The Reality Principle -Episode 17

“War, Peace, and the Search for Our Humanity” with Kathy Kelly

RPLogoThis week, Eric has an in-depth conversation with peace activist and author Kathy Kelly. They discuss the human side of war: the children taken from their parents, the fathers ruthlessly assassinated, the lives permanently shattered. Kathy provides emotionally moving first-hand accounts of her experiences in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Gaza and other war zones, explaining the impact on individuals that have touched her life. Eric and Kathy examine the use of drones and the redefinition of war under the Obama administration. In addition, they critique the very notions of "humanitarian intervention" and the "Responsibility to Protect" doctrine as little more than rhetorical devices used to justify and legitimize blatant imperialist aggression. Kathy and Eric also provide insights into how to build an effective, broad-based antiwar movement in the US.

Kathy Kelly is an activist, author and co-coordinator of Voices for Creative Non-Violence. She has worked extensively in the US and around the world on issues as far-ranging as poverty, nuclear disarmament, and US imperialism. Visit for more information on how to follow her work and get involved.

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