Geopolitics with Ryan Dawson-“From Apollo to Dimona: Israel’s Open Theft of Nuclear Technology from the US.”

Ryan Dawson Presents Grant Smith

GPThe Israeli lobbies under the umbrella of the ZOA and now AIPAC have not only routinely spied on the US, they have financed and organized front companies to actively steal military weapons and secrets without any real consequences. Grant F Smith of Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy joins us today to explain the theft and the players and how the Lobby with corrupt DOJ Attorney Generals facilitated both the resources and the cover up for the crimes. We also discuss the new video of a former NASA employee Stewart Nozette selling secrets to an undercover FBI agent posing as a Mossad operative working for IAI which was released this week.

Listen to the podcast show here:

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  1. Ugh Dawson naively grapples with the pop culture version of published events. Totally trivial interpretation of peripheral inconsequential events. Motivation and success of implementing objective agenda isn’t even suspected.

    His guest consequently embarrasses himself.

    I find this interview to be a tatal waste on many levels.

  2. There is no “pop culture” published version of the events. These events have largely been kept completely in the dark. Ask anyone that doesn’t live in Apollo PA if they even know what NUMEC is. I never knew there was a trendy version of the IAI scandal, the video release of which wasn’t in any papers or televised media.

    You didn’t even listen to the interview but rather saw the title and based on your personal ideology made a generic negative comment. “Objective” and “agenda” are redundant by the way. So is “peripheral” and “inconsequential”.

    Israel’s agenda is clear, and so is yours.

  3. Kanes_Wrath says:

    “willis” basically said:

    “I have nothing to say in defense of Israel’s spying activity so I’m just gonna throw up three lines of pseudo-scientific long-word bubble-talk down here for no reason.”

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