Corbett Report- Sibel Edmonds on Gladio Part III: Turkey-Iraq, the Hood Event, Israel & Gladio B

Sibel Edmonds of joins us for the third part of our series on Gladio B, the NATO-directed effort to radicalize, enable and protect Islamic terrorists to further their own geopolitical ends. In this edition we discuss the Hood Event, the Gladio A / B transition, Israel’s role in funding both sides of the regional conflict, and how the Kurds have been used and abused by every would-be regional power in the area. Sibel also takes questions on Ayman al-Zawahiri and begins to discuss Huseyin Baybasin (aka “Europe’s Pablo Escobar”) and the NATO-protected heroin operations in Europe.



Listen to the Podcast Here



To listen to the previous installments in this series: CLICK HERE FOR PART ONE and CLICK HERE FOR PART TWO

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  1. Sibel…

    You completely lost me in this interview… I find the story you tell impossible to follow. You talk too fast for one… Perhaps this story is so complex with so many actors it does not lend itself to this sort of presentation.

    Everyone you mentioned seems to have an agenda which involved back channel alliances. Obviously the radicals …or professed radical like Zawahiri have to build a power base from the ground up the way insurgencies would… The USA-NATO MIC has a different problem… they are trying to control outcomes.. get at resources… keep them from others… and they can’t literally use their military power directly. That would not be acceptable to the nations of the world (as if *we* care). So the big guys use the little guys, the power freaks, drug lords, war lords and arm them or make deals with them to do the bidding for MIC NATO USA. *We* get in bed with the worst of the worst who are ruthless, greedy and who are probably intending to put one over on us anyway.

    A nice attack like 9/11 makes the perfect pretext for the USA to go in with the full military power… and so they don’t have to waste time with all this spy, black ops, weapons deals, assassinations etc with these local thugs who are not only not trustworthy, but more than likely intending to bite the hands that feeds them anyway.

    Without actual military attack or clear justification the USA, CIA and NATO have to play the dirty game. That’s what they do… Black ops.

    Israel has some legitimate security concerns because many in the region consider them illegitimate and want to kick them off the block. Other Zionists are clearly over the top and want to expand Israel… which can barely claim legitimate rights to the 1948 borders. But for the USA Isreal represents the only secular government in the region and the most reliable… and tolerable as an ally to the Americans. Israel has been leveraging the Kurds and Turkey (more or less secular) to keep the Arab states from kicking her out of the neighborhood.

    Turkey, of course has a Kurdish problem similar to Iran… neither country wants to give allow self determination… so Kurds hate Iranians and Turks…

    This is all a wild set of tribal alliances and allegiances made even more complicated by the energy reserves and the strategic loacation of these countries for international shipping. Bosphorus is the only way out from the Black sea and all the former USSR republics over there. Turkey controls… So US/NATO sucks up to them. Turkey wangled herself into NATO by being a good littler girl and letting them threaten USSR from there for the entire cold war. Now they are being used to stage a take over of the former Soviet republics.

    Why these sorts of dirty dealings by intel would surprise anyone or be the *new Gladio* which was the intel dirty war to break the influence of communism on *our side* of the Berlin wall… and now it’s to take over control of the Caucuses, Balkans and ME.

    Americans a pretty dumb at all this PRECISELY because they are not meant to know about what intel does and how disgusting their tactics are. One has to be paying close attention to get the sort of accurate portrayal of how this is working… I suppose the details matter… But the names and so forth hardly matter to me.

    So can anything be done about this? Short answer: NO. This is how the world works diplomacy doesn’t work with this barely formed republics run by oligarchs and war lords… put there by powerful thieves, drug lords and so forth.

    We need to change the paradigm which is not likely because the rest of the world plays dirty and if we don’t we lose.. or so they say.

    Isolationism? Hardly possible anymore and the world is so interconnected for resources and manufactured goods.

    Industrialized countries are too advanced and the non industrialized ones can’t catch up… or enough to be trading partners… so the MIC simply influence the outcomes of the emerging third world non industrialized nations and plays dirty and pretends that it doesn’t because it’s allowed to be secret and not play by the rules.

    Greed, progress, industrial nations thirsty for energy and markets and cheap labor are driving this madness. If you’re not growing… you’re dying.

    That’s the trap.

  2. SanderO:

    Your constant efforts to dissuade interest in these interviews, for which Sibel is putting herself on the line, causes ceaseless frustration for me and I wish you would stop. Does this make you happy/satisfied in some way?

    Try listening again. Sibel is offering testimonial evidence of things that I, for one, wish that more people knew about. This is better than any other opinions, guesses, and speculations from self-centered ingrates, which you can find all over the internet (and in SOME people’s comments).

    BTW, Sibel states clearly that these are not merely alliances of convenience. Clean your ears or find some software that will slow down the audio, if you need it. Computers are wonderful.

  3. RealErolEgemen says:

    Hello Sibel,
    great interview again. The only military personnel, who has defected to Russia I knew of was Mustafa Bakıcı. Can you name explicitly other ones? Can you name their web sites? I would like to have a look into their writings myself.
    Keep up the good work!

  4. @ Xicha,

    I am sorry that you find my comment disturbing. People do need to learn the facts about the CIA’s dirty laundry… I don’t. I’ve known this for decades. If the details make a difference, by all means name names. I see that we have a very much larger problem.

    The intel/CIA/MIC/NATO nexus is all about running foreign policy using dirty nasty tricks, propping up and arming thugs, cashing out from drug deals and so forth.

    Democracies are incapable of minding their own affairs and not meddling in the affairs of other nations which they often frame as simply insuring their citizen’s safety… which is rubbish. Iran is no threat to me, never was and never will be. Neither in North Korea, or Uzbekistan or even Turkey. My only interest in these places is their culture and the possibility to visit them and experience them first hand.

    Let these places solve their tribal and land disputes and if they want outside help… let the UN give it a go. Let’s demilitarize the world not flood it with weapons and intel ops.

    Industrialization need energy and materials and this mean international trade. That has to be conducted fairly. Resources of the earth belong to all inhabitants not the corporations which have laid claim to them so that their owners can profit.

    We need a completely new paradigm. This one’s broke beyond repair… and going to take down the entire planet as it kills off people like pests along the way.

    I am jaded by all this talk of corruption and dirty tricks and puppetry and thuggery. It’s been told to us many times.. those of us who listen, look and read.

  5. Castillonis says:

    Thank you very much for these most excellent interviews. This is helping me understand so much more about what is going on. I prefer to download the audio by right clicking on the link. I take notes and I pause the recording when I need time to write. I would create time lines for this, but I am currently busy with other tasks. I look forward to each one of these 🙂

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