Video Report: Operation Gladio-Q & A

Sibel Edmonds Answers Your Questions on Gladio B

After four hours of intense conversation on Gladio B, this week James and Sibel take a step back to consolidate some of the information and answer listener questions. In this interview we discuss specific characters and events as well as the broad scope of geopolitics and the great game of British imperialism and Zionist manipulations.

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  1. tonywicher says:

    NATO = the British Empire in its modern form. It is quintessentially British and not American. The British are the senior partners. As Sibel says, they are the deepest, sneakiest long-term strategic planners on the planet. The U.S. and the Israelis are children next to the British. British agents run the United States and Israel. Barack Obama is such a British agent (as is Netanyahu). He is a junior partner of Wall Street which is a junior partner of the imperial oligarchy. The United States has been re-conquered by the British, and what we need is another revolution to get rid of these bastards, this time for good. Accomplishing this begins with the intelligence work being done by Sibel. Their greatest power is that of deception, and if we can see through it and expose what they are really doing, understand their whole strategy, we can guide our people to take away their power. We are dealing a power that is primarily financial, and only secondarily military. They control the economies of the United States and Western Europe through economic monetarism, which is the economic ideology of the oligarchy. Essentially it is the doctrine that money reigns supreme, that money is wealth, and without money nothing can be done. The oligarchy may be called the money power. The oligarchs have a long tradition of class rule. They have ruled for hundreds of years – some would claim thousands, going back to the Roman Empire or even ancient Egypt, they think they were born to rule, that they rule by divine right, and they plan, long term, for their descendants to continue to rule. One place I might differ a little bit from Sibel is where she compares the Saudi monarchy to the British Queen. Everybody knows that most of the Saudi “princes” are degenerate playboys, and the Saudi regime is a total puppet regime. Whatever the Saudis do is really being done by the Empire. But that does not mean that all the Saudi princes are nothing but degenerate playboys, for example Prince Bandar, dubbed “Bandar Bush” by Dubya, whom I would call a very dangerous British intelligence agent who was right in the middle of 9/11. There is still that 28-page document showing his accounts were financing some of the fake hijackers that Obama lied to the 9/11 families about declassifying that may leak out any day now. As to the Queen Elizabeth, the standard history is that the British monarchy lost power to the British bankers, merchants and industrialists after the industrial revolution and is now only a show, like Hollywood. I am inclined to think that this is more British deception, that the British pretty much wrote the “standard history” and this is what they want you to think. If you trace the chain of command all the way up through NATO which is their military arm to the very top of the oligarchy, I think you might find that the real political power structure resembles that of Venice in the Middle Ages, which did not have an absolute monarch, but had a ruling council with what was called a Doge, kind of like a chairman of the board, who is usually described as “primus entre pares”, first among equals. I would say that the Queen occupies such a position, that she is very wealthy and very powerful, but she takes a back seat on policy as far as the public is concerned and pretends to be only ceremonial, just as the British also guide U.S. policy from the back seat. The British Royals are not puppets but a powerful and sinister force representing the oldest money on Earth.

    The financial empire of the Oligarchy is crashing because of the inevitable results of its monetarist economic policies which are a cancer on the real economy of the world, preventing economic growth and preventing investment in the future. This policy is ultimately genocidal because when the next and biggest crash happens, the economy will contract so far that billions of people will starve to death. This is what the oligarchs want. As far as they are concerned, there are now billions of useless eaters burdening Mother Earth who might get out of control, and a culling is necessary. This is what they are planning. The question is, are we going to let them get away with it?

    I say they can be stopped by attacking them where they are most vulnerable at a time when their trans-Atlantic banking system is about to crash. We have a short window of opportunity right now and we must act immediately. There is a bill in the current session of Congress, HR 129, the Return to Prudent Banking Act of 2013, sponsored by Democrat Marcy Kaptur. It was HR 1489 in the last session, where it died in the Financial Services Committee with 84 co-sponsors, mostly Democrats but some Republicans, including the admirable Walter Jones of North Carolina. It was immediately re-introduced in the new session as HR 129 and is rapidly gaining co-sponsors, currently around 28. Under current conditions of banking emergency, with the Fed bailing out the banks at a rate of 100 billion or more a month creating a hyper-inflationary death spiral which is becoming more apparent every day, we can get get this law rammed through. Here is a link to HR 129: If this bill becomes law, it will be nothing less than the guillotine that cuts of the head of the oligarchy. What is this bill? It is simply the restoration of the Banking Act of 1933, also known as Glass-Steagall, which was the first thing Roosevelt did to get the speculative banking practices that caused the crash of 1929 and the Great Depression under control. It was the law of the land until 1999, although it was steadily weakened along the way, but its complete repeal via the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999 led directly to the big crash 2008, and we are now in a situation very similar to 1933 when Glass-Steagall was passed. The historical conditions are right to get it re-instituted. The trouble is that instead of having a great American president like Franklin Roosevelt at the helm, we have the phony “Manchurian” president Obama who is a lackey of the Empire. We must do everything possible to undermine and impeach this usurper, while working with Congress, however cowardly and brain-dead it may be, to assert its Constitutional power over the economy by passing this bill. The original Glass-Steagall separated commercial banking from investment banking, which is another word for financial speculation, making money with money, that is the essence of the monetarist system. The real commercial financial assets were then guaranteed by the federal government through the FDIC. That was the beginning of financial sanity that began to restore the confidence and credit needed to get the economy growing.

    The passage of HR 129 would result in a controlled bankruptcy process for the current financial system while preventing a total crash, freeing the economy of bad debt and clearing the way for a national banking system that will finance a full economic recovery. Separating valid commercial assets from derivatives, mortgage-backed securities and other such financial fictions will require a massive accounting job to audit the major banks or bank holding companies AND the Federal Reserve itself, which is also a private bank with the happy additional power to print its own money, which it has been doing a rate of $100 billion or so a month to keep those financial instruments propped up. Such an audit will expose the fact that with those commercial accounts separated out, the Fed and the banks are bankrupt, all those investment vehicles become worthless paper, and the Fed and the banks essentially cease to exist. That would not be an economic disaster, except for the oligarchs, of course. On the contrary, it would be a huge relief to the productive powers of the real economy, which can now be organized along the lines originally worked out by Alexander Hamilton, by establishing a credit system with a Third Bank of the United States for infrastructure development and economic growth. Such a bank would exercise the economic sovereignty of the United States as a free and independent country and would end the system of monetarist control imposed by the Empire. Working with sympathetic legislators, draft legislation is now being proposed to Congress to establish such a bank. Here is a link to the draft:

    Please call your Congressmen and Senators to demand passage of HR 129. Also please call your representatives in your state legislators to pass a resolution directed to the state’s Congressional delegation to become co-sponsors of HR 129. Such resolutions have been introduced in 10 states, and South Dakota just passed one. Talk to local bank managers, which will benefit from such a financial reorganization of the economy. Talk to any business leaders who might like to see financial sanity restored. This is a completely non-partisan effort to save the country. We must create a groundswell for the passage of HR 129 by every means available.

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