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In the Midst of Intense Pessimism - Causes for Optimistic Pauses

optimismI know lately I have said it many times, but I am going to say it again: We are surrounded by so many intense pessimism-inducing realities; perpetual wars-Iraq, Afghanistan, constant-droning of Pakistan, Libya, Somalia, Syria and more; accelerating police state practices- NDAA, TSA, persecution of truth-tellers, censorship, secrecy and more;  intensifying public apathy … you name it. So this is one more reason to take a pause of optimism when we come across a real reason deserving of an optimistic pause. This is what I try to remind myself as often as I can. It is very hard. Sometimes it is like a clash of realism with idealism, and sometimes it feels like an act of gullible-ism. But you know what? It is real. Those moments that are deserving of some level of optimism do exist-however rare.

I used to keep my rare moments of optimistic pause all to myself. But then, I realized the selfishness of it. After all, I don’t keep all those pessimism-inducing reality factors all to myself. I come here and share them with you-share the misery. So why not share my few moments of causes of optimism? Right? Please don’t take this as a mushy, corny, or a new milder version of me. Trust me: I am NOT getting milder (despite the creeping years adding to my age).

One of the major optimism-inducing factors for me is seeing the increase in the number of outspoken irate minority members who have not given up. Not only that, they are expanding our base; they are becoming more visible. Slowly but surely they are making their voices heard by more and more people. One example: my partner James Corbett of Corbett Report. Look how far he has come. Take a look at the number of people who are regularly tuning in to his brilliant truth-telling reports. Check out the impressively increasing number of viewers for his video reports. Now that gives me a moment of optimistic pause.

Another great example is Abby Martin at RT. Not only is she brilliant, informed, articulate, and very outspoken (and beautiful), but that she is one of us: a tireless member of our irate minority circle. Whether it is the accelerating police state practices, or ever-expanding perpetual wars, or still-unanswered and unaccountable 9/11-the needed trigger for bringing about the perpetual wars and the current police state status, she has been pounding-tirelessly. Not only that: she is becoming more and more visible and audible. Now that gives me a moment of deserved optimistic pause.

In the midst of all the pessimism-inducing realities on the ground, let’s pause and enjoy a moment (however brief) of optimism. Here is my latest interview session with Abby Martin @ RT:

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  1. Very well done, Sibel. Thanks to you and Abby for a breath of fresh air. A heartening show of courage, which made my day and probably the day of thousands upon thousands and more to come.

    To all the other whistle blowers in waiting. Watch and learn. This is what we need. This makes a difference. Yes, you can.

  2. I can only second what Xicha said. Wonderful interview. Thanks!

  3. I know Abby for some time and she’s moved now to RT getting more exposure than Media Roots. Abby’s excellent. Hopefully she won’t get muzzled or tossed off the air.

    People DO need to know how bankrupt this government is. Of course Sibel’s 9/11 message is that the insiders let it happen… This is not acceptable to the mainstream of the truth movement which insists 9/11 was a plot including CD of the WTC. How do they dismiss the truth of Sibel Edmonds?

    Conspiracy theorist is a dismissive term. It’s sort of, as Sibel notes… a means to not have to listen to the person. Once tagged with that label you don’t have to consider them a serious person.

    We do need to get the message out AND resist. Don’t fly… boycott what is wrong. Resist. Don’t play their game…

    Excellent interview!

  4. flogchopsuey says:

    I am grateful for this woman of courage! Instead of a bunch of hot air, bluster and ego, we have someone motivated by her own professional experience, who was inside the system. How to keep it real: disclose that you are on RT, and Russia also mistreats their wistleblowers. Admit that as long as you are breathing the air in this USA, like it or not, Obama is the title holder of president. If you haven’t already, check out Cenk Uygur’s approach to the presidential vote. My father worked as a consul at the US embassy in Moscow in the 50’s when I was a kid. My family knows that US duplicity did not start with 9/11 so holding the US to ideals it never really had (just wrote and talked about when politically expedient) is a little bit naive. Remember how many key figures around the JFK assassination were disappeared, or that we nuked Hiroshima/Nagasaki on lies and covered it up? Even the US Civil war was dirty political mess of lies from day one. We can demand improvement just like everyone else, because what we want as a society we are going to have to create for the first time ever. It never existed before anywhere. Otherwise, are you not indirectly supporting the idea of American Exceptionalism? Isn’t that part of the problem?

  5. Bill Bergman says:

    “… the executive branch can’t gag the Congress.” Great stuff.

  6. SanderO,

    A strictly “let it happen” hypothesis cannot explain so many things that did and did not happen on 9/11. If Sibel believes 9/11 was nothing more than a “stand down” I think she is wrong and she would have to explain a lot of evidence to the contrary. That theory does not account for the evidence we have at present. Keep in mind that we are still getting new declassified documents and other evidence pertaining to the assassination of John Kennedy fifty years after it happened. It is way too early for anyone to claim they have 9/11 all figured out. However, people did point out shortly after the Warren Commission report that it was nonsense and the lone assassin theory did not account for the evidence. Since then, the accumulating evidence has confirmed those initial suspicions beyond any reasonable doubt. I suspect as evidence continues to surface on 9/11 in the coming years, it will become increasingly untenable to cling to a let it happen theory.

    We could go round and round about this, but I’m not interested in doing so here, and all the information is readily available to those interested. But I will continue to counter your 9/11 claim each time you make it. The let it happen hypothesis is simply not credible and is a cover for those actively involved.

  7. Bill Bergman says:

    HAL, with all due respect, and I don’t want to imply anything about my respect for you vs. SanderO or anyone else, especially given your great comments in the past, …

    … but there is a lot of fun irony in HAL 9000 and ‘let it happen,’ given the near-conclusion ‘I’m sorry, Dave, but I just can’t do that.” A longer story, and one that gets into important legal issues re: negligence.

  8. Great interview. Keep the pot boiling but for those who would boil the frogs.

  9. Great interview. I, too, have been following Abby Martin’s work on RT and I’m so glad to be introduced to James Corbett through this site!

  10. If someone wants something to happen and they take action so that it will happen, what are they doing? Letting? Making? I think those words are interchangeable in what Sibel said in the interview.

    Somehow, I knew you would key in on that one effing word and bring an argument to a once optimistic thread. Great job!

    You seem to know much more than everyone else about just how much the PTB directs the major acts of terrorism around the world. But… Have you listened to the Talking Turkey interview yet? You still won’t answer that question.

    Yes, more than just standing down. Planning, directing, facilitating, funding, etc. Why are you so afraid of saying “Made”? You’ll notice that I was perfectly content with Sibel saying “Let”, because I see that they are interchangeable in this context. The “Let” is the last stage of the “Make”. It does not include all of the build up, which is “Make”. The “Let” is only the final moment. Like pushing a boulder up a hill and then “letting” it roll down.

    I hope you are proud of yourself, that we are talking about this again. I probably will just leave it here, almost sorry to have responded to it. Ugh!

  11. flogchopsuey says:

    Let’s remember that Sibel is virtually the only credible person even willing to broach the subject of what happened on 9/11 on RT or anywhere! Furthermore, the kind of work Sibel does is the only way a proper investigation (as opposed to cover up) will ever be done. To debate “Let It Happen” vs “Made It Happen” is a big mistake until AFTER a proper investigation is conducted because, if you are paying attention, you will see that the conversation then puts the good guys on the defensive, and makes it seem like a proper investigation has already been done. Right now, you can’t prove any theory, not the official one, not any alternative one. So focus on getting more evidence and a proper investigation. Sibel is in a position to say “Let it happen”. Respect her for that. And make your arguments help the cause, not hurt it. Don’t put theories out there that are nothing but a distraction, that you will end up debating endlessly and will not help bring any criminals to justice.

  12. SanderO,

    I cannot overstate how much I would like to respond to your comments, but Xicha is right, this is not the place for this debate. Contrary to what I said above, I am making a promise to Xicha that I will not bring this up again at BFP and I will not respond to any further mention of it by you.

  13. To all,

    I have decided to refrain from any further comment at BFP. Not that anyone should care, but I don’t want anyone to misinterpret my silence. I will continue to read the stories at BFP but not the comments. I will continue to support BFP as best I can. I truly wish good health, prosperity, and peace to all of you.

    Stay strong and speak truth.

    HAL 9000

  14. Why self censor? If Sibel comments that she wants to limit the discussion she is perfectly capable of so doing.

    Flog is exactly correct. We DO need a proper investigation as to determine what actually happened… a debate between competing theories based on too little evidence and data and more on speculation and LOGIC.

    You can’t indict because of a pattern of behavior… This certainly makes repeat offenders suspicious. But nothing more than that and the false certainly I read is stunning.

    Sibel actually DID discover evidence of fore knowledge of terrorist attacks along with all sorts of malfeasance and what amounts to treason. From my reading this amounts to at LEAST a let it happen but no direct evidence of actually planned and executed the entire operation. This doesn’t excuse all sorts of illegal activities that she DID discover… drugs, arms and so forth.

    Perhaps Sibel needs to make clear statements about what the foreknowledge she came upon actually was? If she heard no state actors discussing the attack and reported it and the reports were dead ended… you cannot conclude that those who stopped it were the ones planning and executing. That would be only ONE possible explanation.

    I am not closed to the idea that the insiders made the towers come down… I simply do not see evidence that is unequivocal about this. So anyone who has conclusive, slam dunk evidence please put it out there.

    The problem we face and what Sibel reveals in this interview and other articles is that our world is run by powerful interests who act with impunity and with no consideration for laws or human rights… no accountability. These interests are INSIDE and OUTSIDE the government and borders mean nothing to them as laws don’t. They also apparently are in control of the state security apparatus… and the MIC… the parties, the media, the courts…and the congress. Point set match

    Get it?

  15. Xicha,

    What would you like to discuss in the comments? Turkey? Have you been there?

  16. Talking Turkey

    We were working with the terrorists. We were training them, directing them, funding them, transporting them, etc. This is what Sibel says, in this interview, is the main reason that the State Secrets Privilege was used against her and Congress. Combine this with the stand down, and you have a reason to suggest that it is more than an assist. Even an assist makes one complicit in a conspiracy.

    SanderO, I won’t respond anymore about MIHOP/LIHOP, which is a contrived tool of division and has no other value. I again implore you to listen to this interview, if you want to understand how to connect a few more dots.

    Hal 9000, I hope you come back to the comments. You are very intelligent, logical, and a good writer. I know what it feels like to want to take a break, and won’t fault you for it. But I, personally, hope to have your voice back here again soon.

  17. Gentleman, discussion-argument= very healthy. It is being done respectfully and intelligently here, so please don’t get disgusted, and don’t refrain from expressing your thoughts/hypothesis/ theories. This is all about critical thinking, than sharing/exchanging the thoughts, and then, expanding our view angle, and hopefully after that stage putting it in some kind of an action (or action(s)).

    What I want people to do (not the already-awake irate minority here, but those who haven’t made the move to our side): step out, and then look at the entire picture-with everything: revelations by SA Wright/Rowley/Shaffer/ + the already-debunked and discredited Commission+ All the reports that have come out in bits and pieces (drips here, drips there) re: CIA (withholding info, sabotaging investigations,and much more)+ FBI still not considering UBL the mastermind+ Not a single legit court case/trial for a single so-called culprit+ the supposed assassination of UBL/supposed-burial filled with hundreds of holes/discredited story lines + PNAC + Achievements for some with 9/11-induced war profits/ massive expansion of Heroin Market and its share/Police State implementations (none of which would have been possible without 9/11)+ My case + Tons of 100% classified supposed findings/evidence + so much more, much much more.

    Once we get people do that (the above), we’ll see people (more than a handful irate minority) question, question loudly, demand, demand real investigation, demand answers, demand action, demand accountability … And when I say demand: I mean Demand by ACTION. I’m not talking about some sh…y petition, expecting their congressional representative to say something, accepting a phony puppet commission … NO. I mean real action. I believe you all know what I am talking about by ‘Action.’

  18. Xicha,

    Yes we were working with terrorists. This did not begin with 9-11 or with Turkey… We were working with terrorists in overthrow of democractic left leaning democracies in Latin America, We supported several attempts to overthrow and assassinate Castro… We harbored terrorists who blew of a plane with athletes in board. And yes we did work with insurgents called the Mujahadeem which Bin Laden was involved with.

    And of course there has been not a single trial with discovery and depositions related to 9/11. This doesn’t mean anything other than the officials are not coming clean on what they did or didn’t do or what the did or didn’t know. What we do know is the fabrications and lies that led us to Wars and the USAPATRIOT Act and pinning it all on 19 hijackers. We can demonstrate lies but that does not prove anything.

    Philp Agee exposed what was going on Inside the Company… and had to leave the country when opened up about the CIA back in the 75…

    “In his controversial 1975 book, “Inside the Company: CIA Diary,” Mr. Agee detailed the inner workings of U.S. intelligence operations around the world, but primarily in Latin America, where he had been stationed for eight years during the 1960s. The CIA, he said, was interested only in propping up decaying dictatorships and thwarting radical reform efforts. Published in 20 languages, the book also included a 22-page list of purported agency operatives.”

    That book was published when Ms Edmonds was a child. I read it in college. Nothing new about how the CIA is in bed with terrorists etc. John Perkins detailed more in the Confessions Of An Economic Hitman a few years back.

    MIHOP, LIHOP, LIHOOI… the intel/MIC/national security state was involved. But let’s not over reach or assert that terrorism does exist… blow back doesn’t exist.

  19. Did you listen to the interview?

  20. Your attempt to whitewash falls flat. Please listen to the interview and learn about why the heroin trade is connected to the terror and how we worked with the alleged perpetrators at the time of 9/11. How we built the infrastructure for terrorism and control it to an extent that you apparently won’t even consider. But, you won’t listen to the evidence being presented, so why would you?

  21. I was away all day… I will listen to the interview.

  22. My thoughts about this information conveyed in the interview is that it appears to me… and I am not a student of the region… and barly familiar with it… but… When the USSR broke up the Russians clearly wanted access to the energy reserves there. The USA/NATO wanted at it as well. The West had no connection to it and the closest thing was to work with/thru Turkey which has been a US allie for many decasdes from the time we used to base nukes pointed at the USSR… and we used the Incirlik Air Base for a forward base. I believe Chechnya and the Caucases are Islamic and Turkey would be not only the geographically well situated for staging operation to control this region but also an Islamic nation to exploit for operative who could mix in with insurgents in the Caucuses. This appears to be post cold war turf war with what was left of the USSR over resources. The USA is not a natural allie of any of the countries or ethnic groups in that region. My guess is the CIA is working this via terrorist groups working from Turkey… and paying the turks handsomely so that they remain in our sphere.

    How else would you expect the MIC/Intel and big Energy to operate to secure this region? They use terrorism/insurgencies as they did in Afghanistan by supporting the Mujahadeem to overthrow Nagibullah the Soviet puppet. We want our own puppet.

    None if what Sibel reveals in this interview surprises me at all. While I don’t know the names of the players and the specific movements of the players the script is predictable… in how the CIA/MIC/NATO operate around the world. (NATO is just another name for the US military.

    I am not sure I see the specific connection between the Caucuses/Turkey/drugs and 9/11 other than the rules of engagement are not what is seen on the traditional battlefield or taking place at a negotiating table. Lots of none state actors working for and against state actors.

    In the middle of it are the local people who simply happen to live where the energy is buried. The West doesn’t want to buy it.. they want to grab it.

    Clearly this activity is well off the radar of the American people and the American press. Hard enough to justify our meddling over there. We have no reason to be there OTHER than grad the energy resources. Best left to the covert guys.

    This is very nasty and dirty stuff. Too much money in it and it’s a hard sell to congress and to the people… so they free lance! And they use drug money and who knows what else… huge kick backs from construction contracts and so forth… this all is terrible expensive and it’s not a budget item… is it? Secure the Caucuses – 500 billion or what ever it costs…. I am sure they see 10s of trillions down the road.

    But no one would believe this stuff if Sibel and perhaps a few others were not listening in. And of course they don’t want anyone making noise about this either. Loose lips sink ships they say. Of course they will use any and all means to silence this. CIA etc are supposed to be covert and no one’s supposed to get the dish and their dirt.

  23. Hi, my name is Bravo3,
    I am a conspiracy theorist, anti-Semite, self-hating American, and a complete loon.

    Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, great job Sibel!

    I sure hope we can get our country back before my kids get too old to know any different.

    Keep fighting.

  24. jschoneboom says:

    I like Abby Martin very much, and it was a real pleasure to see Sibel on her show. My only complaint was that I wish it could have gone on for longer. But, the time you had was well used. Sibel, I’m impressed with your patience, being asked to summarize your whole story in 25 words or less for the, what, millionth time? You didn’t even roll your eyes! You certainly know how to work these media opportunities…thanks once again for all you do.

    And hey, while I’m here, for what it’s worth, I’m happy to accept that there are real terrorists and real blowback going on. But I would point out to SanderO that it’s not just armchair guesswork that the three towers came down by controlled demolition. It’s the opinion of a minimum of 1700 actual highly qualified architects, engineers, and controlled demolition experts! Not just David Ray Griffin! Not to mention the hard evidence we do have, e.g., tiny molten spheres, witnesses to liquid steel running “like lava”, the unexploded nanothermite, etc.

    It’s a bit more than just laymen making guesses, no?

    And I have a very hard time with Hani Hanjour making that maneuver….

  25. jschoneboom,
    I beg to differ on this statement:

    “It’s the opinion of a minimum of 1700 actual highly qualified architects, engineers, and controlled demolition experts.”

    When I was on the board of directors at AE911T there was no communication with 99.9% of the petition signers about the evidence. At the time I was a signer of the petition calling for a new investigation… because I believed then, as I do now, that the official accounts were incorrect. This was the position of anyone who signed the petition. The wording was such that CD was only a possibility not a conclusion. AE911T has moved to a more affirmative position that all 3 towers were brought down by placed devices in a controlled demolition. When I was on board I was advocating for detailed building performance studies using the expertise of the petition signers. The Board and Gage were not interested in such studies/analysis… as they were clearly convinced of CD. It was over this what I believed to be unproven conclusion that we parted ways.

    AE911T is a PR operation promoting the CD conclusion. I am not even certain what they feel needs to be investigated unless it is the details of the CD. Or are they more into a criminal investigation to identify who placed the devices and planned it?

    There have been several scientists who have explained alternate explanations to account for iron or metal micro-spheres, and melted metal. How much was flowing like lava is not well documented and it is mostly anecdotal witness accounts. One would think that there would be more film and data about this? No?

    Unexploded nano thermite is also a very questionable conclusion. Other scientists have tested debris/dust samples and found no active thermitic materials in the samples. Who do we believe? No one has explained how the thermite might have actually been used. What DID it blow up? Virtually all the steel seen in the debris photos shows no sign of damage from explosives. And this was MOST of the steel. What made that steel come apart if it wasn’t exploded apart?

    We sure do need a new investigation and EVERYONE needs to examine CAREFULLY what actually happened… not project your CONCEPTION of what happened.

  26. jschoneboom says:

    Hi SanderO, thanks for responding. I hear you, and I like your careful approach to the issue. I’m pretty self-conscious about being “off topic” here, but I’d love to read about the alternative explanations for the previously molten spheres if you could suggest further reading. My mind is always open.

    It does seem to me a straightforward observation that those spheres must have been melted, ergo something was hot enough to melt them. And everything I’ve read (and I’ve read a lot) confirms that jet fuel/hydrocarbon/office fires cannot have done it. That of course says nothing about what did do it. But some explanation is required. I don’t know what all the candidates are for causes. Thermite, thermate, nanothermite, those all seem like plausible candidates, although certainly they all raise many questions. I personally like to rule out death rays from space, no offense to anyone.

    As I say, my mind is open to alternative theories, but the only other ones I’ve seen elaborated are the initial FEMA report, which was by its own admission very weak, and the final NIST report, which is absurd and represents very bad science. (I used to work for a well-known science organization, part of the time for its division of scientific fraud and misconduct — I know of several professionals in that field who feel strongly that the NIST report fits the bill for fraud and misconduct.)

    I agree with you the jury remains out. However, the CD theory easily accounts for the observed phenomena better than any alternative I’ve heard. So for me, let’s call it a working hypothesis, and I think quite a strong one. The way Building 7 fell, and the fact it is a unique event in building and fire history, I don’t care how much damage it suffered, or how much fire there was, modern steel-framed buildings don’t fall like that in one big wump unless it’s planned that way. They just don’t. They never have before and they never will again. Of course, I’ll concede that’s a layman’s opinion…but history, after all, does agree with me, from a purely factual perspective. 😉

    Still, bottom line, your cautious approach is a credit to the search for truth and for what it’s worth I very much value your opinion.

  27. Castillonis says:

    Excellent interview Sibel. Thanks for repeating the name of Dark Lord Sauron’s messenger (sic), Mort Halperin.

    Ron Suskind’s The Price of Loyalty is a must read for intent and motivation.
    I was searching for a sentence from Rumsfeld in Ron Suskind’s book The Price of Loyalty, Simon & Shuster 2004 about former treasury secretary Paul O’Niell during King George the firsts administration. It was a sentence that made my mind stop in its tracks. I purchased some ebooks in addition to the print addition that I already own with the hope of finding it using the search function. I did find very important information on page 85 ( search for “Sanctions are fine,”… and read a few pages ), pages 96 through 97 ( search for “moderates at the State Department versus hard-liners like Rumsfeld, Cheny, and Wolfowitz” and read two pages ) This book yields a lot of information about the intent. Rumsfeld tends to say a few overt things and then revert back to other motivations.

    James Mann’s book “Rise of The Vulcans: The History of Bush’s War Cabinet” Viking 2004 details the past history and relations between the neocons. This book connected many dots for me.

    While I do not care for much of the late Christopher Hitchens contrarian writing, his book “The Trial of Henry Kissinger” Verso 2001 is a very short read that quickly details much of Kissinger’s history.

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