Sibel Edmonds on NATO, Terrorism, 9/11 and Drug Running

Podcast Interview with James Corbett

In this ground-breaking interview, famed FBI whistleblower and Boiling Frogs Post founder Sibel Edmonds lays out the thread connecting NATO’s Gladio operations to Turkish paramilitaries and ultra-nationalists, and how the operation continues through cooperation with terrorists and the Islamization of Central Asia and the Caucasus. From Abdullah Çatlı’s remarkable life (and death) to the rise of Fethullah Gulen’s $25 billion (CIA-supported) Islamic network to the NATO takeover of the Afghan poppy crop in the wake of 9/11, you won’t want to miss a moment of this riveting conversation.

Listen to Podcast Episode Here

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  1. 9/11 = Gladio B

    Thank you, Sibel and James. This was similar to the Dec 2, 2011 interview which I reference so frequently, except with so much more information and connected dots. Talking Turkey II: The Road Through Brussels. Thank you so much for your leadership and courage! You are very much appreciated.

    BTW, did Grossman and Dickerson ride home with Gulen from Turkey?

    I want all of them interrogated, in connection with the Gladio A & B. Also, the CIA, State Dept, and the entire cabinets of the Executive Branch for the last four administrations. Then we’ll have a nation of laws.

  2. I want to hear Ray McGovern’s and Daniel Ellsberg’s feedback to this interview. I want to see if there’s any correlation between their thoughts about Gladio Part B and voting for the Lesser of Two Evils.

  3. flogchopsuey says:

    Hold out your arms folks, and get ready for an injection of insight. Global powers may control the dark drugs, but Ms. Edmonds delivers the elixir of truth in this mind blowing expose! Controlled demolition move over. The “elephant in the room” is an incestuous international brotherhood of criminals who transcend national loyalties clamoring for total domination at the expense of all other life on the planet.

    What we peer into is a food chain of oil, drugs, weapons, mercenaries and power. Ground zero is the hearts and minds of key populations that are served up on decorated plates to the thrashing teeth at the top of the food chain. These populations are the epitome of the mushroom theory: “Feed them sh__ and keep them in the dark”. How will the nourishment and light of Ms. Edmonds’ revelations play out? Will Operation Gladio have to come up with a plan C? Perhaps the popularization of Vampire Culture will transform the image of a tiger in your tank in the idyllic suburbs of Leave it to Beaver western culture into a more appropriate metaphor depicting opiated zombies whose every act in life is fueled by a flood of blood soaked oil. Junk food leads to toxic outcomes. At least some of us will have an insight into the plate we are being served up on, thanks to Ms. Edmonds. Yet, if knowledge is power, appetites are bound to change: the menu is about to be re-invented.

  4. Boiling Frog, Hidden Dragon

  5. Boiling frog, Hidden Dragon…hahaha thats great….

    I once asked Chief of NZ Defence Force lieutenant General Mateparae if revelations by wikileaks of NATO aircraft trans-shipping ‘terrorist’ Muhjaden into Kosovo, flown via Turkey where they were refitted Passports and armed etc to fight alongside KLA,
    if that was an embarrassment to anybody in his world.

    He said no, he didn’t think so.’

    Sir Jerry went on to become Governor General, so I guess he was right.

    Of course, I should have asked him of 911 false flag but, as usual, those moments pass, and always later you think…

  6. Questions for Sibel:

    What kind of percentage would you estimate, of representatives know about this (Gladio B) and are either complicit, “officially” gagged, or compromised into keeping silent?

    Are there any particular representatives who know about this (Gladio B), who you would identify, so that we, the public, could lift a finger to put some public pressure on them to speak publicly about it, or allow you or others to publicly testify?

    Do you think the Susurluk incident involved the Russians? Russian connection to the lone survivor or beauty queen?

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