Must Watch Video- Operation Gladio Part I: From Neo-Fascists to Mujahedeen (aka Al Qaeda)

Unveiling the Curtain on the West’s Strategically Orchestrated & Executed Global Terror Campaign

This groundbreaking investigative video report is Part I of series on Operation Gladio produced by James Corbett of Corbett Report. The episode includes an introduction to Operation Gladio and interviews with Sibel Edmonds and Tom Secker.

As one of the most thoroughly-documented examples of a decades-long program of officially-sanctioned false flag terror, Operation Gladio remains a woefully under-reported piece of the War on Terror puzzle. Today we go behind the trite summarizations of this program to look at it in-depth, examine its roots, and discover how it is continuing to operate right through to the present day.

We urge you to help us disseminate this program and expose the ‘Criminal States’ Secrets.’ Thank You.



*For the full audio interview with Sibel Edmonds on Gladio Part I: Click Here


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  1. One last time: Until we have a functioning forum (technically functioning) please limit your comments to the specific topics/posts. When/if we have a post on architects/WTC/engineers then bring in your ‘expertise’ and points, and discuss it fir as long as you wish (and can go on typing. When we have a post on Gladio/Heroin/Mujahedeen/Turkey, feel free to share your comments/ideas on all related aspects.

    Also, Sander O: Gladio did NOT stop operating. They have several branches alive, fully functioning and with specific target regions. That was/is the main reason for SSP.

  2. Okay, I think I deleted comments that truly got out of our topic area. I hate doing this- please, please don’t make me do this again- just stay with the topic. For example: You can disagree with the thesis of this video interview, what I said/my experience … all that is fine. As long as they are specifically on this topic.

    Again, for example, Sander O believes that NATO’s Gladio ceased to exist after the fall of Soviet. I can tell you that is not the case, and do so with 100% certainty and first-hand knowledge. I have no problem with people voicing their skepticism, disagreement, or their own belief/knowledge … As long as they stay on the specific topic posted/being discussed.

    OK? So please proceed.

  3. flogchopsuey says:

    Xicha, regarding your comment at 8:46 on 2/6:

    If you want to know what kind of consensus I was requesting, it is still in print above: I said “as a truce, could we all (tonywicher, SanderO, remo, Xicha, me, etc.) agree that the 5 minute overview developed by James Corbett for the anniversary is fairly representative of a reasonable consensus?”.

    SanderO can stand up for himself, but guilty as charged, and under similar circumstances, I would support him again (see the context, in print, above). The attack on his character was not warranted. I would have supported you as well under the same circumstances. What don’t kill you, makes you stronger.

  4. Nice to know you are there Sibel. Did you report Gulen schools opening in continental USA? Is that right? Is he operating there too?

  5. @remo:

    Harmony Schools

    “Lesley Stahl: We’ve seen that some of these visas for Turkish teachers to come here are for English – for them to teach English. How does that make any sense?

    David Dunn: I’m not aware of that. I don’t– I can’t, I can’t comment on that. I don’t know. I have not looked intimately into the visas they bring in.”

  6. ok. I get it. next time google : Gulen Charter Schools in the United States

    Total number of schools currently in operation: 135

  7. Sibel,

    Perhaps I am a bit confused… as I often am as to exactly what Gladio was or if it was established with a formal mission (statement).

    I have always… as long as I was aware of Gladio… attributed this name to a series of operations undertaken by intel in Italy for the most part to destroy the rising power of the left which were supported by the communists (I presume) in the USSR our adversaries of the Cold War. My conception was that Gladio was a specific sort mission for a specific perceived threat.

    Intel has been engaged in all manner of *black ops* around the world and I never thought of those as part of Gladio. It’s just what intel does… with or without congressional sanction.

    As such my conception was that after the Italian communist party’s rise was blunted and neutered… that program ended. But Intel did not stop their black ops and moved to a different theater with the fall of the soviet Union in 1989.

    From wiki:

    Operation Gladio (Italian: Operazione Gladio) is the codename for a clandestine NATO “stay-behind” operation in Europe during the Cold War. Its purpose was to continue anti-communist actions in the event of a Soviet invasion and conquest. Although Gladio specifically refers to the Italian branch of the NATO stay-behind organizations, “Operation Gladio” is used as an informal name for all stay-behind organizations, sometimes called “Super NATO”. The name Gladio is the Italian form of gladius, a type of Roman shortsword.[1]

    Operating in many NATO and even some neutral countries,[2] Gladio was part of a series of national operations first coordinated by the Clandestine Committee of the Western Union (CCWU), founded in 1948. After the creation of NATO in 1949, the CCWU was integrated into the Clandestine Planning Committee (CPC), founded in 1951 and overseen by SHAPE (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers, Europe), transferred to Belgium after France’s official withdrawal from NATO’s Military Committee in 1966 – which was not followed by the dissolution of the French stay-behind paramilitary movements.

    The role of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in sponsoring Gladio and the extent of its activities during the Cold War era, and its relationship to right-wing terrorist attacks perpetrated in Italy during the “Years of Lead” (late 1960s to early 1980s) and other similar clandestine operations is the subject of ongoing debate and investigation but never proved. Switzerland and Belgium have had parliamentary inquiries into the matter.[3]”

    You can call the operations in the Caucuses Gladio B if you want… but this is sort of a misnomer… And who cares? Intel is engaging in the former Soviet republics with the same bag of tricks and probably some new ones.

    Intel, NATO and so forth do what they do and haven’t given it up. Clearly the former Soviet republics are where the prizes are and the turf is where they use their arsenal of nasty tricks.

  8. flogchopsuey says:

    Sibel Edmonds,

    My opinion and speculations on Gladio in present time:

    Post Soviet world is different enough that we could rename it. Gladio started off as an operation when the US functioned more as a republic. The US is now a form of dictatorship. It is one thing to have an out of control secret police in the context of a dictatorship. It is quite another to have a secret police whose attention in now concentrated by masters who are copacetic with all that a police state represents.

    In today’s world, the Babas and Bubas can be defined as those with no national loyalties, as those who do not answer to any laws, who see populations everywhere as plantation/profit centers. Managers and their serfs are totally expendable. Restraint is only used because it is convenient. Even slaves can rebel, and so why unnecessarily provoke them when you already have them on the defense? Its bad for business.

    In a corporation, the shareholder owns the company in name only. The corporate team has the lease, they live in the house. The landlord has to make an appointment to visit, and has little say on who comes and goes, or what is in the fridge. Now if a shareholder owns enough shares to have a say, she is already a Bubba or a Baba.

    So, in this context, the media, the transportation infrastructure, banking, the currencies, the mines, medicine, manufacturing, education, energy, think tanks, consumer goods and food, entertainment, prime real estate (yes, Silverman, et all) telecommunication, the drug trade, the slave trade, prostitution, etc etc are controlled by Bubbas and Babas. The money and resources they control makes all periods of history before pale in comparison.

    We may have had rich churches, rich kings, rich nation states in the past.. You could tell who was on top by the height of the castle or the minaret, then later by the monuments of the nation state. Now you tell by the height of the corporate sky scraper. Politicians everywhere come crawling into these sky scrapers and scramble in the middle of the night to answer the cell phone when the bubbas and the babbas and their henchmen lobbyists call. And above these skyscrapers, we have private jets of all sizes, mobile fortresses that can fly even when the population can’t.

    So Gladio today is whatever the Bubbas and the Babas say it is, as terrorists are whoever the Bubbas and the Babas say they are.

  9. “And who cares?”

    Right. Wow. I just read two pages of wikipedia and socio-nomenclature-studies theory.

    WTF, guys?

    Can you think of anything useful to say?

    Some mutha-f****s are going to do some more dirty deeds and we need to stop them.

    We have Sibel, who JUST GAVE US THE MASTER KEY! And she knows what it’s called and has told you so twice.

    And, you want to rename it, to save yourself from being wrong.

    What a waste.

  10. Xicha…

    I don’t want to rename Gladio and I don’t care what name you call Gladio B… As Flog points out this is more of the same with whatever name you want to give it. I don’t care about the name and names don’t matter… actions do and I care about that.

    Now… what is the key to lock this up, shut this down and rid the world of the overlords of completely ignore ethnics, morals, laws and anything else to grow their personal empires. We see the alliances of the power elite with the national security state. This is ongoing.

    I don’t care if I am wrong. I am wrong all the time.

    So tell me Xicha… honestly… what is the importance of the name?

  11. The importance of the name is intrinsic to the new, blockbuster information we are receiving. Namely:

    Sibel gave us some testimony about what she witnessed first hand. In that testimony, she called it Gladio Part B. She then reiterated for you that this operation (called Gladio Part B) was still active and ongoing. I see no reason to discuss changing the name, except to distract from the issue at hand (which is a pattern for some here, in my opinion). This name could very well be the way the participants in the operations refer to it. I don’t know. But, I sure as hell trust Sibel, as she is the one exposing this for us. And no one else is.

    So, we are getting evidence, in the form of Sibel’s testimony, that US/NATO were the ones, through Gladio B, that planned 9/11 and executed it through the use of religious extremists, guns for hire. They also used high level officials in the intelligence community/executive branch, to conceal the participants before 9/11 and to cover it up afterward.

    Here is some specific information that I was keying in on:

    US officials met with Zawahiri et al in Baku, multiple times, from 1997 – 2001. She said that Zawahiri was the head honcho, not OBL.

    I would like to find out WHO those US officials are. Then I want to see if we can CONFIRM that they did, indeed, meet with Zawahiri in Baku shortly before 9/11. Then I want to attempt to apply public PRESSURE towards those individuals, pertaining to their relationship with Zawahiri shortly before 9/11.

    I think this is only one small idea, and it probably won’t change the world. But I think it’s important to collect such strategies and start applying them ASAP. In combination with further whistle blowing (like the flight 93 shoot down contacts), you never know just what might happen.

    In the big picture, this continued, active Gladio B, and it’s role in providing the infrastructure and logistics for much of the recent major terrorist events, including 9/11, is the key. We need to pull back the curtain and expose the true masterminds behind 9/11 especially, since this symbolic event has so much significance.

    Continued efforts to expose them might also hinder the continued activities of Gladio B.

    Can you find some interesting information in what Sibel is telling us and then try to think of more questions for her and/or ways that we can use this new information?

    Let’s roll, right? Or rollover, and talk talk talk about how much we know and what name we might choose instead? Looks like purposeful distraction to cause inaction to me. Because there has been a pattern with certain individuals here, in my opinion, to consistently create meaningless discussions, distractions, diversions – you get the picture.

  12. I don’t for a minute doubt that the CIA or PartB Boys were working with the Islamists. They were who they would use to install their favs in the former Soviet republics and in the ME. B boys have to work with insurgencies… they believe to determine the outcome they want… and B boy support is how these suckers stay loyal… until like Noreiga they get uppity.

    I don’t know who was behind 9/11 and I don’t think…. just a guess… it was OBL. He was more a father figure and there seemed to have been a bunch of free lance operations going on which had a similar goal… break the West’s stranglehold on the ME and Islamic world. This sort of thing was the perfect long term enemy for the MIC who needed one because the USSR was no more and the stars wars thing was deemed dumber than a fence post and a colossal waste of money and hard to justify. Drones they can… because they use them on the WWbattle field to pick off terrorists w/ collaterials.

    I believe that these redicals were into bombs and into using hijacked planes as missles and had hatched up the Bojinka plot:

    ” Project Bojinka, also known as Opplan Bojinka, was a massive, complex plot hatched by Ramzi Yousef following the truck bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993. The term Bojinka is Serbian for “loud bang.”

    Based in Manila, Yousef and his associates began work on a series of bombs and timing devices for use aboard airplanes and in public places.

    According to Abdul Hakim Murad, who capture foiled the plot, Yousef chose Manila as his base of operations because of the low standard of living there.

    Yousef’s primary target was up a dozen transpacific airliners. Plotters would sneak bomb parts and liquid explosives onto planes and assemble the bombs while on board. They would get off at an intermediate stop and leave the bombs to explode via timers while en route to their final destination in the United States. This appears to be the most mature part of Bojinka: Specific flights were targeted, and Yousef himself performed a “test run” on a Philippines Airlines flight to Tokyo that left one man dead. This aspect of the plot is similar to the transatlantic airliners plot disrupted by British authorities in 2006.”

    CIA was probably expecting this sort of thing but targeted at the WTC and so they were going to be ready… and make sure it gave us the right bang to kick of the New American Century by letting a few planes get through. They did.

    Post 9/11 the New American Century full spectrum dominance came off the shelf… and the gloves came off and the wars began and we officially became a fascist power. The world was at first sympathetic to the nation for being attacked… but that faded fast as the Generals took over and acted out their war wet dreams coercing the *willing* and demanding half the nations of the world take our rendered prisoners for torture to get them to confess to the script these sadists had written for them.

  13. You are suggesting full spectrum dominance off the shelf AFTER 911 as response to otherwise unheralded attack. “In Response to”. Allowing for righteous reaction. but facts indicate 911 planned and executed by the 911conspirators to inflame and UTILIZE that righteous reactionary energy as the PIVOT for letting loose a pre-planned full spectrum program [PNAC].
    This is central to our discourse. 911 AS false flag.

    Yousef is/was a nasty man for sure, but was he outsourced with Bojinka?
    93 WTC bombing is widely understood as P2OG aided by FBI. So he was aided there. Why not Bojinka.
    quote “According to a classified document prepared for Rumsfeld by his Defense Science Board, the new organization–the “Proactive, Preemptive Operations Group (P2OG)”–would actually carry out secret missions designed to provoke terrorist groups into committing violent acts. The P2OG, a 100-member, so-called “counter-terrorist” organization with a $100-million-a-year budget, would ostensibly target “terrorist leaders,” but according to P2OG documents procured by Arkin, would in fact carry out missions designed to “stimulate reactions” among “terrorist groups”–which, according to the Defense Secretary’s logic, would subsequently expose them to “counter-attack” by the good guys. In other words, the plan is to execute secret military operations (assassinations, sabotage, “deception”) which would intentionally result in terrorist attacks on innocent people, including Americans–essentially, to “combat terrorism” by causing it.-” Morales, globalresearch

    Further to the morphing of deep state/corporate shareholding truism.


    “On January 22 a telling leak cropped up in the Internet. British defense contractor’s BRITAM server was hacked and megabytes of classified internal files of the firm were released to the public. Now the case is acquiring a Britamgate scale due to the publication on Prison Planet. What is the story behind the leakage? Why this scandal is likely to turn around the situation in Syria?

    quote” Phil

    We’ve got a new offer. It’s about Syria again. Qataris propose an attractive deal and swear that the idea is approved by Washington.

    We’ll have to deliver a CW to Homs, a Soviet origin g-shell from Libya similar to those that Assad should have.

    They want us to deploy our Ukrainian personnel that should speak Russian and make a video record.

    Frankly, I don’t think it’s a good idea but the sums proposed are enormous. Your opinion?

    Kind regards David

  14. flogchopsuey says:

    If you look around, there are a lot of people who have decided to go along with the bubba/baba game. Some only temporarily, in good faith, mistook the dictatorship for a republic, and tried to be honest hard working loyal citizens. Others who smelled the rat a long long time ago and figured the best way to survive was to look out for number one and to grab whatever share they could get. The third are the disgruntled small timers who never really got close to the inside at all, but are so unhappy with the way things are that they obsess with it, getting off on little snippets of this and that new fad in the political area, hoping that by some miracle, there is some yellow brick road with some utopia out there somewhere. Yes, even this game is defined by the bubbas/babbas, because the people playing this game are outsiders by definition, and the bubbas and babbas cultivate outsiders. They are able to define themselves as the insiders, and paint a picture of themselves as the white hats because of this third group playing the game the way they do.

    Well, what choice does that leave those who are in the spirit of the BFP? For one thing, they know not to make needless enemies. For another they know to chose their words very carefully. For another they know what to do to avoid being put on the defensive unnecessarily. For another, they know what Pogo meant when he said “we have met the enemy”. For another, they are patient and do not whine. Finally, they are not knee jerk audiences for any hot button item that they are supposed to ohh and ahh over. Oh, they are not perfect. They get angry. They still get their eyes opened up. But they are all we got.

  15. Orchestrate:to arrange or manipulate, especially by means of clever or thorough planning or maneuvering

    Digest:to obtain information, ideas, or principles from; assimilate mentally

    More notes from the interview to digest:
    *1997 – it went to Plan B – during the next 3-4 year period there were dozens and dozens of joint operations – false flag terrorism – orchestrating the fundamentalist Muslim guerrillas, like Zawahiri.

    *US asked Mubarak to release top Muslim fundamentalists (who were anti-Mubarak) – went to Turkey and became part of this movement. We need them in Turkey and have “tasks” for them.

    *Special office in the pentagon running Gladio – exact (major) division spelled out in Susurluk documents. This did not end, it switched to Part B (using Islam, instead of nationalism) after the exposure of the Susurluk incident.

    *When 9/11 happened – look at a certain arm of NATO.

    *Cold War was never over – it is a continuing war for resources – ultimate prize is Central Asia and Caucasus. We are orchestrating the ethnic conflicts and religious factions in preparation for the coming conflicts.

    *9/11 was NOT a case of our “partners” suddenly turning on us. We worked with them before 9/11 on false flag terrorism. We are working with them right now on false flag terrorism (e.g. Libya/Syria). It should be simple enough to deduce that 9/11 was another false flag terrorist event, with our partners, orchestrated by us, for the goal of moving our resource war forward.

    (On the lighter side, ‘Gladio Babas’ is beating out ‘Glaring Paradoxes’. I also like ‘Footnote 44’ for a band name.)

  16. Be careful with deductive reasoning:

    “Deductive reasoning, also deductive logic or logical deduction or, informally, “top-down” logic,[1] is the process of reasoning from one or more general statements (premises) to reach a logically certain conclusion.[2]

    Deductive reasoning links premises with conclusions. If all premises are true, the terms are clear, and the rules of deductive logic are followed, then the conclusion reached is necessarily true.

    Deductive reasoning (top-down logic) contrasts with inductive reasoning (bottom-up logic) in the following way: In deductive reasoning, a conclusion is reached from general statements, but in inductive reasoning the conclusion is reached from specific examples.”

    Just because the CIA engages in false flag ops (or has)… does not mean that everything the CIA does is a false flag op… or that all terrorist events are false flag ops.

    Are there not any terrorist events which are not false flag ops? Answer.. YES.. most are not false flags.

  17. You’re trying pretty hard to protect an incompetence argument, when it comes to 9/11. Incompetence keeps being used and keeps failing to explain whatever it’s used for. I hope it’s worth it.

  18. Xicha,

    Do you deny that terrorism exists?
    Do you deny that terrorism/insurgency/blow back is how the weak battle the strong?
    Do you deny that the NSS/MIC has not won a single war for 60 something years?
    Do you deny the waste fraud and abuse and incompetence in the MIC?

    Or do you see them as brilliantly executing all the wars, insurgencies, disasters around the world in flawless perfection and timing with no evidence of the detailed plans for it all?

    Of course NSS/MIC is and will manage world events… color the narrative to suit their goals and agenda? Why would / should we expect otherwise? Why should we find it unusual for NSS/MIC to be involved in drugs? Drugs are lucrative for them, and a source of crime to justify their own existence? Terrorism and terrorists are likewise exploited as needed. Sting operations are common. Double and triple agents exist BECAUSE there are adversaries to infiltrate. And there is plenty of paranoia.

    Of course exposing the details of how the NSS/MIC plays the game is not going to see the light of day. These are secrets that democracies cannot abide. Our gov turns a blind eye because NSS /MIC tell us this sort of criminality is the only way to make us safe. They get a pass and anyone who open their mouth on this is considered persona non grata.

    Could 9/11 be a false flag conspiracy directed by insiders? Conceptually.. yes. But likely not and more likely a blow back event which was expected, not completely understood (it didn’t matter) because it laid the perfect foundation for the New American Century of full spectrum dominance. They got away with more lawlessness, wars, clamp down on our rights… and with the blessing of congress… all because we were led to believe this was making us safe. It’s the rise of fascism… the boiling frogs approach.

    No… I don’t believe 9/11 was orchestrated by insiders.

  19. flogchopsuey says:

    Here’s a suggestion for anyone who wants to keep talking about 9/11 in ways that Sibel Edmonds suggested that she would prefer not to be included in the comment thread of Gladio.

    1. Create a temporary email account or a temporary Reddit account.

    2. Publish your new email account name or reddit web link for the conversation here on the comments. The technical aspects of the comment forum at Reddit are actually pretty good.

    Use the new account to move the 9/11 conversation over there. Any one who wants to follow it would be able to follow it. There is a 9/11 subreddit over at Reddit that is petty good for example, for this kind of conversation. That’s not censorship so much as it is keeping focus, because the link would be published right here.

    If this is a bad idea, let me know. My feelings won’t be hurt.

  20. flogchopsuey says:

    Regarding Gladio, if there was a plan to take down five to seven countries as of 9/20/01, to shift the balance of power, would this not be noteworthy in the context of Gladio?

    Also Wesly Clark admitting that oil was a top priority.

    The following video is one of my main corner posts. Comments please.

    If this doesn’t tie in with Gladio or doesn’t belong here, please let me know.

  21. @flogchopsuey:

    9/11 was in the context of Gladio. This is what Sibel is saying. Please listen to the entire interview again at:

  22. @SanderO: I’ve learned that corruption explains the problems with government much more than incompetence. Incompetence as an explanation is almost always a cover for corruption. I have no idea why you’re hanging on to that thread, cause it’s already broken for most of us.

    Have you learned anything at this site? So far, all of your comments seem to come from some kind of authority. Ne’er a question or any semblance of humility. I’m not talking about self deprecation. “I’m wrong sometimes.” I’m talking about a real question. But I haven’t seen that from you. Only advice, dissuasion, and what I would say is distraction and conflation (all inside job theories must include CD for example). What does that have to do with the thread you cling to?

    Is it only-child syndrome? That’s a more innocent explanation. You’ve already told us you’re not on anyone’s payroll. Were you and flogchopsuey both government brats?

  23. Xicha,

    Please stop with the armchair psychoanalysis. I am not an only child and never worked for the gov, nor did anyone in my family. I do hold and express strong opinions and like the fact discussion forums provide a platform for me to present my thinking and learn and read what others are thinking.

    I am not sure I can accept you view of my use of incompetence as a explanation in lieu of corruption. I see plenty of corruption, and nepotism and corruption certainly do provide cover for incompetence. I do suspect that there were some sort of stand down orders (corruption) and blocking of intel (corruption). My assertions are about corruption, nepotism and *engineering* incompetence (negligence) related to the WTC and these are what enabled it to fall.

    There certainly was plenty of corruption in the cover stories and false narratives… and that was handled with finesse… not incompetence.

    Kindly, stop the condescending tone when addressing me. I read and listen to the presentations on this site, and others and all of them inform my understanding. I am not an BFP sycophant not an FDL one or one of any other site on the www. I appreciate the work Sibel has done and support her effort to bring accountability to the NSS.

    I think for myself and speak for myself…. but like everyone build my understanding on what I read, hear and see.

  24. flogchopsuey says:

    Ok Xicha I will listen to the whole Gladio interview again, thanks.

    On another note, since we are looking for ideas on how to deal with the phenomenon of Gladio, police state, etc., here’s a thought for all:

    Now that we know the corporate bubbas, criminal babas, and their henchmen lobbyists have castrated the power of government, perhaps we should pause and celebrate the half victory that someone figured out a way to overturn a sham democracy in a way that is now available to anyone who would have the discipline to figure out what they really want and organize themselves to do it. The invention of the chartered trading company might have been the beginning of the end for the dominance of the nation state. Now anyone who is focused enough has a chance to create an artificial personage with powers exceeding those of any single citizen. The path has been pointed out. The bubbas and the babbas have a good head start. But with the internet, there should be a way that the 100 million people just in this one global territory called America should be able to form an single purpose corporation in a matter of hours and days and deliver a block of power to a well selected point of impact. They will sell you the rope with which to hang them.

    So, many would have issues with this. And there are issues. But some of the issues have to do with the fact that some people can get their s___ together for greed and other people are not getting their _____ together to make this a better world. For each next step we take, their is an evolution that must happen as we grow into it.

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