Prelude to a Coming Interview- Operation Gladio

The Master Key to Understanding the States’ Secrets

James Corbett and I are preparing an episode on Operation Gladio. The interview should be ready in the next couple of weeks. Meanwhile, I strongly urge you (emphasis on ‘strongly’) to listen to the following podcast interview conducted by James with his guest Tom Secker on Operation Gladio.  Most people have never heard of Gladio, the majority of the few who are vaguely familiar with it do not understand the implications, and a handful’s in-depth knowledge is limited to historical Gladio- not its current status or ongoing operations. And finally, as I’ve tried to convey, in many different ways and despite many gag orders, Operation Gladio is the ultimate key for anyone who wants to understand the reason for State Secrets Privilege in my case and the truth on 9/11.

Listen to James Corbett’s podcast interview with Tom Secker on Operation Gladio here.

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  1. flogchopsuey says:

    The Master Key to Understanding the States’ Secrets. Listened to the podcast, and it is insightful regarding the OSS the precursor to the CIA and the Italian Operations relations with Franco and the Red Brigade. I love the reference to the CIA’s concerns with the Italian block of voters that supported the Communists and the mini-false flags that ensued. Mind you, we are talking about a less evolved state security apparatus than is now so well documented in the sphere of the US empire. I say sphere because the borders of the 50 states are somewhat irrelevant now in regards to what is really happening. There are lessons to be learned here because the strategies of the next conflict (the ones that work) do not resemble the strategies of the last conflict. You don’t want to think like you are fighting the “last” war.

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