Syria Update: The Geopolitical Double Game

Conflicting Moves Create the Intended ‘Smoke & Mirrors’

Just a cursory review of the latest developments in Syria is enough to make anyone dizzy. Well, not everyone- not those who pay attention to the chronology of events unfolding hourly and get past the smoke and mirrors created to obscure the real game and intentions. Let me start with the conclusion of the recent Kerry-Putin meeting in Russia this week.

The conclusion sold to the public at large for the purpose of adding smoke to the hall of mirrors on Syria is this [All Emphasis Mine]:

U.S. and Russia to Seek Syria Peace Talks

The United States and Russia agreed Tuesday to try to bring together the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad and the opposition for peace talks, signaling a potential breakthrough in long-stalled diplomatic efforts to end a bloody conflict that threatens to destabilize the entire region.

Lavrov said the U.S. and Russia were committed to a deal that would guarantee the "sovereignty and territorial integrity" of Syria and would follow the approach of a diplomatic agreement worked out by world powers last year.

Immediately after this maneuver, this same US Secretary of State turns around and makes the following move:

U.S. to Offer $100 Million in New Humanitarian Aid for Syria: Official

ROME – The Obama administration is providing $100 million in new Syria aid, U.S. officials said Wednesday, but the money is for humanitarian purposes only and not linked to any decision on arming Syrian rebels. The announcement will be made by Secretary of State John Kerry on Thursday in Rome, where his diplomacy includes a meeting with Jordan’s foreign minister, the officials said.

The new funds will help support 1.4 million Syrian refugees, including many in U.S. ally Jordan, and hundreds of thousands of other civilians still trapped by the violence inside Syria’s border. Total U.S. humanitarian assistance in the two-year war will climb to $510 million.

Well, we know where our financial aid has been going when packaged and designated for ‘Syrian Refugees.’ Don’t we? Think the militias and terrorists trained, fed, and groomed in Turkey and Jordan. Let me provide you with a better picture:

Sen. Corker: We'll Be Arming Syrian Rebels Soon

Sen. Bob Corker, R - Tenn., Sen. Corker speaks to the "CBS This Morning" co-hosts about the ongoing conflict in Syria, saying "more is being done on the ground (by the U.S.) than is known."

And this:

US Aims to Arm Syrian Rebels as Kerry Seeks Political Support in Russia

The draft scheduled to be taken up in committee next week was introduced by Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee Senator Robert Menendez. It seeks for the US to supply arms, military training and non-lethal aid to the opposition. The legislature also seeks to create a $250 million fund to aid the transition process in the country. The bill also aims to give Washington the power to impose sanctions on individuals involved in arms or oil transfers to Syria.

Of course we had this from Obama recently as well:

More recently, Mr. Obama has moved toward authorizing the U.S. to provide body armor and night-vision goggles to the rebels, and has revived the option of arming some rebel factions—a proposal he rebuffed last year.

And all this while our partner-in-conquests and wars is engaged in the following:

Britain Lays Out Plan for Arming Syrian Rebels amid Fears of 'Likely' Chemical Weapons Attack

Exclusive: Britain has proposed "fully exempting" Syria's National Coalition from a European Union arms embargo allowing rebels to be armed in order to protect Syrian civilians from a "likely" chemical weapons attack.

Add to that the United States full support for Israel’s two-day bombing … well, so much for the Kerry-Putin agreement on preserving Syria’s “sovereignty and territorial integrity.” A puff of smoke in the hall-of-mirrors on Syria.

Next, let’s pay attention to the supposed Kerry-Putin agreement on bringing Assad and the opposition to the table for a civilized dinner talk to hash out their differences. You see, according to the latest from the White House there will be NO Assad during this chit-chat dinner planned to hash out conflicts on Syria:

White House Spokesperson Carney: "Future of Syria without Assad"

Spokesperson for the White House, Jay Carney on Wednesday noted that the United States pictured the future of Syria without Assad.

Carney also stressed that Syrian opposition will decide which components of Assad regime would be involved in transitional government.

"Our position doesn't take into consideration Assad for the future of Syria; however, we are absolutely clear for the point that Assad has lost his legitimacy, and should step down. Additionally, Syrians should negotiate the structure of transitional cabinet, and should decide with which components of Assad regime they will work with," also said Carney.

All right, let’s wade through this smoke-filled room: The Kerry-Putin agreement is on bringing Assad and the Opposition to the table while guaranteeing Syria’s current sovereignty and territorial integrity. Except … well, except there will be no Assad participating in this table-talk, there will be no respect for sovereignty and integrity of Syria in its present status, there will be hundreds of millions of dollars going to the arming of rebel-terrorist opposition, and there will be full US support for its proxies such as Israel to bomb the hell out of Syria. Have you had enough smoke? If not, let me add some more for you from another major US proxy:

Syrian Opposition to Pick New leader at İstanbul Meeting

The National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces is set to meet in İstanbul this weekend to elect a new leader for the coalition and a new prime minister for the interim government. According to information provided by opposition sources, the coalition has decided to meet in İstanbul to elect a new interim premier to replace Ghassan Hitto, a Syrian-born American citizen who was elected for the position in mid-March.

The opposition sources noted that Ahmed Touma is one of the strongest candidates for the position. Touma served as general secretary of the Damascus Declaration for Democratic National Change, an initiative that was formed by Syrian opposition figures in 2005 and criticized the Bashar al-Assad regime for its authoritarian acts.

The sources said they also expected a new leader to be elected for coalition head Moaz al-Khatib's post. Riad Seif and George Sabra, the two vice presidents of the coalition, and Burhan Ghalioun, former head of Syrian National Council, are the top candidates. Khatib resigned from his position for the second time late last month.

Some of you may confuse all this for an ultra-confused US policy and position on Syria. Let me assure you: the confusion, this entire smoke-and-mirrors stage, has been set up purely for the public at large. If you look closer and analyze further you’ll see that in the midst of all these inconsistencies there has been a pretty consistent theme:

We have been training and arming the Syrian opposition for over two years.

We have been engaged in psychological warfare against Assad for two years.

We have been creating false-scenarios and excuses implicating Assad - think the recent chemical weapons allegations; think highly publicized massacre allegations.

We have backed Israel’s operation in and bombing of Syria.

As for Russia, as speculated, not a peep on Israel’s latest bombing of Syria- That is, outside the cursory and customary statements issued by states urging caution. The US mainstream media has been playing up the supposed scoring by the US and how Kerry has ‘softened-up’ Putin on Syria. The followers of our website and analyses know perfectly well how that softening occurred with the Boston terror attack.

… Basically, the United States has been extremely consistent in action: carrying out overt and covert operations against Assad’s government. Do some neocons and critics consider these actions too mild and taking too long? But of course. Nothing like a Uber-Neocon-ic- Wet-Dream of heavy bombardment (even nuking) of pesky little governments standing in the way of US imperial pursuits. Sometimes, even for Uber-Neocons, good things come slowly. The bad news for us the public is that slow or not that inevitable conquest is about to come.

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