Video Report-Know Your Terrorists: Ayman Al-Zawahiri

An Excellent video report from James Corbett of Corbett Report:

We are told a certain tale about the story of Ayman Al-Zawahiri, Osama Bin Laden's right-hand man and the inheritor of the Al Qaeda operation...but we are not told everything. Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we go in search of the real Ayman Al-Zawahiri and uncover some surprising connections.

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This site depends….

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  1. In listening to this report I am not convinced that Zawahiri and bro take their orders from the CIA or the NeoGladio group. I would not be the least bit surprised that the CIA guys know everything he is up to and have infiltrated the groups he runs with and can do some puppetry when required. The media clearly makes sh8t up and repeats what the CIA tells them is the story at every step of the fake GWOT.

    However I cannot believe that there is not a lot of anti Americanism and radicalized Islamists who would and have engaged in terrorism. I find the concept that Zawahiri needs to do a big one to earn his stripes silly. Who would he be trying to impress? The guys below him who want to take over as the big cheese? Is he trying to impress the CIA?

    CIA needs terrorism and terrorists. They need them to play chess over there. As I’ve written before they have no other way to play… but by and with shady characters whose destinies they can influence. Whoever Zawahiri is… he’s not working for the capitalist pigs… even when his actions play into their needs. There is absolutely no reason for the Arab street… or the Islamist street to have anything but animus and fear of the US and the CIA.. and throw in Russia and Israel. If there was any love before 9/11, there is none left after it with the love we showed in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen.

    The goals of the US is simply… control and domination of the regions mentioned in the interviews… The tactic is to generate excuses and false justification for meddling… usually to crush terrorism. This includes letting the terrorists do some mischief so that the excuse is there. We can’t have a war on terrorism without terrorists. Our policies create them, foster them, kill them and torture them, arm them ally with them to fight some strong man…

    Information on a laptop… gimme a break… I have a bridge to sell you which I know you’ll love.

  2. Without any support for the idea behind the national security state that exists I would like to read what the readers to BFP think the mission of the various intel agencies is?

    What are the means…. the motives… the opportunities they use to fulfill what their mission is…. whether you support the mission or not?

    Do you expect that the NSS will HAVE to engage in all manner of illegal activities to fulfill its mission and the justification is that this sort of thing serves a greater/ higher purpose… and gets a pass.?

    Do you think that this mission, means, motives and opportunities are sanctioned, supported and approved by the congress, the POTUS, the people and the press? If not how is this whole NSS able to carry on and be as large and as powerful as it is?

    Is intel out of bounds? Whose bounds?

  3. “If not how is this whole NSS able to carry on and be as large and as powerful as it is?” SO As a reader of BFP I have a limited view of the Big Picture, and limited access to the real facts of the case. I can only extend hypotheses and test them as to whether they fit the existing conditions. Let’s start with the premise that there are three power groups that have global import, the wealthy, the occult masters, and those protected by some sort of genetic heritage. In many cases these overlap, but in other cases they do not. Can individuals affect things on that scale if these premises are correct? AG Marshall can provide great detail of one group, the Elite. I will simply reference the Bank for International Settlements as a case in point.
    I like the mathematical model of chaos to illustrate how an individual can affect the outcome. Assume that these three groups above generate waves at random in endless progression with no definite pattern to our normal perceptions. Run that through an algorithm and three identifiable groups emerge that have a recognizable form. I suggest the reader visualize the triskellion of the ancient Celts. Each of these three arms are connected to the world that we live in within time and space. Mandelbrot and other mathematicians demonstrated something called the ‘Butterfly Effect’. It is a wonderful tool not just in electronics and power generation, but within the context of politics, economics, climate, and multiple complex systems. An individual can cause perturbations in the standing wave of Control.
    How? Do you borrow money? Okay you are contributing to the standing wave of the Banksters. Do you seek to project your thoughts with intent and intensity upon others without their permission? You are contributing to the occult standing wave. Are you born gifted, and letting others suffer while you coast along pretending to be normal? By your inaction, you are allowing the genetically corrupt to rule with their standing wave. It’s really pretty simple.

  4. An interesting article about how the CIA / DIA / Cheney was pulling the strings of the American people through the right wing officials… many of whom have later admitted they passed lies because they were told they were intel.

    Where does this intel come from?

  5. tonywicher says:

    It’s like a tautology. The National Security State is able to operate outside public view because everything they do is classified as a matter of national security. They possess the Ring of Gyges, which makes you invisible so you can commit any crime and get away with it. They use “national security” as the reason to keep what they do out of public scrutiny. We just have to trust them. Oh yes, they really fed Obama’s carcass to the sharks. Of course, this makes the story hard to verify, but we just have to take their word for it. This is something you won’t see questioned in the MSM anywhere.

  6. tonywicher says:

    Did I say Obama? I meant Osama. I keep doing that. It is hard to tell the difference sometimes. It’s scary to compare the reality that Sibel’s analysis uncovers with the bad Hollywood movie version of reality the MSM is putting out.

  7. Too many assumptions made in this video about Zawahiri’s computer. To begin with, how Corbett and Edmonds know what was in that computer? They know it from that same mainstream press that they ridicule? And how that mainstream media could know what was in it? Secondly, why would Zawahiri–by that time he must have been quite good in common tricks of the trade–take a comp loaded with self-damning information to such a dangerous trip? Or after all those years he could not afford to have more than one computer? Thirdly, we should keep in mind what was going on in Russia in the end of 1996. Yeltsin’s American advisers were fully in charge. US operatives like Stephen Sestanovich together with Berezovsky writing the list of new government. FSB was not at all the new KGB as Sibel claims. It was decimated and lined up in front of FBI offices to sell whatever they could. Here as elsewhere when it comes to Russia, Sibel’s and Corbett’s understanding is limited by their US middle-class provenance.

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