The Reality Principle -Episode 22

“Demanding Peace & Rejecting Propaganda” with Cindy Sheehan

RPLogoThis week, Eric sits down with peace activist and author Cindy Sheehan. Eric and Cindy discuss the legacy of Hugo Chavez and the future of Venezuela. In addition, Cindy recounts her interactions and friendship with Hugo Chavez, talking about Chavez the leader and Chavez the man. Eric and Cindy examine the many accomplishments of the Bolivarian Revolution, both in terms of the anti-imperialist foreign policy and domestic policy of poverty reduction. Also, Eric and Cindy have a detailed conversation about the controlled "alternative" media and the way in which it serves finance capital and entrenched power. Beyond Venezuela though, Eric and Cindy discuss the current situation in Syria and the way in which it is depicted in the media as well as a number of other issues.

Cindy Sheehan is a world renowned peace activist and author of Revolution, A Love Story and Peace Mom. She hosts her own show Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox which can be found on her website Follow Cindy as she rides her bicycle across the US demanding peace and an end to the empire.

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  1. Gottquatsch says:

    Thank you for this excellent interview with the inimitable Cindy.

    I was in Venezuela during February 2013 and was impressed by the evident achievements of the Bolivarian revolution that Cindy mentioned. The palpable empowerment of the less wealthy, will not, as you say, be turned back without a struggle.

    I was fortunate to be in Caracas on February Fourth for the 21st anniversary of Hugo’s first address to the nation, now commemorated as a national holiday, the start Bolivarian Revolution. The city was a sea of red, hundreds of thousands of red clad supporters of Commandante Chávez celebrating their independence from the American empire. Many of these people wore T shirts or carried banneres that proclamed: “Yo soy Chávez”, demonstrating why the revolution will outlive its beloved first president.

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