Geopolitics with Ryan Dawson- Episode 8: The Hype that Gave Us the ‘Crisis’

Ryan Dawson Presents Charlie McGrath

GPCharlie McGrath joins us today to talk about the "fiscal cliff" deal, and clear up the hype that gave us the 'crisis' as well as the deceptive so called solution. We discuss how the neocons hijacked the tea-party, making the tea-o-con party, and that all the talk of fiscal responsibility or of fiscal conservatives was just that, all talk. What did we really get in the fiscal cliff deal? What is the reality of the US's economic future, and how might that effect foreign policy decisions?

Listen to the podcast show here:

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This site depends….

This site depends exclusively on readers’ support. Please help us continue by SUBSCRIBING and/or DONATING.


  1. I enjoyed the program, bleak as the forecast may be. What does it mean to really sit down and accept the idea that we are going to have a total financial meltdown,(and I believe an ecological one as well) and that our current low level WWIII scenario could erupt into a more overt one?
    What can/ should be done at this stage?

    One idea I have to further get the word out is to attend talks put on by local universities and challenge/ ask hard hitting questions that at least introduce the wider audience in attendance to differing ideas. I attended a talk about the mid east, given by a professor of Iranian descent, who admitted their nuke weapons program had been halted, but suggested “sanctions” should continue. The first audience member to ask a question said essentially in broken English w/ an eastern European accent,”why haven’t we bombed them already? what are we waiting for?” I couldn’t believe what was happening, so I pressed the prof on Stuxnet, the MEK, assassinations of nuclear scientists, downed drones over Iranian airspace and made the point that we are already waging another illegal war. I could feel most of the audience getting uncomfortable w/ what I was saying, but they needed to hear it.

  2. Yes Luke, if you have the means to attend college talks then do so and be vocal. Better yet film the whole exchange and upload it to the web. Also a very easy thing to do is to call into talk radio and let them have it. Be professional, don’t go ape like Alex Jones did the other day on Piers Morgan. That does not do us any good. Just ask simple things like how the US can afford so much foreign aid, where is the evidence Iran is building a nuclear bomb, why wasn’t the bill to kill the TSA ever voted on, why is the US siding with Al Qaeda on Syria? A better way to word that last one is to ask why is Obama siding with Al Qaeda on Syria. And again record the whole exchange. If they cut you off or censor you then just record that and upload it.

  3. Hey Ryan, I’ve definitely been thinking about getting a video camera for youtube uploads as you suggest. I’m all about creative forms of resistance. I’ve recently started a blog, ( ) and am in the process of designing an anti drone t-shirt which I will be silk screening with a press I built. I’m also considering designing informational brochures and/ or fliers that I could place as a free download and people could use to canvas their area. BTW I really appreciate the way you get serious detail into your work and yet maintain the ability to joke about what’s going on, even though we all know how much of a nightmare this all is. I am so incredibly shocked at how things are unfolding. There’s no going back once the doors of information have been opened, though.

  4. If you make an anti-drone T-shirt I will wear it on my youtube

  5. I just found you on youtube. I’ll let you know when it’s ready!

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