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The Boiling Frogs Post Team Thanks You For All Your Support

Fundraising ThermometerWe have achieved our goal in raising the funds needed to carry us for another quarter. We want to thank you for all your support. We appreciate your kind and generous donations during these tough economic times. We know that your support goes beyond monetary donations- that your support is also your statement and action against disinformation and propaganda. You have placed your faith and trust in us, and we have made ‘you’ the sole determinant of our existence, survival and expansion. This is the only way to pursue the truth and needed changes: With critical minds, without partisanship, with no agenda-driven funding, staunchly and independently.

I am one of those people who truly and passionately dislike Oscar-Like mushy and cheesy ‘thank you’ ceremonies. That said, I want to non-cheesy-ly and briefly thank the following people:

Many thanks to all my partners for spending so much time and energy producing highly informative podcast shows, brilliant investigative video reports and powerful editorial toons-You’ve been pounding with passion and dedication despite your demanding life-family-health-jobs, and despite our current humble budget.

Many thanks to every single supporter of Boiling Frogs Post, and special thanks to two supporters, in Louisiana and the UK, for their generous and gracious contributions- I want to emphasize ‘gracious’ It lightened the brief dark stage when I was pondering which programs to cut back in order to continue. Thank you so very much.

A small thanks to those who tried very hard to dissuade us from forming and pursuing this website. You said ‘it is impossible without foundation backing or deep-pocket advertisers.’ You insisted that it wouldn’t work. Your dissuasion attempts made me that much more determined (and stubborn), and that determination has brought us this far (so far). And for that I owe you a small ‘thank you.’

Please tell me I succeeded in being brief, non-cheesy, and un-Oscar-Like. And I hope I was able to relay our sincere appreciation for all your support.

Sibel Edmonds

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  1. Congratulations! Perseverance is the best guarantee for success. Quality is the second best. BFP has both. Still the task is difficult, but the eroding quality of the mainstream media will at one point in time be in our favor.

  2. jschoneboom says:

    We did it! Hurrah! Very pleased for the site and for you personally, Sibel…and for me, because I rely on BFP so much now. Something special going on here. People are clearly not only getting informed — they’re getting inspired. Congratulations.

  3. joetoad says:

    Wow! I hear ya, I feel yah!

    I am sending a small token, however, I will send more,

    You are a genius! and I am a genius too, but the difference is: you are a real person, I am not real… I am a sort of … well sort of… just a gadamned stupid fool…. But I can still say my little bit!

    OK, I am a genius, in my little way, I am sure that I have genius/ brillience at least… no doubt.

    What I mean: How the hell would I understand what it is, if I wasn’t genie type ???

  4. Sometimes I wish I could contribute more than I am, and certainly when we get to be educated to such a high level your work lays the ground for. I have seldom come across a site with people so dedicated to the cause of bringing out the truth, and with that kind of determination to stay totally independent! Wich to me at least are of great importance, I know about just one other site doing it this way, and that makes all the difference in the world. I have great respect for you Mrs Edmonds, and your partners too, but I have not seen any other who have called out the people who go along to get along. I refer to people who are on the right side of a lot of issues but wich have done things that are not unbiased. So you just keep on doing what you do so well, and the rest is up to us, that is my opinion at least. I didn’t have the ability to donate much, but I was able to get you some new subscribers, some friends of mine. And what I said to convince them is the value of knowledge you share all the time, and your independent stance, and the fact that if we don’t support you, it might be it. We could end up without this information. Lastly I think that if people who have gone through what you have and the public don’t support you, then we won’t have another Mrs Edmonds or a Bradley Manning, they will be discouraged from doing the right thing. And where would we be today without the likes of you, almost everything we know in certain areas are a result of this. So last point Mrs Edmonds, should you be thanking us? Not in my view, we should thank you for your sacrifice and suffer in order to bring us the information you do. Have a great day and me and many others looks forward to more invaluable information. Kind regards from Norway

  5. You are succinct, non~cheese and primary source.
    Beyond value.
    Thank you.

  6. Thank you! We’ve only just begun thanks to you Sibel. You are an inspiration and truly courageous. I’m grateful and proud to be a part of the “irate minority”.

    “There’s no army in the world that can stop an idea whose time has come.”
    ~ Victor Hugo

  7. Terryr151 says:

    My heartfelt, brief, non-dairy and red carpetless thanks to you Sibel, and all of your partners, for the Information and paths you have had the courage to pursue. I am so pleased to be able to refer to the BFP site as source of intelligent, truthful and factual details to highlight the dangers of not being aware of the true facts of many issues. From Brisbane, Australia.

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