (Man, I hate those commercial interruptions!) and while you are at it throw in deserved adjectives such as articulate … and, well, you’ve got what I refer to as ‘great interviewers.’

By the way, here is a side note: The above qualities fit my co-host Peter B Collins –that’s why he’s been my favorite radio host for years. As for me … hmmmm … okay, maybe partially. I do my research, I am totally nonpartisan and independent, but, a big chunky ‘BUT’: sometimes I lose my patience, I get disgusted, then I get a bit pi—ed, and, oh well, I am not able to hide and repress it, and you (our listeners) all can tell. This is where the big difference is between a real professional radio host and … ‘me.’ I am truly thankful for my co-host’s unlimited  patience with me and my listeners’ tolerance.

All right, this post is about Smells Like Human Spirit, their recent interview with me, and my unplugging (yep, when I get to talk, talk, talk, and talk):

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This site depends….

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  1. A very good podcast where you express your frustrations with the dumbified general public.

  2. Great interview Sibel ! Don’t ever think you haven’t brought about any change. The fact that you are exposing and making people aware of this situation is a change in itself.
    I would liken the existence of the Boiling Frogs show to a Bible verse (Matthew 4:16 “The people which sat in darkness saw great light; and to them which sat in the region and shadow of death light is sprung up.”)
    Your show brings Truth and Light to the dumbified masses in America who are sitting in darkness.

  3. Sibel,
    Everything costs money. You want to have an advocacy organization where people work… you have to pay them and where are you going to get the money? Advocacy is not a product you can sell. It produces no revenue. When you take donations… especially large grants you are hooked into the need to maintain that level of funding.
    Whether or not the deep pockets actually deliver a list of do’s and don’ts is not the issue. I doubt most of those grants come with a laundry list. But accepting it IS A SELL OUT and DOES GIVE THE APPEARANCE OF BEING A SELL OUT.

    Advertising is a means to raise revenue. Let progressive/green products by ads to support your progressive group. Advertising is odious… but you don’t have to answer to advertisers… and if they try to influence your work, drop them and get someone else.

    Take DemoncracyNow! they have no advertising but are funded by corporate grants and grants from the CPB (probably).

    You take a deep pocket like Soros… a seemingly progressive person. He made money in capitalist games. He may be a jerk… who knows. He may be marginally better than the Koch Bros. You will not find anyone with billions whose hands are clean.

    The struggle against the .01%ers will be expensive. Just getting the message out is expensive. Where will the money come from? Do you expect the message to be passed mouth to ear on street corners?

    Of course the opposition will do whatever it can to break the other side… clean and dirty tricks. Why expect anything else?

    Your story is interesting. On your own volition you joined the national security state apparatus. You found out it was rotten to the core. You turned to the rotten system… still naive, believing that integrity, truth will be honored and REWARDED by the system. It will not. Whistle blowing statutes are paper thin and lip service to the notion of justice. All window dressing… just like the democracy and the justice system and the laws. It’s a veneer. So now you know and are wiser and pissed off.

    So what is the way forward? Scream your hair is on fire on the http://www... expose the rot… it’s all over… Ankara, Tel Aviv, Beltway. This will NEVER CHANGE… power always protects itself and looks for MORE power. The .01% know no borders… the fiction is there for the people. YOU believed it and came to the USA and believed in the myths. You did not do your homework. You found out the hard way.

    DemocracyNow! is not perfect. They DO expose the rot. They may avoid some areas of the rot. This does not diminish their good work. Maybe DN has been given death threats and told to not push too far… push but not too far… Is this a sell out?

    Is Noam Chomsky a sell out because he doesn’t believe in controlled demolition based conspiracy theories. I think he’s a brilliant analyst. Like you, me and everyone else.. he’s not perfect.

    How do you intend to take down the system without confronting it? A revolution in thought AND action is needed. How do you propose this be stood up? Should we shun everything coming from corporations? Should we make our own food? Grow our own food? Make our own mobile devices? Your critique us fine. Like Paul Craig Roberts we read a steady of critiques about the rot. Some us knew this when Mr Roberts was formulating Reganomics.

    So let’s have the answers… the strategies.. the tactics.. the plan. Are you paying taxes Mr Roberts? Are you flying in the commercial air transport system? DO you use a cell phone or a computer?

    I appreciate the articles, the passion, the outrage… This all has been obvious to ANYONE who was interested in looking behind the curtain of Oz. I’ve been seeing this since 1963. And it’s only getting worse.

    So this may be the way forward. The progressives have failed to confront the system… the solution may be the collapse of *the system* and trying to build something post apocalypse. Sort of be prepared and even hasten the end… like letting 9/11 happen to get a desired outcome.

    The end is coming the system is self destructing… And yes there is no real hope for change… too much momentum here. It has to crash and we build from the ashes.

    Unless you have some better ideas.

  4. Wow! Here is Sibel today on Breaking the Set:

    She is kicking butt. This is making a difference! I can tell that pretty soon, the (I’m sorry, but I have to call them) cowards with info about Flight #93, are going to follow suit and make a difference. C’mon out, fellas! I’m sure Abby Martin would be glad to help you Break the Set!

  5. Advertizing everywhere, and not all that much real choice… of quality of what to buy, (or ”a drop to drink!”). That’s a bad take off from the “Ancient Mariner.”

    Why is there so much advertising, breaking into the TV and radio programs every 10 minutes with blaring noise and upsetting jingles, and what for, you go the store and you buy what is on the shelf, and what you always bought mostly, and the packaging is in your face too, and with “product placement” and the deals made with the store chains about what product gets premium locations on the shelves, like at eye level etc…

    Just a hunch, maybe all that advertising serves as a subterfuge of being and engine driving the production of entertainment, (but think what if it really is a circular thing, where the costs of that advertising is born by the products, not as such, but as a system, wherein, the candy/entertainment is used to put the people under the onslaught of the message. Advertising is the real message:

    A means to expose the masses to perpetual messaging, not for product information, but for the real purposeful message… (“media is the message…”), which is: pause,

    From a 60’s TV program which was really good: “We control the TV, we control the vertical hold, we control the horizontal,” and we are the HAND THAT FEEDS YOU!

    And we wouldn’t want to let you forget it, and now a word from our sponsor… Mute.

  6. These operations work to pattern. Historic precedent. Operators talk to no-one. Their acts effect us all. Thats what ‘they do’. create realities [Rove]. Those unwittingly seeing any part of an operation as witness, know it collaterally. As outsider. There is a burden of proof. what you know you pick up because you happened to be in the office at the time, saw or heard something[boom.boom] and most shut up, move on, as they say. Those that really know something and don’t, die. [RIP Barry J] or get injections of HALDOL. That much is understood. Rudi DEKKERS perhaps is about to find that out.
    So its a very fragile reporting. Those that dig from the outside, those that have witnessed a small part on the in and tell it. Very fragile primary source. People not personally confronted or affronted by this expanding conspiratorial reality, tend to excuse all.
    These are very serious times. And we know it. 911 is big business. An operation. It is important it stays on track. Patience is everything. None of the major ‘SCADs’ in my lifetime have broken through the skin containing them. None. And a lot of research has gone on. old death-bed confessions pass by in the ether. The ‘power’ holding ‘conspiracy theory’ as cover for these huge crimes is that strong. Whether the power of indifference, lack of imagination/critical thinking or manipulation of the program or picking off individual initiative, the crazed black friday mind-set is that same mindset employed on 911 to get us all shopping. It works. The perception management program actually has people arguing FOR the official theories[OCT]considering themselves as ‘skeptic’.

    While it is the 911 activists who are the real skeptics.

    Positive this year, AE truths excellent ‘Experts Speak Out’ presentation must certainly be getting up some big noses, and and the recent forum international initiatives cannot be sneezed at. All these individual and team efforts are getting somewhere. The future is unwritten.

    Glad to hear you are happy in the hills of NW Sibel. Compliments of the season to all.

  7. Sibel,

    I hear your frustration…. But here’s the problem. You have a system… (ours) and it sucks. So it needs to be changed. How do you do it? Do you work INSIDE the system and try to re form it into an ethical just equitable system? or Do you not participate and try to tear it down BECAUSE the system will self protect against those who want to destroy the pecking order?

    MOST believe that the system is meant to evolve by internal self corrections… legislation.. lobbying… press advocacy and so forth. But this hardly can more this monster. And this monster is moving very much in the wrong direction…

    I have no brief for the alt media, the indie media or *non profits/NGOs*. All of them are NOT revolutionary. They are trying to USE the channels of the system to reach the people and hopefully influence someone to re form the mess.

    YOU tried to work INSIDE the system.. you went to the courts, to the congress and expected to see some change when you revealed the corruption. Now you departed and retreated to the net and are passing the word from person to person. The net is how the message will spread…

    But what will the people do with these truths? What action shall they take? Do they need a leader? If so who will it be?

    And of course… you do need to eat and to eat you compromise…

    What is the alternative? (it’s not *experts speak out*… they are unknowingly blowing a lot of smoke)

  8. Mister Sander0. With regard the blowing of lots of smoke.

    Very keen to read your paper on FREEFALL. Where can that be accessed?

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