The EyeOpener- Solutions: Defeating the Secret Societies

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In our Secret Society EyeOpener series we have been examining those organizations of influence that wield power over our countries from behind the scenes. Groups such as the Canadian Council of Chief Executives, the Zionist Organization of America, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Common Purpose. We could go on to detail thousands of similar organizations working in similar ways to direct the processes of government from the shadows: the Club of Rome, the Pilgrims Society, the Bohemian Grove, the Knights of Malta, Le Cercle. The list is nearly inexhaustible.

In this final episode of EyeOpener Video Report Series on Secret Societies James Corbett discusses and explores possible solutions in opposing and defeating the hidden influence over government that exists in the world today.

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*The Transcript for this video is available at Corbett Report: Click Here

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This site depends….

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    I have had several communications with Mr. Griffin re: chemtrails. For the uninitiated this is one of those conspiracy theories that gets you labeled a conspirator. However, as Mr. Griffin will acknowledge, it is far from that. A simple search of aluminum and barium salts will indicate that not only are they a flame retardant commonly found in jet fuel, but they help mitigate loss of reflective surfaces that protect us from human-caused climate change.
    Now how does this comment add to the continuing discussion about how to regain our freedoms, which are nearly gone? Has anyone in the U.S. who is not Native American asked why continued abuse is permitted of these peoples? Is it simply that they sit on valuable natural resources? I suggest that no, it is their cosmology, which is at variance with mainstream religions, because it is fully integrated with the earth. That insight when properly practiced counters human spin to true Christian doctrine, and allows powerful interaction with nature to challenge the elite in a world far beyond their force driven engineering solutions.
    Those offended by my comments might check in the KJV of Revelation 11, where it clearly states that ‘they that destroy the earth will be destroyed’.

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