Geopolitics with Ryan Dawson- Episode 6: The Real Causes of war Masked in Political Jingoism

Ryan Dawson Presents Marc Guttman

GPMarc Guttman, the editor of Why Peace, joins us today to discuss a wide variety of political issues contained in his book-Why Peace. From the Drug war in Columbia to the Cold War in Asia and all things in between, hear a compilation of first-hand accounts contained in Why Peace. This is an extraordinarily valuable resource for those of you concerned with social justice who have the time, energy, and desire to become more proactive. The real pain and suffering of war does not see its share of attention. The real causes of war are masked in political jingoism that is so thick, that in the buildup to war citizens opposed to it do so with fear that they could be subjected to violence themselves. We must get off this cycle of habitual mass murder and theft. Why-Peace edited by Marc Guttman is 608 pages of knowledge to dissolve war propaganda and hits on a deep emotional level the utter absurdity and ruthlessness of modern warfare.

Listen to the podcast show here:

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  1. So happy to have found this site! Thanks, Ryan! Another great interview!

  2. I joined this site because of Ryan Dawson. I would like him to interview someone about gun violence, young men killings children in the USA. Do movies or violent video games contribute to this? Killing a helpless five year old child with five or eight bullets each is not murder, it seems like a point system of winning something. Gun control or gun bans?

  3. Great interview Ryan ! Glad to see you have joined the BF team. I followed your postings with great interest last year but lost track when you went to Carolina, Keep up the good work! You are appreciated!

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