The Reality Principle -Episode 28

“Gitmo, Syria, and Beyond” with Eugene Puryear

RPLogoThis week, Eric sits down with activist and organizer Eugene Puryear to discuss a number of important issues. First, Eric and Eugene discuss the ongoing hunger strike at the Guantanamo concentration camp and the continued use of torture by the US authorities. Eugene also informs listeners about the demonstration he has helped organize in Washington for May 18th demanding the closure of Guantanamo and the end of systematic torture. Eric and Eugene also discuss the US-sponsored destabilization of Venezuela and the nature of the imperialist ruling class in the United States. In addition, they examine the current situation in Syria and the role of the United States in perpetuating this conflict for geopolitical reasons.

Eugene Puryear is an activist and organizer with the ANSWER Coalition. He was the Vice Presidential candidate from the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) in 2008. Eugene has helped organize demonstrations against the Israeli blockade of Gaza, the use of torture by the United States, and countless other important political and social causes. He is based in Washington DC.

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  1. Excellent interview, Eric. Thanks!

    I do think another opportunity was missed in this interview. That was for you to point out to your guest some of the many, extremely important, revelations brought to us by Sibel in recent weeks and months. These include her witness testimony regarding Gladio Plan B/Phase II and the CIA/Gladio II connections to the Boston event, with possible ramifications for Syria.

    These are the most important tools for anti-imperialism: the understanding of the larger picture which comes from the incredible analysis and truth-telling taking place at Boiling Frogs Post. And I, again, want to motivate all of the BFP contributors to try to spread the word with their interview guests and integrate these new tools into the conversation.

    This goes right along with your sentiment about partnering, I think. Thanks again!

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