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What does it mean to be a ‘True Alternative’ among the too many and too powerful media outlets infested with lies and busy with implementing deception and propaganda? As a long-term truth seeker and activist, and as a founder and director of Boiling Frogs Post, I believe I have gained a certain degree of moral authority to answer this question confidently:

The true alternative means the truly independent: independent of foundation mega-bucks, independent of corporate-sponsors, and independent of mega-advertisement dollars. There is only ONE way for a truly independent alternative to exist, survive, continue and expand: Through People- direct contributions and donations by the people for the people.

Without the people’s support there will never be a true alternative. Never. The truly independent alternatives will not survive without the support and backing of the people. Thus, it is up to the people to decide and take steps to support the real independent and counter the mega establishment and the ‘Dumb-ification of the Masses.’

Three years ago this website, Boiling Frogs Post, began with a promise: a site where the irate minority (that’s me and you), those aware and tired of the creators of lies-fables-smoke and mirrors, could call home. It was created on a pledge: complete independence from the establishment- those who come in many forms-whether foundations, sponsors or deep-pocket advertisers.

For over three years our team of producers and analysts has been presenting you with untainted, bold, independent and nonpartisan facts and discussions through original video reports, podcast interviews and commentaries, editorial cartoons, news, articles and analyses. We believe we have been effective: we have been shining the light on the truth, and have been irritating the powers and their puppetries. We have expanded our team and coverage. And, we have accomplished this through one source (and one source only): You and your support.

We can only exist with the support of our irate minority members and supporters. Without your subscriptions we won’t be able to create and produce original and independent multimedia shows. Without your donations we won’t be able to research, verify, select and present to you crucial news and developments night after night…Without your support this truth source cannot exist. Without your support the obscurers of the truth will win.

Please help us continue and expand- for the independent truth, and for all of us. You can help counter the project ‘Dumb-ification of the Masses.’ Yes, you certainly can, and here is how:

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This site depends….

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  1. I realize that this is a private enterprise and there is no obligation to disclose what the operating expenses are…. but I, for one, would like to see some sort of summary of quarterly expenses. Thanks!

  2. @SanderO: This will be the last response you will be getting from me, and this website. You have been utterly (and intentionally) disruptive, discouraging to others, and a voice of misinformation. You will have a refund, and will go your way as of today- February 18, 2013.

    This website runs solely on people’s kind donations and subscriptions. Currently we are paying 7 partners monthly- very meager due to lack of resources. With fees ranging from: $200 a month to $600 a month. We pay for monthly cloud fee to transmit our video reports speedily. We pay for monthly dedicated server fees. We pay a hefty monthly CC processing fee to Authorize Net. We pay 5+% payment processing fee to PayPal. We pay for technical support (contract). In fact, we are running on negative some months.

    With all that, we need true supporters; not misinformation agent. To date I have received dozens of comlaints about your overt misinformation and smuck comments. I have been asked by more than a few people who would like to see an end to such participations. I have been very patient and tolerant up to this point, but I cannot stand people who act-talk-insinuate pure ugliness.

    You are free to go and pick your next target. This home of irate minority is not for you.

  3. I have to say that I’m very happy with your decision here, Sibel. I don’t know what kind of satisfaction he got with being so dissuasive and basically disrespecting every article and interview put out here.

    I thought he was bad news and am so glad he’s gone that I’m going to celebrate by making an extra donation to BFP!

    Regarding BFP:

    Look at this recent series on Gladio, with James Corbett. This is such hard hitting, informative, deep-state-exposing stuff and it just CANNOT be found anywhere else. BFP is the best source for information and analysis of geopolitics and deep-state crimes, hands down.

    I should also mention the fact that BFP is the only place I have seen that offers content from folks with such a variety of independent philosophical perspectives. I love the teamwork happening between the individualists and collectivists and those in between on (or outside of) this continuum.

    I am so proud to be part of this. Please accept my gratitude for all you have done, are doing, and will do, Sibel et al. It IS making a difference and it will get stronger. I have a feeling there are many reading here who are just about to take that next step, to becoming a member and really showing their support for this absolute gem in the rough.

    As we can see from the Gladio series, there is strength in the truth. Like pulling the sword from the stone, like the crouching tigers and hidden dragons inside each boiling frog, Sibel and company are showing us what comes from real courage and integrity.

    To those reading and not yet members: Please join now! Jump out of the pot and into this irate minority school of truth kung fu!

  4. rachelinnys says:

    I will be send a small check this week to help. I was also wondering if boilingfrogspost has an offical bumber sticker, pin or such? I adore your logo and the site and if you had a pin or something for sale I would buy one or two to wear about…Just a thought. Thank you, Sible for your hard work. I understand how hard it is to run a business.

  5. @Rachel:
    I sincerely thank you for all your support.

    We have been working very hard to continue and expand this website, and we are operating on a very tight budget-almost comical. To give you an idea: please visit Antiwar.com and check out their quarterly fundraising this week. For a website that only provides aggregated news (mainly from mainstream media), with NO podcast or radio production (they syndicate Scott Horton), with NO video reports, with NO independent original analyses, they are asking for $320,000 a year in addition to all their other ‘unnamed’ angel funding.

    Here at Boiling Frogs Post we produce on average 4 original and in-depth podcast shows (over an hour for each episode)-commercial free. Every week we produce an original in-depth video report-totally independent. We publish in-depth analyses and articles from independent experts. We have our original political cartoons, and to top that we present our lengthy nightly news selections from several dozens of alternative sources. Add to this: our cloud server coast, dedicated server and hosting cost, payment processor cost, and website technical support coast … Yet, we are scrambling to operate with extremely limited sources. Let me out it this way: for all the services that we provide we are asking for less than quarter of a dependent aggregated news site such as Antiwar and many others.

    We are still optimistic, and we are trying very hard.

    Currently we don’t produce our own products such as bumper stickers or mugs, but we have a selection via Zazzle. Of course they get 75+% of all revenue, but, here is the link: http://www.zazzle.com/boiling_frogs_post_rear_window_bumper_sticker-128128863676703880

    Thank you again for all your support.

  6. tao-warrior says:

    Thankyou Sibel and company for all that you do. I really enjoy the programs on here and hope your listener base grows. I drive around with a bumper sticker I ordered off Cafepress (even though its the one that says “Rebel with Sibel all the way to Supreme Court and I finished the book and realized they refused to hear it, I figure it will spur some people’s curiosity to do a google search of you). Anyway, I hope CafePress contributed at least 25%. Thanks again.

    SanderO= troll.

  7. I’d like to express my gratitude to you for all that you do — especially with your vision of being a truly independent and genuine information source by not accepting funding from potentially co-opting corporate sources. I’m a recent subscriber and have been going through a re-education process while daily reviewing the wealth of brilliant, in-depth information on your site. “Connecting the dots” is now a constant process. As mentioned in a previous post by Xicha, the Gladio series is truly eye-opening (and mind-opening) and cannot be found anywhere else. I really appreciate the talented contributors to the site. I respect your strength and courage and the sacrifices you’ve taken in developing and sustaining Boiling Frogs. I’ll keep trying to spread the word about Boiling Frogs to others and hope the number of enlightened individuals subscribing to the site continues to grow.

  8. Castillonis says:

    Thank you so much for your commitment and courage Sibel, James, Peter, et Al. The most recent interviews have been very rewarding. These days it no longer takes a Salvatore John Ferrera to send readers and listeners away from a modern day QuickSilver. Anyone can write paragraphs of nonsense, distract, or stir up polemicism. I am spreading the word of your great reporting and analysis. Thank you.

  9. SmokeySpam says:

    I am a new member. I would like to donate towards your fundraising goal using paypal. Is this possible?

  10. just tried to donate but had trouble/couldn’t. kept asking me to read the nonsense word over and over.?

    You’re very welcome. Happy to be so…
    Maine Town Librarian

    no, d; thank YOU for your open mindedness re important issues. sincerely, lynn

    From: D
    To: L
    Sent: Wednesday, February 20, 2013 10:32 AM
    Subject: Re: letter 166 words over

    Absolutely. Thanks!

    to D
    Sent: Wednesday, February 20, 2013 10:03 AM
    Subject: Re: letter 166 words over

    d; do you want this book mentioned, ‘torture team’ for library? i’ll bring tomorrow just in case. lynn

    From: Lynn Bradbury
    To: Lynn Bradbury
    Sent: Wednesday, February 20, 2013 9:48 AM
    Subject: Re: letter 166 words over

    sorry; the part he liked was by KEVIN RYAN, not greenwald! lynn (see his excellent digwithin.net)

    robert; funny! the half you like is what i quoted from kevin ryan’s article for our local, maine paper. the top half is relevant to a prior letter sent them re a speech by greenwald and article-not sure which, now, relevant to his appearance in new britain at conference on ndaa: ‘an injury to one is an injury to all.’lynn trying to affirm his letter, by inference showing that we are no longer a nation of laws, for the powerful, at least, but of men-very crooked evil men, at that! guess i need to take letter/ writing skills from k.r.. i know it’s all verbose for many, but i still think there are many thoughtful folks in this town who will understand the implications. my usual letters in last many years-and the last was 1 1/2 yrs ago, are always about 911 in some form. trying to branch out. and still relate probs to that ‘seminal event.’

    aren’t the 3 recent sibel interviews on gladio with james corbett amazing? i keep linking them. can’t do it all in one letter, though. http://www.corbettreport.com/sibel-edmonds-on-gladio-b-part-1-video/ ?


    or, better yet; access sibel edmonds by contributing to her site: boilingfrogspost.com !
    reason for including torture/sands’ book section, is i’m giving library the book now that i’ve finished. last week i gave them lindauer’s ‘extreme prejudice’ which the librarian happily took. wanted to talk of susan l. in this letter but already too long. next time. (also gave sibel’s ‘classified woman’ to another library. lb have a great day.

    my Guardian LETTER
    Guardian columnist Glenn Greenwald chides our government for its hypocrisy after a state department official ‘expressed concern’ about what he called a ‘climate of impunity’ over abuses by police and security forces in Egypt.
    (‘Italy’s Ex-Intelligence Chief Given 10 year Sentence for Role in CIA Kidnapping.’ http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2013/feb/13/italy-cia-rendition-abu-omar)
    Yes, the U.S. (des?)pot calls the kettle black! Further proof is in International lawyer/University College London Prof Philippe Sands’ ’08 book ‘Torture Team: Rumsfelds’ Memo and the Betrayal of American Values.’ It builds a detailed legal case scenario for a potential International Criminal Court prosecution of former Sec. of Defense Rumsfeld and top Bush administration lawyers who tried to ‘justify’ the ‘18 interrogation techniques’ used at Guantanamo and by extension, or, ’mission creep,’ Abu Graib. Prof Sands discovered that top Joint Chiefs of Staff attorneys were purposely bypassed in this planning because they knew the latter would not approve due to its illegality, threat to our own future-captured service people and, simply, because, torture does not work.

    Although the ‘news’ we got at the time implicated rogue underling types, the book finds those at the top most responsible and describes how inexperienced recruits at Guantanamo followed the ‘creative’ lead beamed into the island prison by Fox TV’s popular program ’24.‘ My shocked impression years ago when chancing upon this fear mongering show was that it was propaganda ‘manufacturing consent’ in American minds for torture.
    Prof. Sands draws similarities with the Nuremberg trials, and conducted numerous interviews culminating with NATO country judge and prosecutor who indicated the ‘techniques’ did, in their estimation, comprise torture, and warranted prosecution by the ICC (International Criminal Court) if within a reasonable time the U.S./relevant countries do not themselves prosecute. The administration lawyers’ behaviour, in their view, went beyond complicity.

    It appears in this country the powerful are above the law, including the Constitution, which requires abiding by U.S. signed treaties/ international agreements such as the Geneva Accords, & Torture Conventions, (in which formation the U.S. played the moral, guiding force.)

    Extremely relevant, and even worse in description of more recent torture committed by this country is the following article by most diligent researcher/former Underwriters Lab chemist/whistleblower Kevin Ryan: http://911blogger.com/news/2013-02-10/forgetting-torture-lee-hamilton-john-brennan-and-abu-zubaydah#comments

    “The pervasive news surrounding the confirmation hearing of John Brennan, Obama’s nominee for CIA director, is paralleled by another, related story that has been largely ignored by the U.S. media. That is the story of the man called Abu Zubaydah, whose alleged torture testimony, obtained by the CIA while Brennan was the head of the agency’s Terrorist Threat Center, built the foundation for the official account of 9/11. Zubaydah is at the center of an unraveling of the official account of the 9/11 attacks.[1] His extensive torture at the hands of the CIA during Brennan’s tenure, which included at least 83 water-boarding sessions, hanging the man naked from the ceiling, slamming him against a concrete wall, and other atrocious experimental techniques, was said to produce valuable evidence about al Qaeda. However, the government now claims that Zubaydah was never a member or associate of al Qaeda and therefore he could not have known any of the information that the 9/11 Commission attributed to him….. In 2009, it was revealed that when Brennan was the director of the National Counterterrorism Center, in 2005, the CIA had destroyed the torture tapes, most of which featured Zubaydah.” A climate of impunity, indeed.
    L (perhaps mostly irrelevant to topic here, but couldn’t resist letting you know many of us are continually spreading the word re you and boilingfrogspost.com

  11. sorry, again. that last needs a break.line after first comment. what follows is exchange with local librarian, because i know some have expressed that they have trouble with libraries accepting ‘alternative’ books. this was heartwarming! lb

  12. Integrity can not be bought and is easily sold. Somehow the fact that the whole operation is run on a shoestring budget increase the value of all the information provided. A lame consolation perhaps, so I just donated my percent.

    Keep it up!

  13. jschoneboom says:

    Yipes. So am I the only one who finds it slightly scary that somebody just got banned from this site for expressing unpopular opinions? The fact he could be a definite pain in the arse notwithstanding? I understand and agree that his question above was rude. A glance at the content here is all it takes to understand the kind of time people are putting in to contribute uniquely valuable information and analysis for our benefit.

    But kicking somebody off for being cranky, I’m surprised. I don’t question Sibel’s right to do it, it’s her site, not a democracy. I find now though, for me, this has the classic chilling effect on free speech. For example, I’m a bit nervous about writing this message. I don’t want to annoy Sibel, who has certainly already had more than her share of crap from the world, and whom I admire as much as I’ve probably ever admired anyone. So I should just keep quiet. But then I’d feel like a coward. I always read critically, even (especially) when I’m reading something I’m very much in sympathy with, like all the stuff here. Should I not post any critical feedback? This is not a question that has occurred to me here before. “Critical within limits” one presumes, but once you find yourself wondering where the limits are, well, the environment feels different.

    Well. Hopefully he was way more annoying than I’m aware of. In any case, much love to this site, to Sibel, to all the contributors, and to the community. I’m going to make a small contribution now because things are very tight right now, but should get better starting next month. So I’ll hereby pledge to make a better contribution shortly.

  14. @jschoneboom:

    I honestly don’t think it was a matter of him being cranky or critical and I don’t think you need to worry about being critical or having limits. I think you can disagree with Sibel or anyone here.

    Being critical is DIFFERENT than being purposefully distracting, dissuasive, and disrespectful. Yes, one can be disrespectful while using polite language.

    After a certain amount of time, Sibel made the call that this guy was a TROUBLEMAKER not just someone with opinions that differed from her own.

    I agree with that call.

  15. @ jschoneboom,

    Congrats (or condolences, depending on your point of view) you have managed to draw me out of my self-imposed ban on posting comments to this site. A friend and fellow BFP reader sent me an email about this thread, but I was able to resist the temptation to comment until I read your comment above.

    First, I would be shocked if Sibel had any problem with your comment. Remember what this woman has been through. I suspect for some time she has been resisting pressure from readers to do something about SanderO, but found it difficult to do anything because it is so contrary to her character. But this last comment from SanderO really is an insult to a person who is practically giving away her time and insight for nearly nothing in return from any one individual subscriber. Honestly, how long can we expect Sibel to continue to do this if she has to beg for money every three months (and endure insults to boot). A subscriber who does not use his true full name and does not have to disclose how much or how little he donates to BFP wants an accounting from Sibel of BFP expenses? Is he serious? He is no more entitled to that than we are entitled to ask him to disclose the size of his donation to BFP in relation to his total income.

    For the record, I have on multiple occasions expressed disagreement with contributors to this site. Sometimes I was rather blunt, and I’m sure in all cases I could have been more tactful or considerate. I once scolded Sibel for asking for donations when it appeared to me she was not doing some very simple things to bring new visitors to her site. That was an extremely difficult comment for me to make because I have so much respect and admiration for Sibel. But I felt compelled to post my thoughts because the continuation of BFP seemed to be in jeopardy unless more donations could be secured. To my surprise, neither Sibel nor any of her readers came after me for scolding Sibel. In hindsight, I think that was because they understood my intention and my hope was to see BFP survive and thrive. Even so, when I wrote my comment I was prepared to be vilified and/or banned, and I would not have held a grudge if such occurred – I rolled the dice, but with what I believed were good intentions. I really have to question SanderO’s intentions behind his last comment.

    As gratuitous as it may sound, I do not find Sibel’s action unreasonable and I do not think it will have any appreciable chilling effect. SanderO was already having a chilling effect on this site anyway. Unfortunately, SanderO seemed unable to contain his discontent with everybody and everything, and was oblivious to how that was impacting others. None of us want to see it come to this, but one has to learn how to live in a community. Actions have consequences.

    Some may find it inappropriate and unfair for me to talk about SanderO when he cannot have a chance to respond, and to them I say: I agree – it is both inappropriate and unfair. But my intentions were not to disparage SanderO, rather to answer your (jschoneboom) post? There is a difference between critical feedback and insults, actions have consequences. And now, as a consequence of my admittedly inappropriate and unfair comment, I will resume my self-imposed ban on commenting here – and this time I will keep my word. So anyone who is offended by my comment will now have a chance to fire back and have the last word. Thus I will put myself in the same position as I put SanderO.

    Be strong and speak truth.

  16. Let me just say how gratified I am that Sibel has made this decision to ban SanderO. He tried to ruin the Architects and Engineers and when he was kicked out he came over here. He was not contributing to the discussion here but obfuscating it, and doing so deliberately. BFP will blossom without him. I will increase my contribution to make up for the loss of SanderO’s, and I bet a lot of other people will too. I love this Gladio series! I’m hanging on ever word. The Russian connection is really intriguing. On the one hand the Russians know everything. Yet they do not announce it publicly. I still don’t understand why not. It would seem to be to their advantage. On the other hand the oligarchs are very powerful in Russia. What is the relation between the oligarchs and the Russian state, with Putin? Is Putin compromised too?

  17. On a cheerier note, I have some good news to impart. I Have a New Job working fiber on the Central California Coast In San Luis Obispo county making good money. I have responsibility up to Monterey County and out to the Transpac cable terminal in Los Osos. Once my pay starts coming in regularly, I’ll send you some bucks to support your work. I’ve also been talking to my old high school sweetheart who’s now a Bronze Age Language Scholar and studied at Cambridge University in England for 4 years. It would seem that the old magic is still there. I’ve invited her out to spend the summer with me and she’s accepted. If I can talk her into it, I’m going to marry her like I should have done forty years ago. To say I’m completely Jazzed by all this would be the understatement of the year.

  18. Thankyou Sibel for your great work! I subscribed today. Many greetings from Switzerland

  19. CerebralIndustrialComplex says:

    I’ve been a follower of Boiling Frogs and the work of your partners James Corbett and Andrew Gavin Marshall for over a year now, but after seeing your latest call to action, I couldn’t sit by any longer and consume your valuable information for free. I finally subscribed, and it’s been worth every penny so far. Best of luck reaching your goals, Sibel, you’re a brilliant and incredibly courageous woman!

    Oh, and by the way, the interview series you did with Mr. Corbett on Gladio A and B is mind-boggling. I wish more people would watch it.

  20. @Cerebral & Schfe: Welcome to BFP! I hope to see you frequently in our discussions. Also, many thanks for your support from all our team members.

    @ Hal: So glad to see you back in our comment section. I believe more than a few missed your presence here (that includes me). You’ve been with us from the very beginning, and for me that counts as the circle of my true friends and irate minority comrades.

  21. thymesup says:

    hoorayyyy. congrats, and thank you for your great gladio interviews.

  22. johncr12 says:

    Sibel are you familiar with Dr.Walter Tamosaitis, a whistle blower advocate “Whistleblower Protections for Government Contractors” who presented testimony before the Subcommittee on Contracting Oversight Dec 2011.
    He spoke to the fact of the “problems” with the cleanup and removal of some 177 underground tanks holding the most toxic effluents [plutonium, uranium, etc.]in North America. Bechtel has had the “con” on this matter for the past ten years, and according to Dr.Tamosaitis, and other credible sources-they have done the typical Bechtel shuffle:take contracts and drag their feet. asking for MORE tax payer $$$ in the millions, while the contamination problem persists. There are at least 6 tanks that have been found to be “leaking” . His job as R&T Manager for the Hanford Waste Treatment Plant[WTP] in Hanford WA.was suddenly shut down for NO stated reason for providing a list of needed items to the DOE.
    Look over the transcript which accompanies the video I am sending. This is a Major Snafu ! Millions of people’s lives are at stake here in the Northwest. Please take the time to read this list of needed corrections that Dr. Tamosaitis sent to the DOE in July 2011 that caused his demotion,etc for doing his job.

    Sound familiar Sibel. hmmmm . Thanks!

    Start at 70 min position.

  23. johncr12 says:

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