Geopolitics with Ryan Dawson- Episode 10: Delving into what is in store for the world’s three largest economies

Ryan Dawson Presents Dr. Joseph Gerson

GPDr. Joseph Gerson is the Director of the Peace and Economic Security Program for the American Friends Service committee in New England. His program work focuses on challenging and overcoming U.S. global hegemony- preparations for and threats to initiate nuclear war, and military domination of the Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. Our discussion topics include: What is in store for the world's three largest economies? How are the Island disputes in the Sea of Japan and East China Sea being used to foster support for reactionary right-wing factions gaining political power? Will the Pacific stage be the new Middle East? Some recommend reading for more depth on the topics discussed: Day of Deceit ,Legacy of Ashes: The History of the CIA and Yakuza: Japan's Criminal Underworld

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  1. oonacraig says:

    Who really is the controlling power in the “US”?
    Why must China be contained, when they have contained themselves to their same geographic space for over 3000 years?

  2. Every human being seems to have a button inside themselves labeled, “I must lash out at the enemy.” The warmongers know several ways to push this button. Team sports also is an acting-out of this button. We’re hard-wired for mayhem. We have to defeat our “prime directive” (kill the enemy). The Talmud is ALL about killing the enemy by making sure that everyone other than the tribe is an enemy. Buddhism,Taoism, Christianity, are not.

  3. Peace Activist says:

    I found all this very interesting; I’m not sure if I can listen to all of the back issues. I think knowledge is the best defense of all; most all conflicts and major crimes are possible because the mass of the people are lied to, their subsequent misconceptions make them believe the whole thing was their own idea.

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